Godaddy Website builder Australia A$ 1.99 with the Free Domain name

Godaddy has brought a mind blowing deal for all Australian. Now they will get website builder and package with free domain name for $24. You monthly cost will around $1.99 per month. Now Australian can also build their own online presence in effective cost. These costs are very cheap and affordable for them. They can start only at 1.99 $. Let’s discuss what are the basic Plans will come under the Godaddy Website builder Australia  $1 Australia web hosting.

Plans of Australia web hosting.

There are three plans which come under Australia web hosting. The plans are given below.

  1. Personal
  2. Business
  3. Business Plus

Personal Plan

It is one of the favorite Plans of mine. It starts from $1.99/ Month. Perfect Plan for a Personal website. It is cheapest plan for Australian. Godaddy has given lot of interesting features in this Plan let’s looked what are the basic features of Personal Plan Godaddy Website builder Australia.

Godaddy website builder Australia

  • Free Domain name with annual Plan: – basically, in every plan if it is business or business plus you will get free domain name for annual. But other features are different.
  • 50 Personal Themes: – themes play a great role in the website, it is mandatory that how is your website looking? When peoples get attracted through your website then you will be get a great number of crowd there. So here you will get 50 Personal themes through which you can able to make a tremendous website today.
  • Unlimited Pages, 1GB Disk Space, 150 GB Bandwidth: – Now you will get unlimited pages in this plan. And you will also get 1 GB Disk Space and 150 GB Bandwidth. The bandwidth is also playing the best part in website. Your website look effective when its bandwidth is more and 1Gb Disk Space is also available here.

Business Plan

It is the ideal for small business. This plan is starting from $8.99 for one month. You will get notify here more information about this Plan. It will also include the free domain name for annual. But its features are different then the Personal Plan. Let’s have a look.

  • 300 business and Personal Themes: – we know that it is included heavy cost but you will get lots of amazing features according to its price like you will 300 business and personal themes where you will customize your website design according to your sense. You will also have opportunity to make attractive website for your business.
  • Unlimited Pages, 10 Gb Disk Space, 500 Gb Bandwidth:– here you will get unlimited pages as you are receiving in personal plan, You will get 10 Gb Disk space, and 500 gb bandwidth which is double triple then the personal plan.
  • 5 Business Email Address and Mobile Site: – Godaddy has given 5 business email address in this plan and it is also mobile Friendly.

Business plus Plan

Now we are going to discuss about the last plan of Australia web hosting. It is Business plus Plan for your growing business needs. This plan is starting from the cost of $15.99 for a one month. You can now able to save up to 27% off on this plan by using Australia web hosting Vouchers.  Also get free domain name with annual plan. You will get 300 business and personal themes or unlimited pages.

50 GB Disk Space: – According to the business plan you will get double disk space here. In this pans 50 GB disk space that would be much space for a business dynamic and static website.

1000 GB Bandwidth: – the special is that you will get 1000 GB Bandwidth for your website. That is absolutely great bandwidth for a business web page.

10 business email address and Mobile Site: – get 10 business email address and mobile friendly website at your Home.

Search Engine Optimization: – it is specially build for search engine optimization which is one of the best features people loves. They can optimize their website for search engine.

SSL Certificate Free for One Month: – you will get SSL Certificate free for first month. You can convert your website in HTTPS. It is world’s most secured Protocol on which millions of people believe. It secured you from hackers and data theft.