Why AWS Has the Perfect Solution for Your Business

Over 100K businesses use Amazon Web Services. With 33% of global market shares, AWS is the undisputed leader in cloud computing today. Among their clients are companies like Netflix, GoDaddy, Reddit, and Pinterest. Impressive, right? Even the CIA hired AWS to build their private cloud.

This is testament enough to AWS’s greatness. But let’s talk about what AWS can do for you.

If you run a simple WordPress blog, a shared hosting plan is most likely more than enough. AWS is more suitable for larger enterprises.

If you have something bigger in mind, AWS is probably the thing for you. Here are a few reasons for you to move your infrastructure to AWS’s cloud.

AWS is Convenient

To start, AWS features numerous cloud computing solutions. According to the graphical resource presented below, AWS right now provides over 70 services with more being added each year. With the option to combine services, AWS can be the perfect solution for any business.

To give you an example, EC2 allows users to create virtual servers called “instances”. Instances act like real servers. You can select from a variety of different server types according to storage, computing power, operating system, etc. and can use these instances for anything that a real server can do.

Another aspect that adds convenience is the user interface. AWS’s console looks like a virtual machine. It’s like working on a regular computer. This makes it intuitive and easy to use. Even users with little IT knowledge can quickly get the hang of using AWS.

AWS is Affordable

Hosting data with AWS, in most cases, costs less than investing in your own servers. There are several reasons.

The first is that Amazon has huge data centers. This is a simple matter of size. When maintaining thousands of devices within one building, the relative cost of maintaining a single device is much lower. This brings down the price of renting out resources.

The second thing is scalability. With AWS, you don’t have to sign a contract for a specific amount of storage and computing power. If you need more resources, you can scale them up easily. Likewise, you can scale them down. We’ll explain how this costs less than owning a server.

A server has limitations like any other computer. The problem is, servers rarely have the same workload at all times of the day. There are peak hours when servers get the most traffic and off-peak hours. A server has to handle peak-hour traffic.

Getting a strong server is rarely the problem. The problem is that all those server resources go to waste during off-peak hours. You are not wasting money per se but it is not cost-effective either.

With AWS, however, you only pay for what you spend. You can scale up resources when you get a lot of traffic and then scale them back down during off-peak hours. This makes AWS very cost-effective.

There are also discount rates for reserving resources in advance and consuming a large number of resources. If you manage resources strategically, using AWS can pay off many times over.

AWS is Secure

Finally, there’s security. Just having data centers on different continents makes AWS secure. But that is not all.

AWS has security layers that prevent all kinds of threats. There are measures in place to counteract anything from natural disasters to human interference. Admittedly, AWS had several short outages in the past. None of these were major enough to endanger their reputation.

Thousands of clients still put their trust in Amazon’s servers. If you think you might join them, or if you’d just like to learn more, the infographic below is for you. It contains all the essential facts about AWS.

If you are keen on knowing more such reasons on how AWS can be your right hosting partner for your enterprise, have a look at the graphic with important facts and stats on AWS put together by HostingTribunal, a website that reviews shared, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting providers