What Is The Nutra Industry?

The Nutra-industry is a product vertical that includes health and beauty products. “Nutra” is an abbreviation for nutraceuticals or dietary supplements (DS). Within this vertical, there are smaller niches that cater to specific areas. These include weight loss products, sports nutrition, beauty and skincare products, vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, and herbal blends. In recent years, this industry has continued to grow due to increased consumer focus on their health and desire to find products that help meet their desire to look good.

When looking at the Nutra vertical in more detail, one can find a suitable direction. The industry covers a wide range of niches aimed at improving overall health. These include:

  • Weight loss. The niche focuses on helping consumers with weight reduction through physical exercises or diets. It also offers products such as fat burners and appetite suppressants.
  • Sports nutrition covers products for athletes that enhance performance and accelerate recovery processes. These include protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, and sports vitamins.
  • Beauty and skincare. This category includes skincare products such as moisturizers, body creams, and facial serums. It also includes makeup products such as foundations, blushes, and cushions.
  • Vitamins and minerals. Products in this category are aimed at helping the human body meet the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Dietary supplements. These are usually used by those who need additional nutrients that cannot be obtained solely from diet. Such supplements contain high concentrations of specific vitamins or minerals that help with certain issues.
  • Herbal remedies have been used throughout human history to address various problems. They are popular today due to their natural ingredients with minimal side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

How To Choose The Best Nutra Offer?

Before choosing the best nutra offer, it is necessary to conduct research. Observe what is currently trending and why it is popular. Some offers may be seasonal, while others convert well in specific geos. For example, tanning products are popular during the summer season, while vitamin supplements are popular in spring and autumn.

In addition to selecting a nutra offer, you should also focus on payment methods during purchase and the resources offered by the advertiser and their nutra affiliate program. Payment methods may vary depending on the specific offer, including direct sales, payment upon receipt, and trial versions (trials). Advertisers provide materials when working with their nutra offers, such as working pre-landers and spy services. Remember to work in a niche where you have expertise. 

Traffic Sources

In recent years, the nutra-industry has seen significant growth as the importance of healthy eating becomes a top priority. There are several popular sources through which companies can generate traffic for their resources, including teaser ads, push notifications, social media, and websites.

Teaser ads are small advertisements designed to pique the interest of potential buyers. They are placed on various resources and can lead to good lead conversion. The cost per click and impression for teaser ads is relatively low. It is more effective to increase conversion by attracting users with clickbait, redirecting them to an intermediate page, and then to the advertiser’s landing page.

Push notifications are personalized pop-up messages from browsers or mobile applications. They can result in good conversion with low costs. Push notifications are more commonly used in dating, but they can also be suitable for nutra products related to weight loss and potency. The advantage of this traffic source is that moderators are not as strict with creative content compared to Facebook algorithms.

Social media. More and more people are searching for information on social media rather than news portals. It makes sense to place ads in thematic groups. Targeted advertising can be effective here, but with cloaking to avoid moderation. Social media can generate higher revenue compared to push notifications.

Websites are the most budget-friendly way to generate leads. This refers to organic search engine optimization. An informational website can be created, for example, about joint problems, and then traffic can be redirected from it to relevant offers. Don’t forget to use doorways – entry pages tailored to each group of keywords. 

Where Nutra Offers Work Best?

Nutra-offers convert best when targeted towards specific regions, especially where there is a high concentration of people interested in the product. For example, if you are selling protein products, you should choose countries where fitness culture and gyms are well developed, as athletes are likely to be your target audience. However, targeting rural regions with such offers may not be cost-effective.

The nutra-offer industry requires market research before selecting a geo, so that your efforts are rewarded with higher sales volumes, rather than wasted due to lack of demand. For example, weight loss products will always be in demand in countries where there is an issue with obesity, such as the USA, Slovakia, Thailand, and India. Men’s health products are a concern for residents of Peru, Algeria, the Philippines, India, and Nepal. In India, hair loss products convert well, while Filipinos are constantly looking for products to combat parasites. Along with it, you can also take a closer look on the The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce SEO Services in which you will learn on the SEO factors for making big e-commerce industry as well.

How To Create A Converting Landing Page?

A landing page is a website page that is specifically designed to collect potential customers or drive sales conversions. Landing pages allow you to direct traffic from your advertising campaigns directly to product pages or checkout pages to increase conversion rates and boost sales revenue. In order for a landing page to be effective, it should elicit an emotional response from a specific segment of the audience. Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

  1. Be persuasive. The focus of the page should be on the benefits for the customer, not just the features of your product. The audience should feel a sense of urgency to take action.
  2. Use visual elements such as images, videos, and infographics. They can be more effective in attracting customers than just text. Make sure the visuals clearly depict what you are offering without overwhelming or distracting from the main message you want to convey to your audience.
  3. Optimize for mobile devices. Nowadays, people often use smartphones more than computers, so make sure your landing page looks good on mobile devices. Test everything to avoid any errors.
  4. Offer various incentives such as discounts or free trials. This can significantly increase conversion rates if done correctly. Consider adding an optimal amount of incentives without overwhelming the page.
  5. Test and constantly review the results. Test different elements of the landing page such as the headline, call-to-action button, and scrolling elements. Also, measure the results before and after making changes to gradually optimize conversion rates based on data obtained from tests.

Payment Models

CPM, which stands for the cost per 1000 ad impressions (cost per mille). It is often paid by nutra advertisers in advertising campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness.

CPC, which is the cost per click on an advertisement. The cost can be fixed or calculated based on a bid.

CPA, which is the cost per user performing a specific conversion action, such as subscription, download, purchase, or registration.

CPV, which is the cost per view of an advertising video. A view is credited to the user after a certain timing. If the video is turned on and off, the view is not credited, and the advertiser does not pay for it.

CPS, which is often used in the nutra industry. This model has a low level of risks, as each sale is tracked. 


Nutra vertical is a category that includes beauty and health products. Within it, there are numerous diverse niches and, accordingly, offers that can bring decent profits. Competition in this vertical is high. However, despite this, even newcomers can start running nutra campaigns, as it is important to adhere to classic approaches and monitor your advertising campaigns. You will need to find specific approaches that will help you stand out from competitors.