How To Buy A Residential Proxy In The US?

There are many types of proxies. Some of the most reliable — in the US. If you want to buy residential proxy USA, then you should read this article. Below we have disclosed all the essential points that will remove all the doubts from your mind. And select one of the best proxy services from relevant and trusted VPN services in the market. Let’s start the take on how to buy a residential proxy in the US in 2024.

What are residential proxies?

A residential proxy network consists of real user IP addresses that are leased or purchased directly from device users or ISPs for commercial use.

These IP addresses make the requests you send to the site for data scraping indistinguishable from those of normal site visitors. It makes them very efficient.

What are residential proxies for?

Proxy servers are used for hiding or changing your IP address. There can be many reasons to do this, let’s look at the most common of them. You will need to use a proxy if you want to hide your IP address. Go to a site to which, for one reason or another, access is blocked for your IP.  In cases where you need to send mail anonymously. There are many more cases when you need to change the proxy.

Benefits of residential proxies

There are several main advantages:

  • High anonymity — the connection takes place through a real device, residential proxies are very difficult to distinguish from ordinary users. Sites that allow them to work even if the user performs suspicious actions.
  • Simple control — residential proxies use back-end internal servers. You get an address that looks like an URL, it connects you to a proxy server and the server chooses an IP address from the provider’s proxy pool. After some time, this IP address will change, but your server address will remain the same. So it is very handy for site parsing.
  • A large pool of proxy addresses — large ISPs have millions of IP addresses, so you can make a huge number of requests without repeating the same IP twice.
  • Selection of locations — IP addresses are usually scattered around the world. Some dominant countries take the lion’s share, but you can find proxies in the most exotic places.
  • Variety of subnets — it has the advantage that private IP addresses rarely use the same subnet. This way you don’t have to worry about accidentally blocking multiple IP addresses at once.

Also, reverse connection servers allow you to change IP addresses automatically without any effort from your side. You can simply select the switching frequency, and the provider will switch addresses at the desired frequency. 

Why do they use the US residential proxies?

In practice, the US residential proxies help collect data from sites with stricter rules regarding bots and tasks that require location-specific IP addresses. If you use the US proxy, you will get complex data and be able to check advertising companies.

There is no right or wrong proxy. It all depends on your needs, target sites, and domains. Your budget is another important element.

The US residential proxies will provide an opportunity to study the specifics of the language, as well as to give access to American television, and the local market.

Are Residential Proxies Legal?

Here is one way to use the residential proxy through informed consent is the only legal way to get the residential and mobile IP address for checking out the website testing, ad verification, and anything else. You can use the proxy network as you want, your proxy provider will ask you about your IP address and they have knowingly agreed to join your proxy. You’ll acquire the proxy network from bright SDK. Along with it, you can also look out for the best hola alternatives in 2024.

Is using proxy illegal in the US?

Has anyone gotten in trouble about using a proxy illegally in the US? but, here we have disclosed the bit definition food instance. Yes, the proxy is legal to use to watch and unblock the restricted content and websites in any country. If we talk about one more advantage of proxy when you go to use your proxy network then, the proxy protects you and your server from hackers, malicious programmes and other suspicious activities.

How To Get A US IP Address?

let’s take a look at the processor to get a US IP address, first, you need to open your virtual private network and sign-up on it. Now, you have to clear all the cookies or restart your device to remove your old location to get a new location. In the last step, just need to sign in to your VPN and select the US server and use it freely.


In this article, we saw how to buy a residential proxy in the US and its essential points such as how to get a US IP address or if it is legal or not in the US. In the upper paragraphs, have mentioned all the necessary information about your all queries.