$1 Web Hosting Godaddy (One Dollar Hosting) + Free Domain for 12 Month

It is time to connect the world and groom your business to the next level. There are many ways to get connected to users. But creating your online identity is the best way to connect with different users around the world. Now Godaddy brings the best deal Godaddy $1 Hosting of the best and low-cost web hosting Solutions as low as  $1 Web Hosting. 1 Dollar hosting is the best deal of GoDaddy monthly or $12 yearly plans with a free domain name or 1$ hosting per month.

!! Important for the USA by Godaddy.com! Now-Again start $1 Web Hosting Plan, Godaddy $1 Hosting is the Cheapest plan of Godaddy.com. They officially Announce 1$ plan for Continue & dollar 12 hosting with the free domain name.

Godaddy Now again bring the Plan $1 Web Hosting at 1$

Godaddy’s latest news for USA people is why to want to buy cheap low-Cost web hosting 1$ deals bring again buy GoDaddy 1$ Web Hosting. If you are searching for the best budget web hosting for your startup website then $1 Web Hosting per month or $12 for 1 year Hosting by godaddy.com.

Web Hosting is required to create an online identity. Our team brought you $1 Hosting after in-depth testing and long-term uses for 1 year at $12. We know how important is to save money that’s why our team brought the most efficient web hosting package with all the tools and services required to run a smooth website.


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100 GB Disk Space

1 Free Domain

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100 gb disk space

1 free domain

free emails

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100 GB Disk Space

1 Free Domain

Free Emails

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Web Hosting is the heart of any website. So we took the Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting. But our team guides you on how to get online with a very little amount.

When To Take Godaddy $12 Hosting Plan Per Year

If you are going $1 web hosting plan for 1 year then this plan is also called Godaddy $12 hosting with the free domain name. whatever you take a just monthly plan at $1 then a free domain is not included in a monthly plan. And one more thing there is no need for a Coupon for the discount.

Web hosting is the service that puts your website on the internet. It provides storage and connectivity which is necessary for your website. The thousands of web hosting services are provided around the world but GoDaddy $1 web hosting is best for you. It is safe and secure on your website. It offers you to make your own identity on the web. As many of the users want to grow up your business site they can choose the best Godaddy 1$ hosting services.

GoDaddy $1 Hosting – 1$/MO Hosting

GoDaddy is the best web hosting provider. The customer easily gets a domain name, sign up for one of these hosting packages, and helps to promote your website fast and easily. GoDaddy offers discounts and deals on web hosting and domain to the user. It provides the best service quality, data center, and customer support. GoDaddy $1 Hosting gets you the best-hosting provider and domain around the world. You can start your website at a price of just $1/ month with our GoDaddy Hosting Coupon with free domain names, cPanel control panel, and 45 days money back guaranty.

Easy Step to get GoDaddy web hosting in $1 per month

  • Visit the special deal page clicks HERE or clicks on the deal button
  • Choose your economic plan and click on add to cart
  •  You will get the free domain with this plan, enter your domain and add to cart
  • Check out your cart and set the 1-year duration of the domain to get free
  • You get coupon automatically as you have asked for a special deal page
  • You will get the final amount for a year and a free domain name and email for a year.

Godaddy Note- GoDaddy has Converted its $2.49 Web Hosting plan into $1 Hosting GoDaddy Plan.

Why start one dollar web hosting today?

Do you need a low-cost hosting service? Then Godaddy $1 web hosting service will be good. Page speed is nice and the control panel is easy to operate. When you will found any problems in accessing any of the services, contact with Godaddy customer support team. It will be available on phone or live chat at any time to help their customers. If you have a small budget, such one dollar service for shared hosting will be the best to opt for. This means in only 12 dollars for one year you have to spend on-site hosting. That is the perfect option for a small business website that needs low expenditure hosting.

Low amount charges do not mean, quality of services and space. It is the only difference in price all services and spaces are such as another host. To fulfill customers’ needs one dollar service offers unlimited domains, emails, and MySQL databases with ease of one-click installation. Godaddy is committed to providing the best cheap hosting and guaranteed 100% uptime with their $1 hosting. And most precious thing included with it is a free domain for one year which Goes daddy’s service best part.

Available $1 Reseller Hosting by Godaddy.com

Get to upsell your customers something bigger and better with 1 dollar reseller hosting. You can make more income for your business.  Reseller hosting is different from regular hosting plans. It allows you to create sub-packages within the disk space and bandwidth of the main hosting package. So there is the option to manage various websites in one dollar plan. Instead of taking many shared hosting plans, you can grab the one reseller package. It will make a great deal for you and decrease web hosting costs. At only 1$ hosting you will have the chance to host many sites with reseller hosting.

WHM tools with 1 dollar Reseller hosting

Free WHM tool is integrated with 1 dollar reseller hosting. That tool will give you the authority to manage your own customized reseller packages. Godaddy built this one dollar reseller package for Linux and Windows operating systems. It is completely brand name able means you can provide all their services under your brand name itself.  You will get also a WHMCS billing platform with it. A free WHMCS license, Godaddy will provide a reseller plan.

$1 cPanel hosting in web Hosting One Dollar?

What is Cpanel Hosting?

Cpanel makes it easy to handle a website for a website owner. It provides a powerful tool to assist you well to performing essential tasks easily and accurately. Such a powerful service one dollar hosting service will give you free with their package. For being the cheapest hosting service provider, Godaddy featured Cpanel in every web host packages at $1 per month. Cpanel is the best control panel to control your operating system.

How to Cpanel work?

With Cpanel, you can easily manage all aspects of your account. On a website, from creating custom email addresses to editing your website files, all accessed by Cpanel. The best part of it is, it allows you to easily access any system with an internet connection. It is the best way to win the loyalty of customers. And such a valuable service Godaddy provides in one dollar hosting free of cost.

What are the responsibilities of Cpanel in Godaddy 1$ hosting?

It is designed with multiple levels of administration. Cpanel provides various types of interfaces including admin, email-based, and end-user interfaces.

  • Create your own email accounts
  • Manage their space on a server
  • Controlled Unwanted Messages
  • Cpanel does your file manager

So Cpanel is magic control of your website.

Yes, you can get your website hosting for only $1 per month. Godaddy brought a $1 hosting package for it users around the world. This is one of the most exciting web hosting packages that we have discovered and shared with our users.

$1 Web Hosting For Efficient Godaddy Hosting Package For USA

If you invest $12 for one year what you will get a 12-month web hosting along with a Free Domain name. In reality a new domain name will cost you more than $8 and with Dollar 1 Hosting Godaddy you are getting it for free. Along with this, you will get one of the best economical and efficient shared web hosting services in the market.

What will you Get in Godaddy $1 Hosting package? 

You will get everything that is required to run a healthy website. Here is the list

  •  Free Domain Name
  •  100Gb of Space
  •  Cpanel web hosting Control Panel
  •  Free Emails IDS through Cpanel inbuilt emailing System.
  •  Unmetered Bandwidth

Above are the main service that you are going to get with Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting package.

Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting service

What kind of website can Godaddy $1 Hosting plan handle?

You can even call hosting package as $1 Cpanel Hosting which is one of the best web hosting control panel which provides a lot of functionality & add-ons.

HTML Website – You can run simple Html websites with a lot of pages, images & different content. You will find Dollar One Web Hosting as the best package for HTML Static Websites.

Dynamic Website – If you are planning a website in PHP and MySQL then you will be happy with the PHP $1 Web Hosting. As you will find you can run your scripts fast and create some high-quality dynamic websites with the host.

Content Management Systems – These are becoming more popular these days for website development. It is very easy to understand and manage a CMS website. WordPress is the most used CMS for websites and blogs. Godaddy Economical 1 Dollar Hosting packages handle WordPress & Other Open sources Content management system very easily.

How much power is One Dollar Web Hosting Have?

You will get 100GB of space along with unlimited bandwidth. But power depends upon many things and Godaddy $1 Hosting gives outstanding performance with 100 processes and 500MB ram. They even allocate some more resources if needed.

If you compare the basic plan of other hosting companies like Hostgator & Inmotion Web Hosting still the $1 Hosting Godaddy outperforms in both cost and power.

Why you host your site on $1 hosting GoDaddy?

Customer support – GoDaddy offers you full support to its customers. You will get 24-hour support on any issue with your domain name on your website. They are very intelligent and polite. The company has many call centers around the world and able to talk with easy language that you understand easily. It also offers to start a live chat and get help online.

Free Domain Names for a year – If you buy a domain name separately it will cost you so high. With GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting you will get the best domain at a valuable price. The top-level domain such as .COM,.NET,.ORG,.CO,.IN, etc. free with the annual purchase of any hosting plan.

Uptime, reliability, and security – It also offer you time to time updates to their customers. They have a team that always watches your website activities and provides full security to their customers. GoDaddy promise 99.9% uptimes for all hosting customers.

45 – Days money back guaranty – GoDaddy provides you 45 days money back guaranty to their users. But it is available for only annual or longer-term plans. For the monthly plan, you have to need to cancel within 48 hours of purchases to get a full refund.

Godaddy $1 Web Hosting is Cheapest Plan by Godaddy.com

We have shown above that youtube gives just 25% visibility, and you have to do a lot of work. Social Media also gives you around 40 – 45% of the profile only if you are very active on that and do a lot of updates. Whereas the website you can put everything into your system.

$1*/ mo Godaddy $1 Web Hosting ! Get going with GoDaddy!

The website is an interactive tool to connect the world and provide information. A website can be of business, topic, identity, service, professionals, and much more. Even an individual can run his own website to share his talent or experience.

Our aim is to provide everyone with the best low-cost solutions that help them to make their solid online presence.

A website is not the only tool to connect with users around the world. You have youtube & social media which also give some solid online presence.One Dollar Web Hosting
For getting your website live, you need two things one is a Domain Name & the other is Web Hosting. So we started with your web hosting requirements. Here we will the different types of Web hosting packages. They are available as Godaddy $1 Web Hosting or lower than that.

One Dollar Web Hosting in Shared Environment

Godaddy 12$ Hosting annually means if you are taking for 1 year then get the free domain name.

Can you go for a low-cost web hosting solution like $1 Web Hosting?

Our experience says One Dollar Web Hosting is one of the best-shared web hosting plans available in the market. In this hosting package, you will get everything which is worth of money you spend like:-

  • You will get Cpanel for $1 which is value for money
  • You will get Free Domain name with 12 months hosting package
  • Powerful hosting environment which can run simple scripts and even powerful content management system like WordPress & Joomla

So their many positive reasons you should try the reasonable Godaddy Web Hosting solution. Where you are going to pay just $12 for one-year web hosting and domain name. It is worth trying deal and if you are making any new website then it is the most effective host package to start your new online website. We also request you to share your views so that we can update those for our users. Which helps them to make up their mind about a $1 Web Hosting Deal.

Perfect Money Hosting

One Dollar Hosting by Godaddy is one of the perfect money hosting services for start-ups and medium websites. The website is a new website with a medium amount of visitors. So it easily covers the need of more than 50% of users around the world as they have very specific traffic. Which $1 web hosting can manage without any issue.

Where do you rate $1 web hosting with other expensive web hosting packages?

Godaddy gives all the best features in its economical web hosting which is also famous as Godaddy’s $1 web hosting. You can compare the same with Bluehost & Hostgator’s shared web hosting starting package which is 3-4 times costlier with the same features and a lot of limitations.

Can you Install Third-Party SSL on Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting?

Yes, we have tested for our users where they easily install third-party SSL which costs less than $10. Also, with the GoDaddy SSL coupon, you can save maximum on it. Whereas big companies like  Hostgator and Inmotion Web Hosting a big amount for the same and do not allow third-party SSL.

Who do you Buy Godaddy $1 hosting?

Everyone who wants to start a new website can go for 1 Dollar Web Hosting as it takes time to heavy traffic on your new project. As your project grows up you can scale up your resources and in more than 75% of cases  Budget, $1 web hosting will work like the charm they will never need to scale up their resources.

Did you get Business Email Ids with your free domain name?

With Godaddy budget web hosting you will get 100 Email Ids with CPanel Webmail software which ends with your domain name extensions. You need to manage them within 100 GB of web Hosting space which is more than enough for you if manage things systematically. $1 Web Hosting by Godaddy will also manage your business email ids without any issue and save a lot of extra money that you may spend on Business Emails Ids.

Small and Big Business

Businesses with their online website and presence can grow themself in many ways.
  • They can give proper details of their product and service which helps them get new orders from new users.
  • Brand awareness is created through this.
  • Customer reviews, support & solution
Even business with a local presence has big benefits with their online presence.

Professionals & Individuals 

There are a lot of professionals like doctors, plumbers, teachers, and others can get a lot of leads and business through their website which is optimized with local areas. Persons who have some quality can also have lots of benefits with their online presence.
So they can share details with their service and new people will reach to them on a regular interval.


If you want to grow a website that can help you in different ways. Today people make money through their websites in the form of sales, leads, and even commissions. Our team will try to help make your website and optimize that for your growth.
You will see thousands of new ideas are grooming due to their online identity and power of sharing.

1 Dollar Web Hosting Reviews

For making the review of Godaddy’s $1 Hosting we have done a lot of hard work. We have gifted the One Dollar Web Hosting Package to 3 different people in the Web industry. After 2 months we asked for their overview on the web hosting and everyone was happy. GoDaddy helps you to get your business online and help them to create their online presence. They provide you with the domain for your site and resulting in the best speed, performance, and cost-effectiveness for users. The company provides full customer support, unlimited bandwidth on all plans, many discounts, free services, and much more. It gets you 100GB of storage space and the best connectivity service. It provides you refund policy to their user. You can grab up to 80% savings on your first billing with GoDaddy $1 hosting. They have rated 9 out of 10 when you want to run a medium website.

Setup – They are ready with the web hosting part with 10 mixtures of purchases. This means if you fast and your website is ready you can go live in minutes with $1 Godaddy Web Hosting.

Power – They are impressed with the power and resources that they are getting with the hosting service. Some said they are paying $5 per month for a lesser resource than they getting in one-dollar Hosting.

Capability – This is the thing that makes users happy, They can run a lot of different types of websites and even powerful content management systems like WordPress & Joomla.

After two months of web hosting our reviews are happy and want to get even more from the Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting. They are surprised by pricing and capability.