How to transfer Domain from Godaddy?

You are unsatisfied with Godaddy service or have found a good deal to it’s? Then you will think to move on another host option.  If you are looking to do so, you can transfer your domain from Godaddy.  You have to take some simple steps to move to other host accounts. However, very few times it happened that one wants to go leave of Godaddy service.

The nameservers associated with the domain will remain the same as before when the domain is transferred. There can be an issue if you are using third-party DNS, the domain transfer will not possible.  The cause will be some downtime issues because DNS server settings cannot change during transfer.

Transferring a Godaddy domain to another host

If you have $1 domain registered with Godaddy, you can transfer it to other hosts by taking some simple steps.  But it depends on some point of Godaddy and other hosts.

  • Sign in to your Godaddy account and prepare your domain for transfer. Next to a domain, there will be an option of manage, click on this.
  • Then click the domain that you want to transfer and confirm all contact information listed for the administrator. All queries or information regarding the transfer will be sent to the Administrator’s email address.
  • Select the domain that you are transferring and follow all Godaddy’s instructions to unlock the domain. If your transferred domain is not unlocked, you could not transfer it.
  • To complete your transfer, you will have need of authorization code. Godaddy can take up to 24 hours to generate this code. After generating in between 24 hours Godaddy will email this code. Get this authorization code by following Godaddy’s instructions on selecting a domain from your domains.
  • Begin the transfer process in your new host site’s domains panel. And follow all instructions of the new host for accepted the new domain.

There is some simple step you have to take on Godaddy to transfer a domain. This process may take 24 hours or more.  In this whole task, you have to need to get an authorization code and save it for you’re after using it. Check out the easy steps of how to transfer a website from GoDaddy to Hostgator.

How to accept Godaddy transfer?

Once a transfer request has been placed from Godaddy, you should be able to accept the transfer. And speed up the process with few of simple steps.

  • Firstly login to your account.
  • Then next to the domain find a manage option to click.
  • In the Domain menu select transfers and click on it.
  • Click at pending transfers out and select the domain that was transferred by Godaddy.
  • Click on accept and OK, your request will be processed within a few minutes.

You need to take some steps from domain transferring host and some on accepted host. There will be billing and coupons option also to process. But for transferring domain you have need of authorization code must. This code will require to another host who will accept you domain to host. Godaddy simply approves your request to transfer but takes some time to inspect Godaddy instruction.