What kind of hosting do I need for my website?

Nowadays, website designing is quite common in the business world as every company either who has been working for years or has just started its journey prefers to display their services and products on it. The inclination of businesses and companies towards the website or webpage development is the major source of attracting the clients and users to adopt or buy their services and products and also add them to their daily lifestyle.

Now, the question of great concern is that ‘how to make the website live’ and ‘what type of web hosting will work the best as per my website’. If you are also looking for such an answer then, you are at the right place. So, in this article, we are going to highlight the major types of web hosting that can be used and also the major elements for making the execution of the website smooth and effective.

Major elements for making a website as live

The below-given information consists of the three major elements for making the website live. The three elements are as follows:

1. Web hosting

Web hosting is defined as the place for storing the files and its providers also offer security, and bandwidth of a server for smooth execution of the website or webpage.

2. Domain name

The domain name is the address for the visitors where they may find your website. The domain name is generally an ‘IP address to which a name has been allotted. This domain name has some prefix as www followed by domain name and this name ends with either of the following:

  1. .net
  2. .com
  3. .org
  4. .in
  5. .au and many more

3.Content on website

The content being displayed or designed over the website is the major factor of attracting the clients or users indulgence with the website.

So, while building up a website, the company implies full concern towards the process of website development and also starts to look for some suitable web hosting options from various service providers. These web hosting looks quite the same and thus, are quite confusing in terms as well. so, to help you out, we are detailing the types of web hosting that can be used by the users for making their websites or webpage live. To get the information regarding the types of web hosting, jump to the next section i.e. Types of Web hosting.

Types of web hosting

There are various crickets in the business of web hosting service providers and they offer numerous types of web hosting to their customers or clients that can be used by them for making their website or webpage live. So, below are the types of web hosting along with their pros and cons. Let’s dig it deeper:

1.Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the basic and most affordable types of web hosting and in this hosting; the company’s website will be live on the same server as the number of websites is live on that particular server. This web hosting is suitable for simple websites as they require storage amount and bandwidth as fractions as the complete server offers.


  • Good and pocket-friendly web hosting in terms of new start-ups.
  • The cost can be divided among various website owners.
  • The upgrading process of a website is easier.


  • The traffic generated over the website is comparatively lower than the actual need to be attained.
  • The security practices are also not effective.
  • The website performance will be much lesser than that offered by the full server.

2. Cloud web hosting

In this type of hosting, numerous connected servers link together to create a ‘cloud’ i.e. the website has no dependency upon a single server. The involvement of severs within the website makes this web hosting much powerful and thus, offers more storage space to the users. Even, if any one of the servers is not working effectively then, the other servers will automatically pick the website i.e. the website will run or execute without getting affected.

The working concept of cloud hosting is familiar to that of cloud technology-based applications like dropbox, Google Drive, and many more. if we compare cloud hosting to shared web hosting then, the following points are the advantages of cloud hosting over shared web hosting:

  1. The cost of cloud hosting is much higher than that of shared hosting.
  2. The scaling of the website becomes easier using the cloud hosting
  3. The loading time of cloud hosting is faster than the shared web hosting irrespective of the number of visitors visiting the website.


  • Availability of features to access the multiple servers.
  • The loading ability of a website becomes very fast when made live on cloud web hosting.
  • The handling of traffic spikes through cloud hosting is much easier than any other.
  • No excessive technical concept is required for website development.


  • Not a good option for the users willing to create a new business website on a tight budget

3. Managed hosting for WordPress

Another type of web hosting is managed web hosting for WordPress provided by the hosting service providers with numerous technical services like hardware setup, software setup, maintenance, configuration, technical support, hardware replacement, updating, and monitoring. In addition to these, the service providers of ‘Managed hosting’ keep a track of daily hardware management, operating system, and standardized applications.


  • The technical assistance to users to design a website using ‘WordPress’.
  • Regularly updating of the core WordPress codes
  • Generates back-ups of the complete website within every 15 days or 30 days
  • Check the intruder’s attack over the website along with malware attack
  • The optimization of website performance for making its execution as fast and secure
  • The staging sites will help the users to check the changes and updates of their websites
  • Expertise support for the WordPress developers using the Managed WordPress hosting at every stage.


  • The price of managed WordPress is somehow more than that of shared hosting.
  • The users willing to add plug-ins to their websites will find difficulty in doing so as the plug-ins are used for adding a feature to the websites.
  • The Managed WordPress hosting services lack the facility of domains and email addresses associated with the website and thus, the users need to depend upon another provider for attaining these features.
  • The Managed WordPress hosting has its indulgence into a single platform i.e. WordPress and thus, the support team has its expertise in WordPress only.

4. Virtual Private Servers

Virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting that resides between the shared and the dedicated web hosting and is ideal for the users willing to keep complete control over the website but not willing to have a dedicated server for their website. The virtual private server hosting is unique and in this, each website is hosted within its separate space on the server but, shares a physical server.


  • This hosting is suitable for websites that have outgrown shared hosting.
  • The storage offered by the VPS hosting is highly customized.
  • These hosting are cost-effective as compared to the shared hosting having control like dedicated hosting.


  • Using the VPS hosting, the traffic handling is quite uneasy i.e. the performance of the websites is affected by the other sites being live on the server.

5. Dedicated servers

The dedicated websites are exactly opposite to the shared web hosting as in this the complete or the whole server is reserved for users’ websites. In such cases, the other websites levy no impact over the security, performance, or disk space factors of an individual website. Zap Hosting dedicated servers perform very well and are capable to provide a boost. The main thing is that this, hosting is currently available at a cheaper rate with Zap hosting Voucher code, so seize your Zap secret code now.


  • Dedicated hosting is suitable for hosting websites where the owner requires complete control over the panel.
  • Dedicated web hosting is suitable for handling a large website.


  • Using the dedicated hosting in the case of a small website will be an over-skilling to the website.


Web hosting is one of the major elements that a company or an individual may require for making their website function properly or effectively when it is made live. The aforementioned article deals with the different types of hosting offered by the web hosting service providers along with their pros and cons. Apart from this, we have enlightened the type of website for which the particular website will suit the most.

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