1&1 web hosting vs. Godaddy $1 hosting Expert Review

We are going to compare two most leading web hosting brand. 1&1 or GoDaddy we are going to share experience about a particular plan. Which is $1 web hosting both companies offer the same plan? But the difference between is the quality of service.  All people know that GoDaddy is a top leading brand which true. Now we are going to tell you about the personal experience of both. We use web hosting of both companies. But GoDaddy web hosting is quite good rather than 1&1. Godaddy provides take low loading time.

Take a look on price and performance of Godaddy or 1&1

We are going to the entire feature with our personal experience.



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Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting service

The price of the plan is almost the same but differentiates which is cheap is difficult because of. Both companies make the different structure of the plan. 1&1 make the pricing table with different way and GoDaddy represent there pricing table with different way

Let take a look on the feature of 1&1 web hosting or Godaddy

Both are offering free domain name with $ 12-year plan, and 100 GB disk storage, 24/7 customer support. But GoDaddy offers unmetered bandwidth which 1&1 one does not mention in there plan. 1&1 one give SSL certificate which GoDaddy does not provide in $1 web hosting plan. Both companies offer pre app installer for software. Like WordPress, PHP, Joomla, and Magento. 1&1 also offer the money back guarantee but GoDaddy cannot give money back guarantee.

If you are judge both companies with feature so you think 1&1 is best. When you are going to personally use hosting service.  So then you release that GoDaddy is much better than 1&1. Godaddy has a value in providing hosting service in the market. People fully trust on GoDaddy service which GoDaddy cannot break. They provide hosting form many years.

Graph of people who are using Godaddy or 1&1 web hosting

Graph of people who are using Godaddy or 1&1 web hostingPerformance of 1&1 and Godaddy web hosting

A work of web hosting company is providing reliable web hosting. Which GoDaddy will do from many years? In dollar one hosting package providing the entire feature which help to website in doing better performance. 1&1 also providing better hosting service but they can’t able to compete with GoDaddy. Godaddy serve hosting from many years before from 1&1.

Customer support

Godaddy and 1&1 both are providing best customer support and solve all the problems of customers. The users of GoDaddy are satisfied with service they have blind trust on Godaddy which cannot be brake. Godaddy provides award-winning customer support.