Hola VPN Vs ExpressVPN 2024- Which VPN Is Better For You?

Comparing two top-notch VPN service providers like ExpressVPN and Hola VPN is quite difficult. It is important to compare all the important factors that make one VPN better than other.

Well, if we compare Hola VPN vs ExpressVPN on the basis of industry-standard then it is obvious that ExpressVPN is much better. In the battle between these two VPNs let us check how Hola VPN or ExpressVPN is good in which field. 

It is important to consider these points such as privacy, security, malware protection, No-log policy, and customer services while comparing any two VPN service providers.

Let us deep driven into these ExpressVPN vs Hola VPN in detail. Also, we will provide a bonus tip at the end of this guide that will be much helpful to you while purchasing any security software. Don’t skip this whole comparison guide.

Short Summary For Hola VPN Vs ExpressVPN 2024 Battle

Both VPNs are working well at their own level but in every battle, one has to win. 

  • Pricing Structure: Hola VPN is better than ExpressVPN.
  • Security: ExpressVPN has advanced security options than Hola VPN.
  • Performance: Both offer great performance.
  • No-Log Policies: Hola VPN keeps logs but ExpressVPN doesn’t.
  • Supporting Devices: Both support an equal number of devices
  • Customer Support: ExpressVPN has an edge over Hola VPN.
  • Refund Policy: Both provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Netflix & Torrenting: Hola VPN only access Netflix US, ExpressVPN allows both streamings

Which Is Better- Hola VPN Or ExpressVPN?

compare hola vpn or expressvpn

While comparing ExpressVPN and Hola VPN we have to put into our mind that ExpressVPN is leading the VPN  industry while Hola VPN has just started its journey.

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide Hola VPN vs ExpressVPN we are going to cover all different aspects. Some important categories are compared like which VPN has good customers in both industries as well as geographical sectors.

Compare Hola VPN vs  ExpressVPN by Companies

Hola VPN products are going to compete in the categories like project collaborations. On the other hand, ExpressVPN competes in the categories like Virtual Private Network. 

Since both, the companies have equal market share in the VPN industry. 

Comparing Hola VPN or ExpressVPN on the basis of customers and countries is important. Hola VPN has approximately 273 customers across 29 countries. Whereas, ExpressVPN has 1099 customers across 49 countries.

Which Is Better- Hola VPN Or ExpressVPN In Performance And Speed?

Differentiating ExpressVPN and Hola VPN while comparing their performance as well as speed is quite tricky. 

By conducting various tests we found that in the Hola VPN there was no encryption that slows down any connection. Hola VPN’s benchmark speed was 74.97 Mbps down and 4.88 Mbps up. Although, the free version of Hola VPN provides advanced options more like a proxy service than a VPN. 

ExpressVPN offers an advanced level of speed to its users. While testing the performance of this VPN we experience no such signs of throttling in speed or any sudden disconnections. ExpressVPN speed completely depending on your server location

Therefore, if you want a VPN for basic needs then Hola VPN is a better option. Likewise, ExpressVPN is a great option who wants to do multiple tasks and wants extra-ordinary speed.

Compare Servers Of Hola VPN vs ExpressVPN

Hola VPN has its server location in over 200+ countries. Therefore, you are able to get various unique IP addresses. The company has not disclosed properly about their server locations. It is quite difficult to provide actual figures about their genuine servers country-wise.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN has a wide range of servers i.e. 3000 servers over 164+ locations across 92+ countries. Using this VPN you are completely allowed to select your desired server location. This makes ExpressVPN an edge over Hola VPN.

Who Will Offer Strong Security And Safety: Hola VPN Vs ExpressVPN

While selecting any VPN service it is important to check what level of security they are providing. Using Hola VPN has some decent features for the same. They provide great video boosting and also offer ad-blocker functionality without any visual effects. 

The security protocols offered by the Hola VPN are IKEv2/IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP. Like other top-rated VPNs, this too comes with AES-256 default encryption. Not only this, but you also have an option for switching to AES-128/192 and DES3 ( i.e. Triple DES). Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe to their premium plans, Hola VPN free version lacks some strong security options.

ExpressVPN, on the other side, provides very strong encryption i.e, AES-256 cipher which is used by the US government. Many other security experts were also this kind of encryption. Such kind of strong protocols is known for providing “military-grade” or “bank-grade” encryption. Not only this, but the VPN also offers split-tunneling if you require more VPN protection over huge traffics.

Does ExpressVPN And Hola VPN Keep Logs?

Hola VPN is not so good in terms of keeping everything private. The company mentioned what they keep in terms of the necessary information that includes almost everything. They can store your activity logs that can increase the chances for cyber threats or hacking.

Whereas ExpressVPN, also keeps a log but only the important information about customer billing. Otherwise, they do not keep any kind of browsing activity or logs. They only gathered the information just to troubleshoot and for technical issues. ExpressVPN has a good No-log policy compared to Hola VPN.

Which VPN Has Better Streaming Option- Hola VPN Or ExpressVPN?

Since Hola VPN will not allow you to access some major streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer. During VPN testing, we found that Hola VPN will easily access Netflix US without any lagging. The free version of this VPN also provides the same feature. You are not going to experience any buffering or lags in speed while streaming to Netflix but yes you can’t access other popular streaming networks.

Comparing to ExpressVPN, it successfully bypasses all geo-restrictions that were implemented on various streaming networks. You can easily access Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Hotstar, etc. You will never compromise with the speed they provide for streaming your favorite shows.

Apart From Netflix- Which VPN Allows Torrenting?

Comparing Hola VPN or ExpressVPN for torrenting is not so worthy. As Hola VPN does not provide torrenting service to their users. As Hola VPN keeps logs related to your browsing activities, it is recommended not to make any attempt to unlock torrenting using this VPN.

ExpressVPN has become an ideal choice for many users for P2P sharing. Therefore, the company does not limit your bandwidth or speed which means you definitely access torrenting. Since the VPN does not keep any logs like the Hola, that means it’s completely safe for your use.

ExpressVPN Vs Hola VPN- Which Has Strong Customer Support?

Customer support is quite important in every VPN service provider. Hola VPN does not provide that professional-style technical support compared to ExpressVPN. There is a separate section of knowledge-based FAQs or they provide email to request your problem. 

Whereas, ExpressVPN also provides an FAQs section on their official website. You can also send an email at support@expressvpn.com and fill tickets for getting any kind of expert help from the company. ExpressVPN has good customer support that is available 24/7 for their users to resolve their problems.

Compare Hola VPN And ExpressVPN Pricing Plans

During this complete Hola VPN vs ExpressVPN comparison, we have mentioned that Hola VPN comes with their free version. On the other hand, ExpressVPN does not provide any free service. 

Let us just compare pricing plans for ExpressVPN and Hola VPN.

ExpressVPN Pricing Plans: The company provides three different plans that are mentioned below:

  • ExpressVPN One Month Subscription: Starts At $12.95 
  • ExpressVPN Six-Months Subscription: Starts At $9.99
  • EpressVPN Twelve-Month Subscription: Starts At $8.32

Now, discuss pricing plans for Hola VPN:

As mention before Hola comes with a Free Service plan with zero cost. Next, the company four different plans namely:

  • Hola VPN Monthly Subscription: Starts at $11.95
  • Hola VPN Yearly Subscription: Starts At $6.99
  • Hola VPN Biannual Subscription: Starts at $3.99
  • Hola VPN Tri-Annual Subscription: Starts At $2.99

You can also use  Hola VPN Promo Code and the latest Hola VPN Coupon for various discounts.

Here you can compare both the companies and their pricing plans. Hola VPN has much better pricing plans compared to ExpressVPN. It is more budget-friendly and not so expensive. Both VPN service providers offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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Final Verdict: 

In this complete Hola VPN vs ExpressVPN comparison article, we have mentioned all the necessary details that one should compare before purchasing. Compare to ExpressVPN, Hola VPN has not so many advanced options but that doesn’t mean Hola VPN is not worthy.

ExpressVPN is very much suitable for those who are working on a grand level. It is a well-reputed VPN service-providing company that has millions of users and connections. Hola VPN is new in this industry and it also offers its free service which is sufficient for the basic requirement. 

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FAQs: ExpressVPN Vs Hola VPN

Is Hola VPN Better Than ExpressVPN?

In some fields, Hola VPN is better but for security and performance, ExpressVPN has an edge over Hola VPN.

Does Hola VPN Hide Your IP Address?

Yes. Hola VPN Free and Premium both plans will hide your address and make your identity anonymous. 

Is ExpressVPN A Good VPN?

Yes. ExpressVPN is one of the top-rated VPN service providers in the market. It has millions of users and around 3000+ server locations.

Is Hola VPN Safe To Use For Netflix?

Yeah. Hola VPN will work with Netflix. The Free version of this VPN has some limits but with premium, you can easily access Netflix US with buffering or lagging.