What Website Builder Can You Use with Hostinger?

Hostinger not only provides web hosting, domain, SSL but also website builder. When you go online to find the best website builder, you will get many website builders. Here, we are going to discuss Hostinger’s website builder. Yes, Hostinger also provides a free website builder. But a question you might ask yourself what website builder can you use with Hostinger. You will create your website with the help of a Hostinger website builder. you also require web hosting, domain, SSL for complete to get the show on the internet with security. You need to choose the perfect domain name for which purpose you are going to create your website.

What is a website builder?

What is a Website Builder

A website builder is a tool or software that you can use to construct your website. There are many tools to create a website by using a website builder.  A Zyro is also a website builder tool that is most popular to create the website free. People use website builder because it is most simple with many features that are easy to use. If you are not a web developer and beginner, do not know how to create a website. This is the reason, a tool brings for that user who can make a website easily without doing much effort.

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You can use a Zyro website builder with HostingerHostinger E-Commerce Web Hosting

Zyro is a platform to create a website very easily. A user can grow their business with Zyro & making an online store, an e-commerce site with Zyro. This will always support and help you if you have any problem using any features of Zyro. However, all the features have been made in that innovative way, so that every creator can use them.

Features of Zyro

Easily launch your online store with Zyro & start selling your products. You can start it by choosing a template of online store & use the functions of drag & drop to manage the site. It is most important that your website should give better user experience on mobile, desktop, iOS, and other devices. Zyro can give the users a better experience to use the Zyro website. Build your website with Zyro and start to grow your business.

  • Choose free templates for e-commerce, business, portfolio, resume, and others.
  • Build your website in minutes.
  • Customize the website by choosing layout, images, videos, and texts.
  • Get more creative options like color, font type, font size, and widgets.
  • Create a logo by logo maker, generate slogan by using the Al slogan generator.
  • Choose & buy the perfect domain name for your site.

Need to Host the Zyro website?

Well, Zyro is a free platform to create your website but if your business is growing then you will need to host site. There are premium plans that you can buy from the Hostinger to grow the site over the internet. Hostinger provides cheap web hosting plans such as shared, VPS, cloud hosting. If you want to start selling & grow then of course you will need more resources & data to manage your website.

Choose Hostinger Shared hosting plans for small to medium business

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans

To get host your Zyro website, you can choose any Hostinger shared hosting plan with many features. You might know that Shared hosting’s resources, data, bandwidth not enough for if your business need more resources to grow business. Another type of web hosting is VPS web hosting that provides fixed resources & you will have full control over them. VPS server means a virtual private server that is private & dedicated to you.

Single Shared Hosting $0.99/moPremium Shared Hosting $2.89/moBusiness Shared Hosting $3.99/mo
Host 1 websiteHost unlimited websitesHost unlimited websites
24/7/365 customer support24/7/365 customer support24/7/365 customer support
Free SSL certificateFree SSL certificateFree SSL certificate
100 GB BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
1 MySQL databaseUnlimited MySQL databasesUnlimited MySQL databases
2 subdomains100 subdomains100 subdomains
99.9% guarantee of uptime99.9% guarantee of uptime99.9% guarantee of uptime
No backupsWeekly backupsDaily backups
1 E-mailUnlimited E-mail AccountsUnlimited E-mail Accounts
DNS management, Github integration, CloudflareDNS management, Github integration, CloudflareDNS management, Github integration, Cloudflare
1X allocated resources2X allocated resources4X allocated resources

Choose Hostinger VPS hosting for growing your business & more resources

Choose Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

Hostinger provides VPS plans as 1vCPU, 2vCPU, 3vCPU, 4vCPU, 6vCPU, and 8vCPU. On all plans, Hostinger is providing discount use code that is Hostinger VPS Coupon Code to save money.

Buy 1vCPU Hostinger VPS plan at $3.95/mo up to 60% off

  1. 1 Core
  2. 20 GB SSD storage
  3. 1 GB RAM
  4. Dedicated IP & full root access
  5. 24/7/365 Support
  6. 1 TB Bandwidth
  7. IPV4 & IPV6 support
  8. 100 Mb/s Network

Buy 2vCPU Hostinger VPS plan at $8.95/mo up to 55% off

  1. Bandwidth is 2 TB
  2. SSD storage is 40 GB
  3. Full root access & dedicated IP
  4. 2 Cores
  5. 2 GB memory (RAM)
  6. 24/7/365 Support
  7. The support of IPV4 & IPV6
  8. 100 Mb/s Network

Buy 4vCPU Hostinger VPS plan at $15.95/mo up to 68% off

  1. 4 Cores
  2. 4 GB memory (RAM)
  3. 80 GB SSD Storage
  4. 4 TB Bandwidth
  5. Dedicated IP
  6. Full Root Access
  7. IPV4 & IPV6 Support
  8. 100 Mb/s Network
  9. 24/7/365 Support by expert

Hostinger brings an E-commerce web hosting solution, to give a boost to your online store (Zyro)

If you want to get more sales and the number of customer visits to your business website. Hostinger has brought an e-commerce platform that only for guaranteed sales & visitors. These are Magento web hosting, Prestashop web hosting, and Woocommerce web hosting. Hostinger’s Magento hosting do include three cloud plans & Prestashop also included three hosting plans as follows:-

Why choose Prestashop & Magento web hosting

  • Increase performance & conversion rates.
  • Free Domain name
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Make more sales/ sales guaranteed.
  • eCommerce focused
  • SEO friendly
  • 1 click setup and launch your online store
How to using the Zyro website builder in Hostinger?

How to using Zyro Website Builder in Hostinger

Zyro is the most popular website builder tool especially for those who do not have experience of creating a site. If you have a log-in of Hostinger then log-in to your account. Navigate to the hosting account after having your domain name, hosting plans, SSL, and other services.  Hostinger has included the control panel to manage your web hosting account. Go to – Control Panel click on a Website Builder icon. When you will click on a website builder, a Zyro website builder page will open.

A summary would help the beginner how to make a website with Hostinger

If you are a beginner do not worry to create website & how it is going on to the host site. Here, are the few simple & easy steps, just follow them being with Hostinger customer.

  • Select the purpose of building the website.
  • Choose & register domain name Hostinger.
  • Get the web hosting plans, which we have discussed earlier.
  • Choose the platform for creating a website like the Zyro website builder.
  • At last, grow your website, sales & number of visitors.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a domain I already own while creating a website with Zyro Hostinger?

Yes, you can use your already own domain name to creating a site with the Zyro website builder.

How I create a website with a Zyro website builder?

A Zyro has included features innovatively so that every user creates it easily. Visit the Hostinger Zyro website builder, you will land to the Zyro site. Create your account, log-in, and start building your site for e-commerce, online store, and so on.

Use Zyro Website Builder with Hostinger

Is the Zyro website builder good for small business?

Yes, Zyro is the perfect choice for building your website for small and even medium businesses. It is very simple and easy to use the tool, a user does not need to make extra efforts to create. Without wasting your time, your website will be created in minutes. It is discussed throughout this article what website builder you can use with Hostinger.  Yes, this was a Zyro a perfect website builder can easily use with Hostinger.

Is Zyro website builder SEO friendly?

Zyro has been made in that way so that a user does not need to withstand the burden of SEO. Yes, the Zyro website is SEO friendly but you can change the page title, meta, description, tag to boost the SEO  ranking.

Can I build & host a website for free?

Yes, if you want to create a website free then choose Zyro. It provides you themes, free templates to create the website such as e-commerce site, portfolio, resumes, online store, and more. But if you want more advanced features of hosting then you can go with the upgraded plans. Hostinger provides at a discount premium hosting plans. Grab the offers to save money by Hostinger Coupons on buying of premium web hosting plan.