Is Dr Fone Safe 2024? – 5 Major Reason To Choose Wondershare Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is an amazing application launched by Wondershare for Android and iOS phones. It is a complete mobile solution that can help you recover the lost data and files from your mobile phone. This software recovers data from the internal storage as well as the SD card that you have inserted into your phone. It can recover the files that have been deleted by you and then back up the data saved by it.

Overall Dr. Fone is good software, but it is a product of China-based company Wondershare, due to which many worry wonder is Dr Fone safe or not. Here, we will try to find out the answer to this question by discussing the features and other important aspects of this data recovery software. As it is a Wondershare product so you can make a safe and budget-friendly purchase by using code promo Wondershare. Also, Dr Fone provides you best discount on our product if you want the new product of Dr Fone in a less amount so apply this Dr Fone full toolkit coupon code.

Features Offered By Dr Fone

To find is Wondershare Dr Fone safe or not, we will first look at the major features offered by it. The features that we will mention here will be other than the data recovery:


You can easily root and unroot your android device using Dr.Fone. Rooting is done in order to have access to the restricted functions of the Android developers. Rooting is also used to increase the battery backup, speed, and performance of the phone. Similarly, you can unroot your phone whenever required, using this software.

Screen Removal

A great difficulty arises for people when they forget their phone passwords or lock screen patterns. In this case, the general solution is resetting your phone, which leads to the removal of complete data from your device. But with Dr.Fone, you can easily tackle this problem. It helps you to remove pattern locks, PIN locks, passwords, and fingerprints from your device. This feature of Dr Fone works for almost all brands of phones such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, iPhone, etc.

Screen Recording

With the help of Dr Fone, you can easily mirror and record your Android device. It also supports the audio of the system of your device, and it helps you mirror your device in HD quality. It helps you mirror the files on your phone into some Television screen or laptop with such compatibility, and thus you can mirror your presentations, or your gaming into the respective device, using Dr.Fone.


Compared to other software, the pricing of Wondershare Dr Fone is quite low. You can get it at a price as low as around $10. Also, with the help of Dr Fone coupon code, you can also make maximum savings on it.

These are the major features that you may find with the Dr Fone. In the ascending section, you may know about the major tasks that this software can do for you.

Tasks Performed By Wondershare Dr.Fone

Except for its exclusive features, the basic tasks that are performed by Dr.Fone are:

  • Data Recovery: It helps you to recover your deleted data from the internal storage or the SD card of your iOS or Android device. 
  • Unlock Devices: Using this application, you can unlock the screen lock or app lock in Android and even the Apple ID in your iOS device.
  • Transfer Whatsapp Data: Dr.Fone allows you to transfer your chats and other Whatsapp data from Android to iOS and vice versa.
  • Repairing Of Your Device: Some basic errors that your iOS or Android device may face can be repaired using Dr Fone application. It also helps in fixing the errors that are faced while using iTunes.
  • Transfer: You can also easily transfer the data that is stored on your device into the computer and vice versa with the help of Dr.Fone.
  • Backup And Restore: It automatically backs up and restores the data on your device, whenever required. 
  • System Reset: Besides recovering data, Dr.Fone also allows you to completely wipe out the data of your device and make that irrecoverable. 
  • Switching Phone: Transferring data between two phones is really a hectic task. With the help of Dr Fone, you can easily transfer the data from your old phone to your new phone. 

As we can see, this software is not limited to data recovery only but can perform many other tasks. We also didn’t find any major issues related to this software. But be before concluding is Dr Fone safe or not, let’s know about some solid reasons to use use it.

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Why Choose Dr.Fone?

There are some solid reasons due to which you should use this data recovery software. These are:

  • Keeps Your Privacy Intact: Dr.Fone makes sure that the recovered or transferred data is not accessed by a third party. It protects your data from foreign intervention through its end-to-end encryption and advanced fraud protection. 
  • Great For iOS Devices: Dr.Fone is regarded to be a better version of iTunes. It does all the work that iTunes is supposed to do such as backups, restoration of data, etc.
  • Features: This app comes with a lot of features, as we have studied above that make it work more efficiently. 
  • Ease Of Use: Dr.Fone is a very user-friendly application, which can be used by any person with the help of a proper set of instructions, either if he is a techno-geek or not. 
  • Good User Support: Wondershare’s Dr.Fone is said to give great support to its customers. With their quick response team, you can get resolutions within 24 hours.

Is Dr Fone Safe: The Bottom Line

Through this detailed Wondershare Dr Fone review, we tried to find out whether this software is safe to use or not. For this, we compared its various aspects including features and usage. We found it as a multipurpose software that not only recovers data but also allows you to do a lot more tasks. It is also completely safe and you can use it without any worry.