Pros And Cons Of Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the free and open-source operating systems that have been developed by Canonical Ltd. You can learn how good is this OS by knowing the detailed pros and cons of ubuntu. This open-source operating system executes upon the Linux distribution and the Unix-like Debian operating system. The company has released three major editions of the Ubuntu operating system and they are as follows:

  1. Ubuntu: The Desktop version
  2. Ubuntu: The Server version
  3. Ubuntu: The Core version

All these versions or the editions of the Ubuntu operating system executes upon personal computers, IoTsservers, or cloud platforms. Nowadays, this operating system is popular for cloud computing.

As we are aware of the fact that nothing is perfect in this whole world and similarly, this free and open-source operating system i.e. Ubuntu pros and cons are too available. So, in this article, we are detailing the major pros and cons associated with the Ubuntu operating system. Let’s have a deeper knowledge about this.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ubuntu Operating System 2024

Advantages of Ubuntu Operating System: The PROS

ubuntu advantages

  1. One of the major advantages of the Ubuntu operating system is that the users can easily download this system for free and it is open-source too. In short, we can say that individuals or organizations can easily own and maintain working computers and they don’t have to pay for software licenses or purchase some external device for the proper execution of the system.
  2. The organizations that have just started their journey into software development will be highly benefited through Ubuntu operating system as these are free and are useful in designing free productivity applications.
  3. The operating system being free can be installed on as many devices to which the users are willing to install it as Windows and Mac computers. Apart from these, the Ubuntu operating system executes the best over network servers, IoT devices, robots, and in the case of emulated or virtualized computer environment, the Ubuntu OS executes through virtual machines or containers.
  4. Even, most of the cloud computing service providers utilize this OS as it supports the OpenStack concept. 
  5. The Ubuntu OS is free and open in source tends to compete with Windows and macOS, and thus, it offers its users an entire desktop computing experience. For an instance, the desktop edition by Ubuntu Operating System is available for its users with office productivity applications i.e. LibreOffice.
  6. The application store being offered by Ubuntu includes a sizeable selection of applications like Mozilla, Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Slack, Skype, VLC player, Spotify, and so on. In short, the application store by Ubuntu has all the popular applications that can be downloaded by users as per their requirements. These are all important points that should be considered while discussing the ubuntu pros and cons
  7. The installation of Ubuntu OS is user-friendly and thus, the users having a basic idea about the computers can easily install and set up this operating system to their system. The company or the maker of the Ubuntu operating system is continuously working and has also improved the overall user interface of the operating system. As a result of improvement, the Ubuntu OS is becoming more user-friendly and popular just the way Mac and Windows OS are.
  8. The users utilizing the Ubuntu operating system on their devices have a higher degree of customization and personalization. This is because Ubuntu executes upon Linux and thus, the users have freedom for customizing their system, especially the desktop environment.
  9. Ubuntu offers the concept of ‘flavors’ that helps the users in customizing the applications and settings of their system as per their need along with the default apps and settings.
  10. While using the default Ubuntu OS, the users do not require any high-end system requirement, just like the Mac and Windows OS required. Simply the basic system requirement for installing the Ubuntu OS are as follows:
  • Hardware Configuration: 700 MHz processor
  • RAM Size: 512 MB
  • Storage Space: 5 GB

Another major advantage of Ubuntu OS is that this operating system can execute from an external storage medium like a solid-state driver or USB flash drive. The execution and working of such Ubuntu OS i.e. live Ubuntu is similar to that of installed Ubuntu. 

Ubuntu being open-source, and thus, for such open-source software, there is an active community that provides its support in fixing and debugging the bugs into the system followed by introducing new updates and features at faster and efficient rates. If you are using any kind of dropbox or are stuck on how to uninstall dropbox from ubuntu then go to this guide. This will help you to get rid of such a situation. 

The needs of the Ubuntu users associated with the troubleshooting and customization are also fulfilled by the same active community.

Disadvantages of Ubuntu Operating System: The CONS

ubuntu disadvantages

  1. The most important and major disadvantage of the Ubuntu operating system is that the users get a limited choice of application for fulfilling their purposes. 
  2. Although the company has offered its software as free along with several applications that can be downloaded for free, the counterparts being offered by Windows and Mac OS are much better as most of the developers are inclined towards designing the applications for Microsoft and Apple due to wider user base.
  3. Even, some of the applications of Microsoft and Apple have their Linux alternatives but these Linux-based applications have a different user interface, functionalities, and features that lack users’ interest.
  4. If a user is fond of games then, Ubuntu is not the correct choice for such game enthusiasts as there are only a few games that can execute upon Linux distribution but, they are not as impressive to gain users’ attention.
  5. Most of the games that can easily execute upon this Ubuntu OS are simple or in short, they lack in the current scenario of games i.e. advanced game-play and impressive graphical experience.
  6. Most of the users of this Linux-based operating system complain about the compatibility issues that the drivers they have installed are not compatible with the operating system and hardware configuration. For an instance, the users complain about the graphical flickering issues that resemble the incompatibility issues associated with the graphic cards.
  7. The users of the Linux-based operating system have agreed to the fact that Ubuntu is not the best Linux distribution as there are many other operating systems in the market like Debian, a Linux-based operating system that has much better customization and stable experience than Ubuntu.


The aforementioned article gives an idea about the points where Ubuntu is not as impressive as this Linux-based operating system needs to be. Hence, the article is all about the pros and cons of ubuntu that a user can face on installing this operating system to their device.

The company that has designed Ubuntu is also working on the disadvantages that users face while using the OS, to give them a better user experience and interface just like Windows and macOS.