A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right VoIP Phone System

A right VoIP phone number has all the power to integrate success for a business.   Starting from cost reduction to better customer satisfaction, it renders its service in all dimensions.  After implementation of its mighty aid, a small scale business can easily witness 50-70% reduction in the operational cost.

However, it can be achieved only if you buy local phone numbers that meet your business needs by all means.   To ensure this, there are certain buying protocols that need to be taken care without fail.

Here is our comprehensive guide that one should refer before making the final purchase of South Africa phone number:

Know the options you have

Do you know what sort of VoIP phone number systems you require?

Knowing the basic differences between the different VoIP options is another major step that many businesses take when it is out for a VoIP-hunting.  In general, there are three sorts of VoIP options: Hosted VoIP, Private VoIP, and Cloud-based VoIP system

Hosted VoIP is basically an inexpensive communication arrangement where the virtual phone number provider will host all the components of VoIP systems like routers, VoIP equipment, and services.   You will be charged as per the external calling time only and you need to pay the one-time installation fee.  This option demands low upfront cost but can add up monthly calling expenses.

On the other hand, private VoIP is mainly an all-inclusive VoIP system wherein the company by its own VoIP hardware and software.  With this option, your external calls will be regulated with SIP or session initiation protocol that will directly route your calls to the web.  It demands high upfront cost but reduces monthly calling expenses by a great extent.

Cloud-based VoIP system is one of the most preferred VoIP systems that demand no installation and no maintenance. All you need to have a phone and a South Africa phone number. That’s it.  It is simple, quick, and cost-effective. That is why most of the small businesses pick a cloud VoIP system over any other option.

Understand your business need

Do you require a virtual phone number or a toll-free number?

Are you going to make international calls from your virtual number as well?

Once you know what option you have, ask all these questions to yourself before choosing upon the VoIP for your business. These questions will help you to know the exact requirements of your business. Not all businesses are the same so are their requirements. Depending upon the nature of your business and offerings of the VoIP system, you can choose between hosted and cloud-based VoIP. Buying a South Africa phone number with 0800 code as per the business need helps a business to save big bucks on operational cost and efforts.

If you are a small scale business then buying a virtual local phone number is the best option instead of the VoIP system.  The VoIP phone system is the best bet for businesses that work on a global platform. Same is applicable to call center software.

Cloud-based VoIP is useful for small-scale businesses as it demands negligible initial investment and no maintenance. While hosted VoIP is the best bet for big enterprises as they can easily afford the hosting cost.

Know all the hidden cost in prior

Though implementing the mighty aid of VoIP is easy and quick, there are some of the hidden costs as well. If you want to make most out of your VoIP understanding the hidden costs before your buy local phone numbers are highly needed. Connection fee, taxes on call charges, the incremental cost of security, data connection cost and E911 fees are some of the added expenses that are associated with the VoIP system.  You need to check them as well before deciding upon the final VoIP service provider.

Check out the features

Just as not all the fingers are same, not all the VoIP systems are the same. Some offer limited features like call forwarding and recording only while other goes an extra mile with their bundle of features.  When you are out for your VoIP trail, it is important to look out for the features.

Features like call recording, call forwarding, call queuing, call analytics, call barring, and IVR is some of the features that can’t be ignored at any cost. Pick the one VoIP service provider that offers this feature at a minimum as these features are required to streamline communication process at your end.

Pick nothing but best

There are many VoIP service providers in the market and none claims to be ordinary. With such abundant options right in front of you, deciding upon one is indeed a tough nut to crack. While you are deciding upon your VoIP phone number system, it is important to rely upon nothing but best. Don’t blindly believe on the claims made by the company. Do your own market research.  You should see how old the company is, in how many countries it is offering virtual phone numbers and so on before making the final decision.

Whether you choose the VoIP for your business or buy local phone numbers, it is indeed an intelligent move. However, to ripe the real benefits of this decision, it is important that you chose the best one. So, pat attention on these key points and then make the final purchase.