Building Traction for Your New Blog

With so many CMS platforms to choose from and great deals on hosting services, starting a self-hosted blog is no longer a challenge. You can pick up a hosting account for $1 a month with the discounts available here on Web Hosting One Dollar, plus you can get your site up and running within minutes thanks to WordPress.

The real challenge is attracting traffic to your site, but that too is a challenge that you can solve easily. With the tips and tricks that we are about to discuss in this article, you can build traction for your new blog without a problem.

  • Fill the Site with Content

Promoting a new site immediately isn’t something you want to do. As tempting as jumping straight to marketing the site immediately might be, you have to think about the value you want to deliver to the audience before moving forward with marketing campaigns.

content for site

This means taking the time to fill your new blog with articles and other content. Go beyond the first post and set up several articles for the viewers to read. Ideally, you want to have between 10 to 12 articles or posts when you begin promoting the site.

The quality of your content matters too. You want to be specific and personal. If you are starting a blog about DIY electrical projects, for instance, you can create posts about using Altium stencil layers to create an efficient PCB.

Talk about problems you come across when using Altium Designer and how you solve those problems. Make the article as personal as possible and make sure viewers learn something of value before they finish reading the post.

  • Invest in Ads

Once you have several posts prepared for the audience, it is time to start building a stream of visitors for your site. Organic traffic is great but building an organic audience base takes time. Since the goal is gaining traction early, ads are the tools you want to use.

Advertise your benefits of reading your blog to the right target audience. Make sure you advertise specific posts as well as the whole blog to attract a wider audience. Use visuals and catchy calls to action to convert ad viewers into traffic.

Since you are not actually selling anything, value is the primary message to advertise. Leverage ad networks like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to immediately attract viewers. You will be able to build a stream of visitors early this way.

  • Use Social Media

Speaking of social media advertising networks, make sure you also leverage social media generically while you advertise your new blog. Create profiles and begin sharing content – usually snippets of the longer blog posts – to keep the audience interested.

Be sure to engage the audience as well. Social media platforms are perfect for interacting with the audience directly. The more you engage them, the more likely they will help promote your site to more potential visitors.

The snowball effect will keep your site’s audience base growing. The combination of these three tips can help you build traction early and get your blog to the right audience segments faster.