McAfee Livesafe Review: Is it good or not?

Surfing the net hasn’t been easier anytime. As the number of people surfing the internet increased the attackers online also increased to a significant amount.  Attackers are always in a hunt to find a vulnerability in our network and then perform their malicious activities in our systems. But this problem is also solved by developers at McAfee who created antivirus software: McAfee Livesafe for our devices. This software detects and blocks any attack by attacker thereby keeping our device safe. There is a lot of antivirus software available in the market it’s difficult to choose which one is the best for you. To figure out your confusion today in this blog we’re going to discuss McAfee Livesafe Review 2024, its pros, and cons.

What is McAfee Livesafe?

McAfee Livesafe is an internet security software. The advantage of using livesafe is its firewall, antivirus and identity theft protection that is compatible with all OS and devices. The additional benefit, McAfee Livesafe offers is that one license is needed to protect an unlimited number of devices. So you don’t need to purchase software for different devices just one software is sufficient to protect all your devices.

Also, it offers 1gb cloud-based storage as well.

McAfee Livesafe Review- On the Basis of Features

Antivirus Protection

McAfee Livesafe offers personal firewall protection and its most popular antivirus. A user can set virus scans, perform them manually or choose to scan the device in real-time. It also protects our systems from hackers by monitoring threats on our networks such as rootkits, spyware, and bots.

Identity Theft Program

There are certain files that are not visible to you and contain sensitive information.

Attackers on the internet take advantage of this and may steal your digital identity.

However, McAfee Livesafe has a solution to this. Its identity theft program clears the cookies and your digital footprints automatically.

Spam Filteration

This software also has the ability to detect phishing spams and ignores unwanted pop-ups and messages. But it shows popups and messages that seem to be from a trusted source eg: banks.

Its anti-spam is very useful in blocking emails from suspicious websites. Its web advisor prooves to be useful in detecting threats before visiting a website.

File Shredder

McAfee Livesafe offers a file shredder. This permanently deletes the digital files that may contain sensitive threats without any embedded threats. This plays an essential role in protecting a user’s digital identity as well as confidential data.

Parental control

McAfee Livesafe app also has a parental control that blocks content with specific words that are set by the user or malicious words related to alcohol, drugs, etc.

It also has an option to set time restrictions so that time spent on online activities can be restricted. This feature is most beneficial for parents who want their kids to be online when they want them to be.

Anti-theft protection

McAfee Livesafe app for mobile offers anti-theft protection that allows you to remotely locate or lock your device. In the situation, if your device gets lost or stolen.                                                

User interface and installation

In this main information is displayed first that too colour-coded. This helps to distinguish better if the device is vulnerable or not. 

Also, the installation of this software on a new device is not a hefty task. A user just needs to enter the product key on the website and download the software on as many devices.

McAfee Livesafe Review 2024- Pros and cons


  • Value for money.
  • Higher performance than average firewall system, more malware block rate than others.
  • Includes extra protection for kids, passwords and mobile devices.
  • Cross-platform compatibility- works on android, ios, and windows
  • Enhanced Anti-theft protection and parental control.
  • Protection for unlimited devices
  • Free 1gb cloud-based space
  • Better security for mobile devices


  • Incompatibility with windows phone and Chromebooks.
  • Slows down the system speed.
  • Tune-up tools for windows are not impressive.
  • The Mac interface is confusing.


The McAfee suite is available for $44.99*. This includes a number of things that will make sure that you are secure while browsing on the internet. You can use McAfee coupons to avail special discount on Livesafe.

Mcafee livesafe review

What did we find?

In third party labs test, McAfee’s performance has been inconsistency however it has shown improvements overtime. In most of the tests, it was able to remove malware and viruses with a 97% success rate. But when we tested this software with 100+ live malware and viruses the results were remarkable we tested this software 10 times over a period of 10 months and 7 out 10 times it showed 100% success in removing viruses. However, it also has some negative aspects also the systems speed was affected after activating the software. Significant lagging was seen while performing heavy tasks such as sharing of bulk files and playing video games online. 

McAfee Livesafe Customer Review

Mcafee livesafe offers

McAfee Livesafe Review: Conclusion 

Overall according to the test performed by our team and third-party labs. we found that McAfee Livesafe is a value for money software. It not only provides internet security to its customers but offers features more than that. Its features like parental control, identity theft protection, anti-theft for mobile, spam filtering make it different from average firewall systems available in the market. The only drawback that we found with this software is that it makes the system slower.