Is ProtonVPN Trustworthy?

ProtonVPN is a VPN service provider which is operated by Swiss company & developer is Proton technology AG. VPN is an essential tool that everyone downloads and easy to use in their operating system. In this article, you will get to know Is ProtonVPN trustworthy or not? In this digital era, most work has been doing on the internet. You need to connect with the internet for payment through a bank, or other private information. Private details can be your account number, password, passport detail, and many credentials. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that protects your online privacy that you do use the internet while browsing.

Yes, ProtonVPN is trustworthy

Yes, ProtonVPN is trustworthy

ProtonVPN is trusted by millions of users and it is based on Geneva, Switzerland. Its VPN service has been spreading in 50 countries and in the current year, it has 873 servers. Proton technology AG firstly started its ProtonMail project and after then it started another that is ProtonVPN. You can trust the ProtonVPN because it strictly follows the Geneva laws. A scientist team founded Proton in the year 2014 who met at the European center for nuclear research. ProtonVPN has protected over 20 million users with its product of VPN to keep their private information safe.

Best Features of ProtonVPN

features of ProtonVPN

  • Secure Core- this secure core architecture provides a secure VPN service. Secure core protect your online privacy from the attack of hackers. The servers of secure core located in the data centers of Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden that protected by strong security laws.
  • Strong encryptions & protocols- ProtonVPN uses the highest strong encryption. It means your all network would be protected by AES-256, the key exchange would have done with 4096 bit RSA. ProtonVPN also uses strong protocols that are a sign of security. It has IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN so your VPN is connected with protocols.
  • Swiss-based- ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based operated VPN service provider because it based on Switzerland’s strong security laws.
  • Trusted- this is a trusted VPN service provider. Before Proton technology AG has the ProtonMail project and it has two projects ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. The proton team has a long track record in security.
  • Physical security & there is no log policy
  • It has a feature of the kill switch and always-on VPN.
  • High-speed and easy to use VPN in your operating system.
  • DNS leak prevention and Tor support VPN built-in.

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Reason to Trust ProtonVPN

Reason to trust ProtonVPN

Business model

It is a Swiss operated company managed by the Proton technologies AG. Only two businesses are running under the proton technology which is ProtonMail & ProtonVPN. It has only one purpose to provide complete online privacy to it all users.

Legal guarantees

ProtonVPN has been established under Switzerland’s strong online privacy laws. It is because Switzerland based company who has strict right laws and the same strict online privacy laws. All strong laws have been specified under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. It is also a reason to choose the ProtonVPN service.

Legal Guarantee

Community engagement

The only purpose of Proton is to build online privacy to all over the world. It is important to reach out to millions of people that can include big community engagement.

Proven Provenance

We have discussed earlier, two project that held by the Proton technologies AG that is ProtonMail & ProtonVPN. The ProtonMail project had created by the scientist who met at the European organization for nuclear research. The scientific team has the public record in the academic career to its scientific publications.

Open Source & Audited

ProtonVPN has its service to provide open-source applications to your operating system. All the applications of ProtonVPN have an independent security audit.


ProtonVPN company does not hide any kind of status. It shows what it actually and have. You knew that it is a Swiss operated company which has its public record in the Swiss company registrar. It properly disclosed Proton that it is founded in 2014 by the scientist team. Where is the headquarter and how it is operated by whom? These all that company completely disclosed about their technology  & purpose.


ProtonVPN is the most trusted company and regulated under strong online privacy laws. The one & only purpose to power the world to use their operating system with VPN networks. So they can do whatever while on the internet, it keeps secure your all personal data and information from the hackers. You have known the best features of ProtonVPN that provide you secure core, encryption & strong protocols. Every user can connect and easy to use ProtonVPN service because it provides all the user free ProtonVPN. You can securely be browsing anything like your banking account passwords, passport details, and other credentials. ProtonVPN has its upgrade plan to get advanced features.