UX Writing: a New Black of Website Content Creation

UX writing is exactly what the name suggests. It’s writing, done to enhance the user experience. Imagine shopping at a trendy, online, clothing store for the first time. You find something amazing, and navigate your way through the process of choosing the size and color you want. Finally, you make your purchase.

The content you encounter while doing that is UX writing. It can be dry and boring, e.g. ‘Click submit to complete your order’. It can also be branding focused and engaging, e.g. ‘You’re on your way to looking hot! Click below to get your new gear!’ Major brands including Google and Yahoo are hiring UX writers to improve customer experience.

UX Writing Can Create Better Experiences Than Copywriting

One compelling difference between UX writing and content writing is the timing. Copywriters are often brought in after the designers have done their work. This means their content must be shoehorned into an established design. Most experienced copywriters have experienced having to fit their content into the boxes and spaces left behind by designers.

With UX writing, the content is a part of the design process. This means that the content that is delivered to the user is given priority while screens and interfaces are being designed. This can result in a better user experience overall. After all, UX is about what the user sees and engages with. It only makes sense that content is a part of all of this, not an afterthought.

UX Writing SEO And Content Marketing

Better user experiences lead to improved SEO. UX content can be a major contributing factor to this. Good UX content keeps site visitors engaged. It helps them to understand what they are seeing if they are confused. It helps them walk through whatever process they are completing.

A good UX writer can improve site navigation. They can even increase trust and add credibility to web pages. All of these things improve the metrics that search engines use to rank your pages. These include:

  • Decreased Bounce Rates
  • Longer Time on Page
  • Improved Click-Thru Rates
  • Increased Engagement
  • Increased Video Views
  • More Backlinks
  • More Traffic

Further, because UX writing is part of the design process, there’s a better chance of pages being better organized. This can make pages easier for search engines to crawl and index. This can lead to better rankings, even featured snippets.

Jared Butler, a lead editor for Hot Essay Service says, “When our teams have the opportunity to work directly with designers to pair great content with sophisticated website design, the results are stellar. We regularly see page one, above the fold, results from this combination.”

The UX Writer as Part of The Marketing And Design Teams

 In a sense, UX writers live in two different worlds. Because their work is so closely tied to the user experience, they often work directly with web design and development teams. On the other hand, they also write content that is used to promote products and to boost branding. That keeps them closely tied to marketing teams as well.

Check out this snippet from a job description posted on Indeed.

UX Writing a New Black of Website Content Creation

It’s easy to see that the UX Writer partners with marketing and other teams while also being an integral part of the design team.

Isabella Sullivan, a content manager at Rated by Students, has this to say about the role of UX writers, “UX writers use content to reduce points of friction, first and foremost. They work with designers to identify areas of difficulty. Then, they make things easier. After that, they use the written word to deliver something exceptional. The latter is why UX writers are such an important part of our team.”

Whether a customer wants to:

  • Place an order
  • Learn more about a product
  • Compare prices
  • Find contact information
  • Read a blog post
  • Subscribe to an email newsletter
  • More

Well written content can help them. Even better, a good UX writer can make these tasks enjoyable while also making the brand seem relatable and trustworthy.

Finding a UX Writer

 UX writer isn’t often a job that requires full-time coverage. Businesses often need them when they are developing or redeveloping web pages, during app and software development and design projects, or when they are launching new products.

This makes UX writer an ideal job for outsourcing to qualified service providers. Some of these include Get Good Grade, Indeed, Rewarded Essays, Freelancer, Supreme Dissertations, Upwork, or Flash Essay. If you need UX content translated, there are several companies to consider. Is Accurate provides objective reviews of these services so that you can select the best one.


Businesses use video, infographics, even site speed along with a host of other elements to create great UX. Why ignore content in these efforts? A UX writer could be the perfect addition to your team.

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