Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024

Kaspersky has always been a top cybersecurity firm since, its existence. In its latest update of Kaspersky  you will see the different aspects of it in our review. In this review of Kaspersky total security, we’ll be taking a look at the newly added features like password manager, cloud protection, VPN, parental control. Is it worth paying for it? This Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024 will help you figure out the pros & cons. 

Kaspersky Lab was launched in the year 1997 and consistently being the top 10 cybersecurity software solution provider.

What’s in the new update? 

Before jumping on the next part let’s see why Kaspersky’s new update required?

There was a tremendous threat to data and internet security. In 2016, there was a group called Poseidon, unravelled by Kaspersky team created a heist among all the corporates. The hackers created the malware to target corporations’ emails using phishing emails. They were getting hired by the same company as a security firm to rectify the problem. Once getting hired, Poseidon was installing additional malware to fully seize the corporation’s data. 

Later on, after a huge backlash by media Kaspersky handled the situation and exposed 50 such people, following arrest.

Need for new Kaspersky Total Security 2024? 

Right after this heist Kasperskys’ decided to launch better security for users. Later on, in 2018 Kaspersky launched Kaspersky total security with an intent to provide overall protection, Includes password manager, cloud protection, VPN, parental control. 

What Kaspersky’s promises in the latest Kaspersky Total Security 2024?

The company’s main focus is to provide overall protection to all PC and mobile users. Here are the things that we quality test reviews of Kaspersky total security 2024.

Password Manager:

password manager kaspersky

Password manager of Kaspersky total security 2024 is highly encrypted and it helps user to automatically login to the defined site when login created. Kaspersky total security 2024 offers an unlimited password saving option that is good to go option. 

Using it for the very first time requires to create a master password, so to enter in the password vault. 

Banking credentials,  login information can be saved and encrypted with the password manager. 

To ease the user experience it also offers and supports google chrome extension,  firefox extension, internet explorer.

Cloud protection :

According to Kaspersky reports,  Kaspersky claims to provide maximum protection against online malware and online security threats. It requires data from your computer and pieces of information like what sort of website you visit often, software on your PC. This option allows users to hassle-free solutions regard viruses and malicious files. However,  if someone free unsafe or unsure can easily disable this option. 

  Virtual Private Network a.k.a VPN:

Virtual Private Network provides a way to connect virtual locations around the world or certain web pages that are restricted in your area but not in others. It also provides a better private connection and security from any types of phishing practices.  VPN allows a very secure private connection especially when you are using a public network like open wifi etc.

In 2019, Kaspersky uncovered Titanium, a very advanced and insidious backdoor malware APT, developed by PLATINUM, a cybercrime collective. 

Parental Control: 

kaspersky parental control sample

kaspersky parental control sample

This parental control feature is a great option for parents who are raising kids. Parents always allow their lads to access their cellphones or I pad. Parents often face challenges by giving their child digital freedom.

This parental control feature in Kaspersky total security 2024 is a boon that can block certain webpages that are inappropriate, aims to establish good cyber browsing habits. However, its frequent uses help in creating good cyber etiquette. This parental control features also comes with set screen time limits. Accessing phones or computer sometimes result in spending hours glued to the screen. This feature helps to set boundaries on types of media engagement and for how long.

Sounds great? Isn’t it?

The interface of  Kaspersky total security 2024:

In this review of Kaspersky, you have seen the added details in the upgrade. However, it’s really important to look at the interface and the user accessibility quality check. 

  • The image shows how every option is mentioned. 
  • From the scan option to the password manager its hassle-free. 

Now, as far we have seen the latest added features, its accessibility and interface. Let’s see the pros and cons of Kaspersky total security 2024. Mainly the things I liked about this software are as follows;

Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024 – Pros & Cons


  • Excellent added features, cover overall protection 
  • High-end encryption ensures the Elimination  of data theft 
  • Auto-update lates virus updations 
  • Password manager unlimited access 
  • Let you configure scheduled checkups of data 


  • Take some time to configure and setup
  • A bit expensive for all features but the functions are worth the price
  •  Full scan sometimes slows the computer as seen while reviewing.

Kaspersky total security 2024 also provides  secure mobile connection by providing Internet security, antivirus protection etc.

Should you buy Kaspersky total security or not: Honest Kaspersky Total Security 2024 Review?

should you buy kaspersky or not?

Should you buy Kaspersky or not?

After analyzing, we concluded that Kaspersky total security is a true all-round protection provider. It also has considerable features. However, the price tag along with this is quite high compare to others. Kaspersky privacy practices can be an issue for users as it hasn’t clear states all the policies. As the company states, it collects information such as user activity on websites, installed software,  to develop a better framework against online security threats. The cloud protections examines it and searches high level latest viruses and malware to protect system data.

In short,  if you want a subtle all in one protection that is a must-try product. Price can be an issue but its good to have all in one protection at this price than to use different platforms.

 I hope this review will help you to choose the right product for you. For enquiries or information comment below.

This product can be avail at a discounted price of $99.99 but the price can be deducted by using Kaspersky coupon code. With this voucher, you can avail this product at only $49.99


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