Best 8 Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

The modern era of technology and online business market at hand, and being a key player on this digital stage for ecommerce and online marketing, that’s what Email marketing is, I don’t believe any further introduction for this famous element of driving revenue right to the pocket of each kind and scale of business living online today is needed. Yet perhaps the better question now is… How do we help each small business swim through the ocean called online marketing like a champion? For that reason we write this article to introduce those small ambitious business owners to the best tools that may aid them play a professional game of email marketing and marketing automation, yet without the need to break their hard earned allowance or pierce their still shallow pockets. So here we go 8 Email Marketing Solutions.

8 Email Marketing Solutions for Grow Your Business

  1. MailChimp

What can we say, the chimp is here on every occasion, but that is definitely for a good reason, MailChimp provides the best service compared to all free plans provided on our list. The free plan features include knowledge base & multi user account for up to 2000 contacts and up to 12,000 emails sent per month. Other features include creation and publishing tools (mail campaigns, landing pages, pop-up forms, google remarketing ads, Facebook & Instagram ads), marketing automation tools (MA, abandon cart, product recommendation, order notification), Targeting & segmentation tools (segmentation & groups), and Analytics ( Basic reporting, A/B testing). Which is more than enough features for any small business to grow up confidently.

  1. Constant Contact

Constant contact is a leading powerhouse in the modern field of email marketing. And being there for years now, has made this provider as much more complicated to use as it is prestigious and heavy on details than other competitors, that means it can be a heavy burden on a small business pocket too to be frank, and that’s why you need to be aware of your needs and scale up their flexible pricing plans according to it. Yet as long as you have the required level of knowledge to tame the beast, you will find Constant contact is your best companion for years to come.

  1. IContact

Icontact provides one of the smartest email marketing solutions for social networks, some may even call it a social media platform marketing specialist, that’s due to its heavy focus on social media linkage and prospects targeting and engagement tools which facilitates social interactions on these platforms, creating a solid pathway for communicative marketing, also allows direct and easy means for scheduling social media posts without the need for third party integrations such as Buffer, or Hootsuite. Its fun, you should try it.

  1. AWeber

Surprisingly, the strongest asset for AWeber as an email marketing tool is not actually a unique feature for this platform, it rather lies in its customer support service. AWeber has a fully dedicated and highly qualified team on phone support who takes every client request in a highly professional and intimate manner. Makes AWeber the unbeatable champion on customer support stage. Otherwise, the software is fully capable, providing marketers with highly detailed email campaigns and visual appealing templates on newsletters, landing pages or sign up forms, as well as a robust autoresponder system. That if you wouldn’t consider A/B testing an issue, which is lacking on AWeber until further notice.

  1. Robly

Robly A.I. is actually smarter than it looks. This powerful artificial intelligence engine running the Robly email marketing platform promises every small or growing marketers a creative and innovative award winning solution to boost whatever they do on an email campaign to no less than 50% more efficiency rate. Backed by unique features such as the OpenGen technology which promises improved open rates and connectivity with recipients, in addition to illusive A/B testing techniques, Robly has modernized the way Email marketing functions in a way that you can never go wrong with.

  1. Drip

Drip is a specialized email marketing solution in e-commerce field, in addition to introducing a wide range of tools and services aiming at professional bloggers and marketers. The platform provides smart CRM and ECRM services with sophisticated lead management and automation options beside email marketing tools such as comprehensive tracking, hype segmentation, and robust marketing automation techniques to name a few. All with a fraction of the price other competitors may offer for such vast array of features all combined in one place. Better go take a deeper dive and check it out for yourself.

  1. SendPluse

The relatively new integrated platform has taken email marketing business by the storm, providing robust and competitive email marketing and automation features includes bulk email, bulk SMS messages, and web push notifications, among several other innovative features such as artificial intelligence, personalization techniques, SMTP service, engagement metrics including click-through-rates, page views, time on site and conversions. All with an affordable price suitable for a broad spectrum of small to mid -size business.

  1. Emma

Emma offers a mixed experience of laborious sophisticated tools that can be handled intuitively and with remarkable ease. It’s hard to criticize emma based on a single brief use, that’s how deep its features are, and they reveal more and more of excellence when continuously used on its various plans each with its own core features. Through its 100+ templates emma offers a highly visual and comprehensive experience. So, if you need a vastly customizable solution that gives each campaign you send out its own personality, then emma is where to go.

Final words:

An affordable piece of online marketing solution has never been on high demand as it is today, knowing that, software industries are competing to fill in this cyberspace with the best of breed technology as a product, and with most affordable price tags, resulting in hundreds of new names and refurbished services popping-up each day. To mention some, we found convertkit, Act! mad mimi, campaign monitor, MailerLite and much more. Each one of these platforms have its one way of doing things, so deeper thought and consideration always pays in similar cases, such as choosing the software that will give you the right hand through growing up into the ranks of professional e-marketing business. Double check with open eyes into your needs and preferences is essential. All 8 Email Marketing Solutions help to grow your online business.