Why Copywriters Need To Understand SEO?

There isn’t much of a difference between copywriters and bloggers or journalists. But in the digital marketing world writing isn’t just about getting people to read your content. It’s also about optimizing content for search engines. That’s where the importance of SEO comes in.

Copywriters have to adapt their writing style to incorporate elements like targeted keywords and phrases that will positively impact the search engine ranking of their posts.

While every copywriter may not be an SEO specialist it’s important for all copywriters to have a basic understanding of SEO. This can help to boost the visibility of blog posts, adverts and whatever copy you’re working on.

Why SEO Copy writing Is Important

As our world has become more digitized the importance of SEO has grown rapidly. But while some copywriters feel at ease with incorporating SEO into their writing others may find it confusing and pointless.

There are loads of reasons why copywriters should understand and learn SEO. Let’s break down a few of the biggest advantages…

  • Importance of SEO is always on the rise

Visibility is the key to success online. This is why websites strive to achieve the highest search engine visibility possible by optimizing their content. As a writer even if SEO isn’t a required in your current gig, you should take the initiative to learn this valuable skill. It will only help to improve your writing and increase your range of skills in the future.

  • Copywriters are part of the digital marketing team

Copywriters may not be involved in the creation of marketing ideas and campaigns but they are still part of the team. When you’re part of a team everyone in that group needs to be in sync. The most well crafted SEO strategy is bound to hit some major snags if the whole team doesn’t understand the fundamentals of SEO. To avoid unnecessary mishaps employers tend to favor copywriters with some knowledge of how to implement SEO.

  • Copy writing and SEO work to achieve the same goal

When a writer is hired to create website content or blog posts their primary goal is to increase website traffic based on that work. The best way to do this is by incorporating SEO into the work. Therefore it is important for the writer to know how to achieve that goal. Knowing how to increase website traffic is critical skill for copywriters to have. Without it they’re run the risk of being at a disadvantage in their constantly evolving profession.

How To Incorporate SEO Into Your Writing And Still Create Cool Copy

Incorporating SEO into your writing doesn’t have to boring or complicated.Here are a few tips that will make it fun!

  • Choosing A Headline

When deciding what your headline should be, always pick something that doesn’t sound too clinical. You want to create something that’s as original as possible which will drive organic search engine traffic.

  • Use targeted keywords and phrases

You can create the cool content and still check all your SEO requirement boxes by incorporating targeted keywords and phrases into your copy. Creating content around those phrases and keywords will make it less tedious than trying to place them into existing content.

  • Give your topics a unique angel

With so much content available online it would be impossible to write something that no one’s written about before. Search engines rank content based on originality so finding a unique angel for a topic that’s been written about before is the key to getting a good ranking.

  • Streamline your writing

A general rule to follow when writing is to make sure your content isn’t too long. No one likes reading stuff that’s too wordy and overly complicated. So don’t be afraid to streamline your content by shortening your sentences and breaking up the text into paragraphs.

Final Thoughts

The trick to writing good copy that hits all the required SEO markers while creating the best content possible is to keep things simple, write in your own voice and be as authentic as possible.