These 4 Downloads Can Ruin A Windows PC

It’s a common mistake to believe everything seen or sold online to be good. What do we do if we get sub-standard goods from online stores? We stick to the known brands or websites. It’s a good practice, stick to it for your computer’s sake too.

There aren’t any free cups of coffee in the world anymore. Avoid downloading any free software you find online. Even if you have a subscription to Cox customer service number and internet plans that come with a security suite to protect your devices, you still have to be careful what you download on the web.  

Gone are the days when good things on the net were for free. Now whatever is free is full of malware. Even the best of companies install some soft malware to track your browsing habits. The intention might not be malicious, just a good business sense of gathering data. Let’s discuss the 4 downloads can ruin a Windows PC.

Adopt Safe Practices

It’s a good life policy to adopt safe practices. Similarly, adopt them in your digital life too. Remember the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ policy mum taught. Execute it in your digital life and don’t click on the links that just pop up. Especially if it looks too good to be true, it is most likely dangerous to your devices.

Clean up your disks and storage space on your computer manually or automatically. Most of the hardware comes with default cleaning tools. If you are too busy to do it yourself, buy cleaning apps from legitimate sources. This will clean the hidden viruses and malware from your computer.

Beware Of Where You Watch Videos

Paid streaming and non-streaming sites don’t always have the latest movies that you want to watch. It leads most browsers to search for sites from which they can watch them for free. This will put your devices into the hands of multiple malware menaces.

Indeed, our computers will never be completely free of malware. These programs are used for marketing data collection. Such algorithms are not as dangerous as some computer viruses and worms are.

The free video sites are full of computer menaces. While you are enjoying a free movie they are attacking your computer for malicious objectives. This type of malware includes spyware, ransomware, adware, spam, viruses, and worms.

They can create various problems from stealing your files and photos to blocking you out of your system. You can detect such sites by the unusually long or odd URL. Before clicking, check their URL for safety. If you feel they are unusually long or odd, stay clear of them.


Hacking is a big business now. It’s no longer the lone teenager, sitting in his room stumbling upon a CIA computer system. As Hollywood wants us to believe. It is a serious business. Hacking companies hire the best computer minds to develop viruses and worms for them.

Marketing companies are paying software developers to gather data that they can further sell to the production houses. The security departments and companies are paying heavy amounts for spyware.

It sounds so attractive to get something for free, especially when we are not even looking for it. Don’t be naïve’ and click to get some things packed attractively. If the message says you’ve won something at a random pick, don’t feel lucky…look the other way. It will most likely be bad luck knocking at your door.

Search for what you need on the web. Try to stay within the legitimate browsing net. Keep a budget to buy a good firewall and an ad-blocker. It will be an investment well done.

Stay Clear of Free Services

If a message pops up saying ‘viruses are detected, clean up your computer disk for free’. Don’t click you never know what is hidden behind such a good samaritan. Most malware is hidden behind such messages.

Click on them and they establish themselves in your computer system. They then create minor or major havoc to the computer functionality, data, or both.

Keep a budget to buy legitimate paid apps to help you keep your disk clean. Develop a habit, and set aside an afternoon to scan the disk of viruses, and clean up junked files manually. It is very important for the healthy functioning of your devices.

Invest in a good firewall and ad-blocker to keep the worms and viruses away. A good firewall will detect any attack on your computer and will stop it.

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Research Before You Buy Software

Let’s say you need software to run all your social media from a single platform. You come across a company offering pretty much what you need. You buy a package, to your horror, it’s not half as good as it promised.

The functions, you needed help with are not included in your package. Distraught, you want to discontinue. It won’t be that simple, even if you delete the program. The trial version of most will keep playing in the background.

It’s best to read the reviews of any software you are downloading.