Kaspersky Review 2024: Which Kaspersky product is best for you?

Get the power to protect your family from all the different cyberattacks with Kaspersky products. Kaspersky Lab offers a wide range of Kaspersky products that helps you to stay safe every moment when you are using your device. Also, these products are available for different popular platforms like Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android devices. Where other antivirus manufacturing companies do not offer you a free trial, Kaspersky gives 30 days free trials on its 3 popular products which are Anti-virus, Internet Security, and Total Security. But which Kaspersky product is best and offers higher security between three is the main question. All those products are amazing, affordable, offer advanced security, and best for different types of users. That’s why we made a Kaspersky 2024 review that will elaborate on all these things and disclose the best Kaspersky product for you.

Kaspersky 2024 Review: All Products, and Features

kaspersky product review

Kaspersky Lab products block all the latest viruses, ransomware, spyware, crypto locker, and stop cryptocurrency mining malware from damaging your PC’s performance. The products deliver real-time anti-virus protection to the users so you will be safe while using the device. All these features are not available in all the Kaspersky products and you definitely know what features you will get in which plan. Here is the complete list of features that users will get in Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security.

Kaspersky Anti-virus

Kaspersky antivirus is basically the basic and starter product of the Kaspersky Lab. This product offers all the basic security features to the users that is very important for the security purpose. Kaspersky Antivirus occupies some core security feature too and here are some of them:

Unmatched Security

Do you want to defend your device against viruses, ransomware, and more deadly attacks then Kaspersky Antivirus is perfect for you. The software is capable to handle all the common attacks performed by hackers and secure your device data.

Higher Performance

If you have used an antivirus before, maybe you have noticed that while using an antivirus a device performance gets lower. Low device performance could put you in serious trouble if you are doing some important work. Kaspersky Antivirus offers higher device performance to the users and prevents a device from lagging and freezing. You can enjoy high-performance antivirus service while using the Kaspersky antivirus.


Kaspersky Antivirus is very easy to set up and also the use of the software is not difficult at all. When you choose the Kaspersky anti-virus, you get a simple and effective dashboard that makes things easy. With the help of a simple dashboard, you can run an instant scan of your device and more other things without any trouble.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky internet security is an upgraded version of Kaspersky antivirus and offers more security features to the users that you do not get in the previous version. These features increase the protection level of a device and make your device more secure. Always do remember that if you need some more advanced features than Kaspersky antivirus but budget is low then Kaspersky internet security is the best choice. This product of Kaspersky offers includes all features of Kaspersky anti-virus and offer higher security features and here are all of them.

Different Device Support

When you choose Kaspersky Internet security, you get protection on different devices that are currently popular in the market. Kaspersky Internet Security gives protection to PC, Mac, Android, and some more devices. You can try any product combination that you want to protect with Kaspersky internet security. 

Endless Privacy

Many users who want to purchase the antivirus, mainly focused to secure the device from online attacks. But Maintaining the privacy of the user is also very important that many users do not care about. Kaspersky Internet Security offers endless privacy to the users and blocks webcam hijack, browser tracing, and phishing so the anonymity of the users will maintain perfectly.

Secure Money

Everyone knows that the internet made everything very easy and you can do many activities while staying at home. You can do shopping, book flights, learn courses, and many more activities easily. But this situation gives birth to the many cyber-attacks and defending against such online attacks becomes necessary. Kaspersky gives highly encrypted browser protection to the users that protects all the online transactions of the users on both Mac & PC.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is the ultimate plan of Kaspersky Lab products and gives much beneficial security to the users. Also, this plan of Kaspersky gives all the benefits of Kaspersky anti-virus and Kaspersky Internet security. Kaspersky Total Security is perfect for that user who wants to secure its device and useful data both online and offline. Here are some more features that you will get after buying the Kaspersky Total Security.

Safe Kid

Everyone knows that the internet is no more secure unlike before and this applies for your kids too(if you have any). Kids are not well educated about all cyberattacks and all the internet laws like us. Also, kids mind gets easily distracted by the other things and they could move to the wrong path. That’s why you have to keep an eye on all the internet activities of your kids. Kaspersky total security offers a safe kid feature to the users that blocks all the bad content over the internet, prevents GPS trackers, and also blocks suspicious websites on the device.

Password Manager

Secure passwords are very important nowadays to protect your online identity and data from hackers. But while making a secure and strong password, normally we make an extremely strong password that is hard to remember. In this situation, the password manager feature proves very helpful. It manages and stores all your passwords and syncs them to make easy access to your different devices. 

File Protection

Apart from the online data, our local devices also store many important data that needs higher security. Nowadays there are many cyberattacks exists that can easily steal, remove, or modify your device data once they gain control over it. To handle this situation, you should use Kaspersky Total security that offers file protection features to you. With this feature, you can easily backup all your important data, your personal files, images, videos, and more.

Which Kaspersky product is best for you is not an issue anymore after discussing all the important features. If you want simple and effective protection that Kaspersky Anti-virus is best for you. But if you need some more online advance protection then choosing the Kaspersky Internet security is a  better choice. For those users who use the internet daily for multi purposes and demands for both offline and online security then Kaspersky Total Security is best.

Kaspersky 2024 Review: Plans and Pricing

Which Kaspersky product is best

After discussing all the features of Kaspersky’s security products we will explore all the plans of Kaspersky products in this Kaspersky 2024 review. This Kaspersky product plan comparison will help you to choose the right product that you need. Here are all the available plans of all the three products of Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This product of Kaspersky is essential antivirus for widows that prevent viruses to spread on your device. If we talk about the pricing then it is the most affordable security product of Kaspersky company and starts with the lowest price of $29.99/ per year. Let’s find out all the different plans that come under this Kaspersky product.

  • 3 PCs for 1 Year $29.99/per year
  • 3 PCs for 2 Years $59.99/per year
  • 3 PCs for 3 Years $89.99/per year
  • 5 PCs for 1 Year $39.99/per year
  • 5 PCs for 2 Years $79.99/per year
  • 5 PCs for 3 Years $119.99/per year
  • 10 PCs for 1 Year $64.99/per year
  • 10 PCs for 2 Years $129.99/per year
  • 10 PCs for 3 Years $194.99/per year

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security offers more security features if we compared it to the Kaspersky Anti-virus product. But the price of the products also a little bit costly and you have to pay a minimum amount of $39.99/ per year to avail of this amazing product. Here’s the complete pricing chart of Kaspersky Internet security and the duration.

  • 3 Devices for 1 Year $39.99/per year
  • 3 Devices for 2 Years $79.99/per year
  • 3 Devices for 3 Years $119.99/per year
  • 5 Devices for 1 Year $44.99/per year
  • 5 Devices for 2 Years $89.99/per year
  • 5 Devices for 3 Years $134.99/per year
  • 10 Devices for 1 Year $69.99/per year
  • 10 Devices for 2 Years $139.99/per year
  • 10 Devices for 3 Years $209.99/per year

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total security not only offers the highest possible security that can offer by an antivirus company but also a little bit costlier compared to Kaspersky Internet security. But this plan of Kaspersky comes with a special feature in which you can make 2 user account and one of them can use a safe kid feature. Here are the complete plans and pricing of Kaspersky’s total security that you just need to watch.

  • 3 Devices for 1 Year $44.99/per year
  • 3 Devices for 2 Years $89.99/per year
  • 3 Devices for 3 Years $134.99/per year
  • 5 Devices for 1 Year $49.99/per year
  • 5 Devices for 2 Years $99.99/per year
  • 5 Devices for 3 Years $1449.99/per year
  • 10 Devices for 1 Year $74.99/per year
  • 10 Devices for 2 Years $149.99/per year
  • 10 Devices for 3 Years $224.99/per year

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In this Kaspersky 2024 review, we discussed all the available features, pricing, and plans of products and get to know that Total Security of Kaspersky product is best for you. But situation changed when you only need basic protection and do not want to spend higher bucks. For this Kaspersky Antivirus is a wise option and if you need basic protection plus internet security features then Kaspersky Internet security is good for you.