How to Grow Your Shopify Store In 2024

Getting into a conversation about e-commerce is like committing yourself to a very long coffee date. The Internet is flooded with online stores and it seems like each one of them sells almost everything. Click on the drop-down menu and make your choice. Shopping from home is very convenient, of course, and these cyber stores go out of their way to make things easy to understand. But what if one of those stores happens to be yours? What if you’re just starting out and hope to be a smart player in the game by the end of 2022?


Below are a few ideas to get some more traffic onto your site. More traffic means more sales.

Search Engine Optimization

We need to start with this one because when it comes to attracting more customers to your site, there is nothing more effective than SEO. If you don’t know what this is, here is a simple definition:  Search Engine Optimization is the act of inserting keywords into your online content that, in turn, gets that content noticed by major search engines such as Google. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. It’s actually a skill that takes a lot of time to learn.

One way to start is by looking at your products and finding out what words people might type to search for those products. For instance, if you’re selling electric fans, the keywords might be cool, comfort, or airflow. Finding the best keywords for your products shouldn’t be a guessing game, though. Thankfully the internet offers a number of effective research tools for this task, such as Google Keyword Planner and SEO Chat.

Try to build an entire list of the best words for your products and from there, insert them into your content. Then when shoppers do a search for those electric fans, or whatever you are selling, your Shopify store has a far better chance of appearing on the top of a search engine’s results. It won’t happen right away, but practice makes a man perfect, and when those words are just right, your page has a better chance for growth.

Build an email list

This is another important strategy for expanding your online business. Hundreds of ebook authors preach the email list as their most effective tool to reach customers. But even if you’re not selling books the message endures:  Once you have a customer’s email address, he or she can be messaged at any time about updates to your store, such as new products or a new format. Just be careful about how often your message and for what reason. Over-saturation will surely get your name relegated to a spam folder. Keeping your customers informed is a matter of timing. But even if that makes your wary, don’t skip this technique. Build an email list for your Shopify store.

Get mobile

Fifteen years ago the internet was still pretty much a world we accessed through laptop and desktop computers. Physical keyboards had our fingers flying to get from one page to the next, while huge, clunky monitors delivered the goods. However, now the time has changed and these days if you’re the manager of an online business, you need to make sure you have content optimized for mobile phones. That goes for Shopify, too. Making your store mobile access friendly encourages more business. Indeed, there are a number of free Shopify themes available that look just as good in your hand as they do on your desk. Mobile access also reassures shoppers that you care enough about their convenience to travel an extra mile or two for the benefit of on the go interaction.

Expand your line

Or in other words, sell more products. Yes, this is as basic as it sounds. Simple solutions are often the most effective but don’t forget that the idea for 2024 is to grow. Another thing to keep in mind is that, unlike traditional stores lighting up the sidewalks downtown, an online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means no matter whatever you decide to add to your shop, you’re going to have a huge advantage over face-to-face competitors right out there. Even if your products don’t sell fast, they’ll sell all day and all night. The drip is steady—so is the income. A wide product line can also get your store noticed faster, as well as accomplish the next tip on our list.

Keep your customers

Any business owner will tell you that he or she does a lot of business through repeat shoppers. Keeping customers happy—and keeping them in the loop about anything new going on with your site—always makes them want to come back for even more. Building a patron’s trust is very important as you are selling him or her product they need. Not only that but retaining a loyal shopper’s business is typically far more cost-effective for your business than fishing for new ones.

So there we have it. Five ways to grow your Shopify site in this brave New Year of 2024. Many more methods abound, but the ones shown above have been proven to work time and again by successful online business owners. With just a little ingenuity, you too can be one of those owners. Selling goods to a surfing public has never been more easy, modern, and profitable.

Author Bio: My name is Dave Wilson and I am the Marketing Head at Debutify. We here at Debutify help you to build a high converting Shopify store in minutes, not hours, without any technical knowledge at all.