7 WordPress Push Notification Tricks You Need To Start Right Now

Push Notifications are used to deliver information about an app even if it is not launched on the device. This technology was invented in the year 2008 by Apple with an iOS 3 mobile operating system. Later on, it was adopted by Google for its Android OS and Microsoft for its Windows Phone OS. Since then, it has expanded to a vast range of platforms including web and desktop internet.

Push notifications help you deliver information to the users who have your app installed on their devices. But you should be aware of the visitors who go away from your website, in most cases, they are never coming back. You, therefore need to convert your visitors into your potential customers. You can do this by developing multiple pathways at once. This may include email marketing, social media, mobile or SMS marketing, and web push notifications.

WordPress Push Notifications are delivered every time you publish something on your website. These can prove to be a great tool for re-engaging your audience from time to time. If you can use them smartly, they may possibly become the top referral source for your website.

Why should you add web push notifications to your WordPress site?

Almost 70% of individuals who leave your website will never come. This is often why you would like to convert those website users into subscribers or customers. You’ll do that by utilizing multiple channels directly. This includes email marketing, social media, mobile or SMS marketing, and web push notifications.
While email lists are still the foremost dominant and effective marketing tool at your disposal, push notifications for us are providing to be quite effective.

Wordpress Push Notification Tips

WordPress Push Notification Tips

This blog is a guide to how you can use WordPress push notifications to reach more audience and increase your profitability:

  1. Single-step opt-in –

    In the single-step opt-in, the browser decides the type of text shown. It does not allow users to customize it. But the displayed text does change supported on the browser.

Even though it is not customizable, the single-step or 1-click opt-in presents the maximum push notification opt-in rate.

  1. Create your personalized user experience –

    Create a personalized user experience based on user location, their shopping habits, repeated visitors, user profile, referral source et cetera.

Divide your users at the time of subscription because generally, they crave a personalized user experience. If you send your users a personalized experience it can create bonding between you and them. It develops your click metrics, client engagement & protection.

  1. Call to action buttons –

    Based on the wordpress website theme you choose, there can be one or two CTA buttons. Any notification that spears urgency can grab the attention of the user. You can customize the text and color of these buttons. E.g. on an e-commerce website, you can try to entice subscriptions with a welcome discount. In that case, the CTA buttons can say: “Get Discount” and the other can say “No, Pay full price”. The customer immediately understands the benefit of a subscription.

  2. Add the PushAlert widget to your website –

    Even if the visitor has not given notification authorization, the widget is always there to remind them that they are missing out on receiving product or sale alerts. The PushAlert widget can be a great tool to get those visitors to subscribe to notifications that had earlier been turned down.

It is completely thorough with its own color scheme and text to match your website theme. Additionally, the user has complete control over their subscription, which always promotes positive emotion.

  1. Colours –

    While choosing the colours for your website, you should consider the general theme of your site and branding especially the logo design. Web push subscriptions by default do not require any private data, but, your clients may not know that. Therefore a theme matching your site with your own logo design promotes trust in that they are subscribing to the genuine source and their privacy is unbroken.

  2. Wonderpush plugins –

    Wonderpush plugins have splendid built-in features. With Wonderpush you have the choice to limit a push-based on language, tags, or events. You can also use Wonderpush to recover discarded carts. Just send out a push to remind subscribers that they left something amazing in their carts. Wonderpush’s dashboard allows you to manage all of your campaigns, segments, and staff with access and real-time analytics for your notifications.

  3. Keep your notifications regional –

    When two people of the same region meet somewhere else, there’s always a high level of excitement. The same happens with regional notifications, when someone communicates with you in your mother tongue, it gives immense pleasure. Sending notifications in your users’ native language will create a feeling of oneness inside them.

Using these tricks can help you reach your audience much easier. It enlarges your reach and helps you communicate with your audience better.

 Author bio 

WonderPush aids their customers with simple ways to send push notifications to apps and websites. They make sure that their ways are easy on the pocket of the customers. They fully abide by the General Data Protection Regulation and prioritize their customer’s privacy above all. No programming skills are required to get started with them.