Protonvpn vs Purevpn:- Comparison Between the Best VPN Service Provider

When users want to use the service VPN then choosing the best one is a very tough job. Or when a user has to select one of the best between the two best firms then this one is the toughest task. So when compare ProtonVPN VS PureVPN the best firm in the VPN market slant a maximum number of users recommend the services of ProtonVPN.

There are many reasons behind the recommendation of the ProtonVPN. So if you desire to choose the best VPN service between ProtonVPN & PureVPN then you can choose it with the help of this read.

In this read, you can easily compare the features, prices, and other all the aspects that a buyer needs to compare while selecting the best one from ProtonVPN & PureVPN.

Both ProtonVPN and PureVPN are an excellent choice for all buyers. But still, the user opts for the best. So let’s compare both through the read of ProtonVPN Vs PureVPN.

Highlight Of ProtonVPN Vs PureVPN



ProtonVPN is one of the powerful VPN service providers in the market. The ProtonVPN is enabled you to enjoy high speed, excellent performance, and maximum security & privacy. In its services, you will get the best feature that helps you in browsing over the internet anonymously.

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PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers. It highly offers the best speed, maximum uptime, reliability & performance. In its services, you will get the best support that makes your internet surfing safe & secure.

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Both firm are well-known firms in the market and have several features that will help many users to browse over the internet. In the services of ProtoVPN & PureVPN, a user will get maximum features to make your privacy more private & secure.

ProtonVPN Vs PureVPN higlights

ProtonVPN was founded on May 16, 2014, in Geneva, Switzerland. The headquarters of ProtonVPN is established in Geneva, Switzerland.


PureVPN is HongKong Based firm founded in 2007. The firm has built a very good reputation among its users in this long year run.

Price Comparision Of ProtonVPN & PureVPN

ProtonVPN Vs PureVPN Prices



The services of ProtonVPN are very reasonable for many of the users. In minimum cost, you can own the plan of ProtonVPN.

·        Monthly Plan- $5/mo*

·        Annual Plan cost- $4/mo*

They also offer an amazing ProtonVPN discount code on its plan to make its purchases more budget-friendly for users. You can also check ProtonVPN Basic & Plus Plan Comparison.

PureVPN is best for users but this one is a little bit expensive too.  The services of PureVPN cost:-

·        1 Month Plan- $10.95/mo*

·        1 year Plan- $5.81

The services of PureVPN is expensive as compared to its competitor.

ProtonVPN is the winner in this price comparison. The services of ProtonVPN is reasonable as compared to the PureVPN.

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Do They offer Free Services to its users?

ProtonVPN Free Service

If you want to use the services free of cost then ProtonVPN is the winner because they offer free services to ist user. With 1 click installation feature, you can install ProtonVPN free of cost with limited features & servers. This one is the best feature for all those users who cannot afford VPN services. Because they believe that online privacy is a fundamental right of human so they offer the best services to its users. So they offer Free services to all VPN users.

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Comparison Of ProtonVPN & PureVPN Features

ProtonVPN Vs PureVPN features




Number of servers1100+ Servers(Couple of them are free)More than 750+ Servers
Number of Countries51+140+
ProtocolsOpenVPN, IKEV2OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2
Simultaneous ConnectionUp to 10 in Visionary plan & 1 in free Plan5 Connections
EncryptionAES-256; RSA-2048 key exchange; HMAC with SHA-256 authentication256-bit Data Encryption
Logs PolicyNo Logs PolicyNo Traffic Logs, few connection logs
Kill SwitchAvailableYes
DNS Leak ProtectionYesNo
Torrenting AllowedYesYes
Torrenting ServersYesNo
Supported Devices


·        WINDOWS

·        OS X

·        LINUX

·        ANDROID

·        IOS


·        WINDOWS

·        OS X

·        LINUX

·        ANDROID

·        IOS

·        XBOX

·        Router

The features of both the firm are very well but still from my side ProtonVPN carries the best features as compared to the PureVPN. The features of this software are very well designed as per the need of users. Choose the best plan, features, and services and become a surfing shark with great protection.

What are the pros & cons of ProtonVPN & PureVPN?

Pros & Cons Of ProtonVPN & PureVPN




·        No Logs

·        Swiss Based

·        Great Free Services

·        Affordable paid services


·        Not working in china

·        The free plan is slow sometimes


·        Fast Streaming Speed

·        Torrent Support

·        Complete Privacy

·        Good Security


·        Speed is disappointing

·        Not available in maximum countries

Conclusion:- ProtonVPN VS PureVPN

After comparison, we find that ProtonVPN is the best firm as compared to the PureVPN. The prices, features, and all the requirements are enough in the ProtonVPN. The services of ProtonVPN is easy to use and affordable to get. ProtonVPN is the winner in this ProtonVPN vs PureVPN battle. So now the choice is yours which platform do you want to buy or use to make browsing more secure & strong.