How To Set Up An Ecommerce Website For Free?

Are you also planning to take your business online for the expansion of your business? If yes then, congratulations you are on the right track. A perfect E-commerce site can give you game-changing results by leading your business to the peak of the mountain. But let me just tell you that website building is not an easy task.

 You need to know how to set up an eCommerce Website for freefor the functioning of a cost-efficient business. Building an e-commerce website for your business is not that much tough in today’s time. We can easily create an E-commerce website for our business by using some reputed website builder software. But the main problem arises when it comes to choosing a website software. 

Mostly, people choose website development apps without knowing the proper knowledge about them and face huge losses. So today’s article is going to let you know some of the best website builder applications that can take your business to a next level. But before we make you aware of “how to set up an eCommerce Website for free”, you need to know the actual meaning of the website building and how it can affect your business.

What Is A Website Builder?

A website builder can be considered a program or software that allows us to build the website as per our needs or sometimes according to the client’s needs.

Here you can make your site as per your own rule and you control it without any manual code editing. Websites play a very vital role in the development of your business. By using the specially developed drag-and-drop website builder software, you can simply select from a huge range of templates and customize them in line which suits you the most.

Benefits Of The Best Website eCommerce Builder

  • You can make a professional-looking site.
  • Less time consuming 
  • Easy to manage 
  • No Coding Skills Required
  • Highly affordable 

How Can A Website Affect My Business?

As we all know that in this era the whole world comes together on the same platform or online platform to serve convenience and simplicity to the customers. So, if you own a great website then it may solidify your business in various ways like-builds trust, and giving your prospects confidence to take the next step.

This is all about the website builder and it is the time to discuss the top 5 website builder applications for the development of our e-commerce site. With these website builders, you can easily set up an eCommerce website for free. 

Top 5 Free eCommerce Website Builder Software 

If you don’t have enough time to go through the full article then you can read the ranking of the top 5 website builders. This ranking is just a synopsis of the remaining article below. 

  1. Wix
  2. WooCommerce via Bluehost
  3. Ecwid
  4. Big Cartel
  5. Gumroad

After a lot of research and testing, our team found that all these website builders are one of the best platforms for the development of an E-commerce website even without spending a single penny. These can help you to build, design, grow and set up an eCommerce website for free by taking your business to heights. 

Details of Apps: 

The extensive research by our team shows the maximum number of website builder software is not so good and might take your business into heavy losses. but fortunately, our team got the most reliable and genuine website builder application “how to set up an online store for free”. So just keep reading the article!!!


It is a user-friendly website-builder to help you create a website in one of the easiest ways: with mere drag and drop or by using Wix’s ADI (artificial intelligence designer). You can even customize your site greatly without even knowing a thing about code and can design your website most attractively and efficiently.

It stands in the number 1 position if we talk about operating online stores for small businesses. The quality of its template is highly flexible, but still easy to use, and its features for e-commerce building are perfect for every small or midsize store. 

Features of Wix

  • Wix’s offers 800+ templates
  • 118+ templates only for e-commerce
  • Plenty of design freedom
  • Powerful features
  • Easy to use
  • A free trial is also available


It is a free and open-source e-commerce plugin that integrates perfectly with E-commerce. It is not simple as website builders, WooCommerce demands more technical skill as compared to a website builder, but it’s still quite easy to install. With WooCommerce you have to rely on the extension to get the maximum number of features. Also, you will get to know how to set up an eCommerce website for free and in an easy manner.

Features of WooCommerce

  • Extremely scalable
  • Helpful setup wizard
  • Huge variety of plugins
  • Lots of payment options


Similar to other website builders, Ecwid also allows you to design various ‘catalogs’ of products. You can also add photos, pricing, weight, etc. for each item of your business. If you are willing for an online Store that plugs into your existing site then, Ecwid is for you. This will help you to enable many options to design your website and create an attractive profile of yours in front of your customer. 

Features of Ecwid

  • Automatic Updates
  • Track Inventory
  • Shopping Experience
  • Sell Digital Goods
  • Save Favorite Products
  • Smart Shipping Calculator
  • Easy Checkout

Big Cartel 

If you’ve got T-shirts, paintings, jewelry, or other crazy stuff to sell, you’ll feel at home with Big Cartel. This is a platform that can help you to take all your crazy arts worldwide and will help to connect to customers anytime. Big cartel is working since 2005 to help all over the world. They sold over $2.5 billion of their work and that’s on their independent artists. And to the amusement, they have 100% independent artists who love their work and help this tech giant to retain its position.

Features of Big Cartel

  • No Extra charges are applied to what customers pay you for a product.
  • Easy to start a store with a minimum of five products.
  • Easy tracking of raw materials, unfinished goods, and ready-to-sell items that a business owns.
  • Sell on Facebook as well as Sell in person
  • Can give an option to accept payments from PayPal or credit card or both.
  • Managing products in your Big cartel Store.
  • Easy tracking of Sales and visitors in real-time with Big cartel Dashboard.
  • Free and customizable Themes.


Gumroad is an appropriate platform for selling digital, physical, and creative goods, with a focus on digital products and creative items such as pictures, writing, podcasts, and designs. It lets you create a free eCommerce website, but they charge a commission on everything that you sell, unlike the other open-source eCommerce platforms on this list. But, this is a very suitable platform that can help you take your business to great heights. Along with this, you can check the fastest web hosting for eCommerce that provides you with great services.

Features of Gumroad

  • Customer’s Library 
  • On-Demand streaming is good for products like instructional videos, and musical pieces that can be sold to many people.
  • Gives a choice for subscriptions and other plans that provide access to content libraries.
  • There is a tool to send an email update to your Customers especially those who have the subscription, and also can create automated responses.
  • Allow social media promotion.
  • Easy Payment checkout and Multiple Options of Payment. 

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At this time the whole setup of markets has completely changed; it’s not like the old traditional stores. Instead of all those complicated physical stores now everyone is taking their business online to reach the maximum number of people without any additional burden. There are various top options we brought to you for ease in your journey to the best website eCommerce builder.  We are hoping that this article will guide you to set up an eCommerce website for free.