Ten Reasons Business Software Is Best for Your Start up Business

Business tools don’t have to just be for high-scaled businesses. Your startup can take advantage of these tools as well. You may be thinking, why do I need these tools? Well here are the top ten reasons why business software can help your startup.

1.) Keeping Track of Employees, Projects, and More

There are many software companies that make it easy for business owners to track everything from their employee’s hours, workflow and even keeping track of projects and managing them in real-time. ie. Trello and Basecamp.

2.) Teaching and Courses

If your startup is to train, teach or mentor your clients there are websites and software that can help you create your courses, automate them and deliver them all professionally. ie. teachable.com and udemy.com

3.) Communication

Staying in touch with your clients and employees is important. There are options for you to chat in real time with all of them to ensure your business runs smoothly. Most of this software can be used on your phone and desktop so you are always in the know. ie. Slack, Skype, and Google Hangouts Additionally, you will want to have a reliable phone system for your business and there are many affordable monthly options that offer a virtual phone number without the cost of bulky equipment and maintenance fees.

4.) Payment Tools

You can use tools both at your office and on the go that will allow you to send and receive payments instantaneously. Some even allow you to invoice your customers right on the spot. All of these can be linked up to your bank accounts. ie. Paypal, Venmo, and Square.

5.) Invoicing, Taxes, and Expenses

When starting your business it’s best to start with best practices. Separate all of your personal and business accounts which will help you in keeping track of your expenses and taxes. Luckily there are some top software companies that have been doing this for a long time now. All of these companies make it easy to keep track of this info and you can use it on your smartphone or desktop. ie. Quickbooks and FreshBooks.

6.) Marketing

The less you can do in your everyday to distract you from running your business the better. With marketing, you can now easily keep track of marketing campaigns and have it run automatically 24/7. All you need to do is set it up, turn it on and its go time. ie. MailChimp automation, Google Adwords, and HubSpot.

7.)  Learning and Growing

As the founder of your startup, you need to stay sharp. You can never stop growing and you always need to be adjusting your business. Luckily websites now make it super easy to learn online with short and longer classes. Some of which you can get a certificate of completion and can always go back to rewatch. ie. Udemy, EDx, and Clarity.fm

8.) Mobile Business

From payments to invoicing, signing documents, and just about everything else, there are mobile apps out that can take care of all of these tasks for you. Once you learn how to use these tools, your business will run smoother. ie. Paypal, DocuSign, etc.

9.) Software to make automated money

Make money fast while you sleep. The internet has made it possible for software companies to make it work for you while you sleep. Once you set up the process of how your software will run, it’s just a matter of exposure and then it works for you automatically. ie. ClickFunnels

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10.) Document management

You will be able to send and store documents much easier back and forth using online cloud services. There are many paid and free options to do just that. It will make you feel safe about the everyday documents you need. ie. Dropbox, and Google Drive.