$1 Windows Web Hosting – ASP.net Hosting at One dollar

Godaddy brings best deals $1 Window web hosting is also a Great plan of Godaddy like Linux. Godaddy offers a great opportunity for all the users who are looking for the Window web hosting provider. In this article, we can cover all merits and demerits of the $1 window web hosting plan with our personal experience of using this plan and get also $1 ASP.net Web Hosting.

Godaddy dollar one windows web hosting Experience

Godaddy $1 windows web hosting plan is the best money saving package. You can get all the same features of Linux $1 web hosting in the GoDaddy windows web hosting. It’s one of the affordable plans Godaddy.

Asp.net web hosting

Features which you will get in Windows hosting $1

Godaddy covers all the basic and necessary things which are important to run the website.  You will get following amazing features with $1 windows hosting.

  • Free Domain name with the 12 months hosting package.
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 100 GB of Space
  • 1 MSSQL database of 200MB
  • 10 MySQL database with the capacity of 1GB each
  • 50 FTP users

Godaddy one dollar windows web hosting is not just a simple plan it’s a perfect combo to run your all types of website. The most interesting part is you can also use this plan to run your mobile applications. 

1 Windows Web Hosting

Is dollar one windows web hosting is sufficient to plan to run a website?

GoDaddy dollar one web hosting provides all the software & hardware to run a website. We also use this plan for a test to clear all query and help you. It is the best web hosting which all the users can afford in there budget. You can get all the important things in cheap price which make easy to run your website.

Get free domain opportunity with GoDaddy dollar one windows web hosting.

If you can buy GoDaddy windows web hosting for the year which cost is $12. So you will get a free domain name for which you don’t need to pay any extra amount. With a free domain name, you can save up to 10$.

For what kind of users use $1 Windows Web Hosting.

People who want windows feature like .net and asp can go for one dollar windows web hosting. Users and blogger want to start their website with windows technologies they can try once Godaddy Windows Web hosting.

You can run your website on ASP.net with Godaddy windows web hosting

If you want to run an application on asp.net so you need windows web hosting which supports asp programming. $1 ASP.Net web hosting is the best option which we also know as One dollar windows web hosting. Godaddy best web Hosting options to users around the world in $1 Windows web hosting package is the better option for users.

Features do you get with $1 ASP.net Web Hosting?

  • NET 2/3.5/4.5, MVC3, AJAX ASP.NET
  • MS SQL 2014 or MS SQL 2012
  • Windows 2012 R2 and IIS 8.5
  • Microsoft Web Matrix
  • Silverlight 5 or Silverlight 4
  • Microsoft web deploy

Not it easy to run applications and website with Godaddy $1 ASP.net web hosting.