What is Domain Name ?

It is very basic thing now very one knows Domain name. But what about few people who know Google, Yahoo or other names. But they still not know about Domain name. So we though to right on this simple topic of What is Domain Name? and also clear various things on it.

In simple Domain Name Is?

Very first thing that comes in your its a name or a identity. Yes it is a name which become a online identity and can be access by the web browser when you are connected to internet.

Domain Name in Technical Words

But in technical it is a service which managed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It provides you a identification string though various domain name registara world wide. Combination of these string becomes a Domain name which formed under rules and process of Domain Name System also known as DNS.

Now you know domain name is combination of string which is divided in 3 parts

Sub Domain + Domain + TopLevel Domain

Sub Domain = By default sub domain value is null but people set it to  “www”, You can create more sub domain as per your need and requirements.

Domain = Is you internet identity which you choose through people can see your website any where in the world though internet and web browsers.

Top Level Domain Names = Is like identifier in internet system which are generated as DNS root system.

So it is the basic things which help you to understand how free domain name is created and how it works.

It time to get your own domain name now because you online presence can give you name, frame and money. Just think what you that people reach to your website on regular basis. You can write content, make videos and many more things. But give somethings new to users so that people are excited to see your content.