Benefits Of Using A VPN | 7 Major Reasons Why You Should Start Using VPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN is an internet security tool. It helps in maintaining privacy by providing anonymity while using the internet. Apart from providing anonymity, there are a lot more benefits of using a VPN 2024. Through this article, we will highlight the major reason why you should start using VPN.

Why Is It Important To Be Safe Online?

Online safety is important to prevent the loss of sensitive and confidential data. This can be financial information, personal life, and professional information. It is also important for a better and safe experience online.

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe while browsing the web is using a VPN. Using a VPN not only provides you anonymity but also helps you in keeping all your data secure. In the further parts, you will get to know more about the benefits of using a VPN.

How Does A VPN Work?

Before heading towards the benefits of using a VPN, let’s have a look at how a VPN works. Almost all the VPNs available in the market works in the same way. All of them uses two ways for keeping hackers away from you.

The very first way is the masking your IP address with any of their servers. One of the most common ways where hackers and the government spies on you is your IP address. So, masking your IP will disguise them and they want to be able to know your real identity.

The other way is by encrypting your data. VPN service providers also encrypt your data by changing them into gibberish. So, if someone even gets access to your data, he won’t be able to understand it.

So, this is the way how a VPN works for providing your anonymity along with securing your data. In the further parts, we have also mentioned the major advantages of using a VPN.   

7 Major Benefits Of Using a VPN

advantages of using a VPN

There are lots of advantages of using a VPN on your devices. Out of them, we have picked the major advantages that you may get with the best VPN service providers:

Online Safety From Public Wi-Fi

Security is one of the most important yet neglected benefits of using a VPN. If security is a concern for you then using a VPN will be worth it for you. Some internet networks are not safe such as public internet connections. A public internet connection usually does not need authentication. This makes it very easy for hackers to get information from unsecured devices. Hackers can also hack your phones by knowing your IP address.

This is where VPNs have a major role to play. A VPN masks the IP address of a user and encrypted the user data. This disguises a hacker and he won’t be able to see the actual IP address of that user. This helps in providing privacy and anonymity to the user. In this way, VPNs prevent hackers from hacking your phone.

Online Safety From Internet Service Providers

Besides the public networks, the network that you are using in your home or office is also not completely safe. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can easily get access to your browsing history. Apart from this, he can also throttle your connection speed if he finds you streaming OTT platforms or consuming a large amount of data.

Using a VPN prevents your internet service provider from gaining access to your browsing history. Through VPNs, you may also be able to prevent data throttling as your ISP won’t be able to know for what activities are you using the internet.

Accessing Geographical Restricted And Country Specific Content

This is one of the most important benefits of using a VPN. There are lots of countries or regions, i.e, China, North Korea, etc. where the internet is censored. Here restrictions are imposed by the government on the websites available to people.

These restrictions can be overcome with the use of a VPN. The remote servers of VPN let you access location-specific information from anywhere in the world. That means you can access a site that is banned in your region by switching your IP with any of the VPN server’s IPs where that site is accessible. In this way, you can stream American shows or can play American games that are banned or yet to be released in your country. This feature is especially useful when you are traveling abroad.

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Money Savings With Best Offers For Shopping And Traveling

This is one of the least known benefits of using a VPN. Prices of products, air tickets, cars, hotel rooms, etc. are shown to you based on your browsing history. Also, different regions show different rates for the same products.

Using a VPN gives you the edge over other shoppers. VPN allows you to pick the IP of another location and check the prices of the same product from a different region. In this way, you can buy a product at a lower than the price at which that product was listed in your region. Use this advantage of using VPN and shop at lower prices. 

Stop Tracking By Search Engines

We get all information for free on Google. But is Google really free? It stores every cursor movement and every click. It creates a unique profile of the user. Our unique profile comprising of buying behavior, interests, etc. is the price we pay for using the services of Google. 

A VPN stops Google and other search engines from tracking your activities. This also blocks third-party trackers or the trackers of programs installed in your device. In this way, a VPN allows bias-free surfing.

Better Gaming Experience

If you are a gamer then you may definitely know how important a VPN is for gaming. Using a VPN for gaming not only allows you to play banned games but also allows you to play the games that are yet to be released in your region. There are also use a VPN to play PUBG

Apart from this, many games might also face the problem of DDoS attacks. These attacks are mainly done by competitor gamers for affecting your gameplay. You can get rid of all of these kinds of attacks by using a VPN while gaming. So, avail of this benefit of using a VPN and enhance your gaming experience.

Safeguard Your Classified Information

Certain persons like celebrities, politicians, scientists, etc. need extra security while surfing the web. This is mainly either they held top secrets or have great influence power. As a VPN helps in masking the IP of a user, all these users can safely browse the web without revealing their original identity.  

So, these are the major benefits that you may find with almost every trusted VPN service provider. Besides this, some VPN providers also come up with some additional features to lure their users.

Benefits Of Using A VPN: The Bottom Line

A VPN is really a useful tool. It helps you in maintaining privacy by anonymously browsing the web. It also reduces the chances of data breaches or other cyber-crimes.

Although, you should always choose a VPN service provider carefully. Many VPN providers especially the free VPN ones track their user’s activities and do not delete their data. Also, these VPNs leak user data, which is really concerning. So, it is always suggested to look for both positive and negative aspects before subscribing to any VPN service.

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