IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities 2023 | Which TuneUP Software Is Better?

Choosing the best device optimizer is very crucial as any wrong decision can lead to severe vulnerabilities. Today we are going to do a head-to-head comparison between IObit Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities to find which one out of them you should opt for. For doing this comparison, we will compare the various aspects including features, price, pros, cons, etc.

About IObit Advanced SystemCare And Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is one of the oldest PC tuneup software and was developed by the tech giant Glary Soft. It is capable of doing various tasks including junk removal, registry cleaning, auto-maintenance, etc. You can use it on PCs having any kind of Windows OS.

On the other hand, IObit advanced SystemCare is also one of the oldest PC tuneup software and is offering its services for more than a decade. By using it, you can improve the performance of your Windows device to a great extent.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities: Comparing The Various Features

Now, let’s compare the various aspects of Glary Utilities vs Advanced SystemCare in order to find which software out of them is worth buying.

Easy Of Use

It is very easy to start working with both IObit Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities. You can simply download them from their websites and can set them up in just a few minutes.

IObit Advanced SystemCare comes with an easy-to-use interface with all the essential tools available at the main dashboard. For finding more tools you can simply navigate through the left sidebar.

The interface of Glary Utilities is outdated yet easy to use. The heath of your device is displayed on the main dashboard. At the right sidebar, you will find more options and tools. If you ever feel stuck, you can also take the help of the Help More button available at the bottom.

Junk Cleaning

Advanced SystemCare offers a junk cleaner to its users. This tool deeply scans the various parts of your device to find the junk files. Once the scan is complete, it displays the various junk files and asks permission of cleaning them.

Glary Utilities also comes with a junk cleaning tool that can identify and remove the caches, temporary files, etc. Apart from this, it can also identify the rarely used files and can also help you in getting rid of the bloatware.

Defragmentation Of Disks

With time, the hard disks of a device become clutter and fragmented. IObit Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utility, both offer disk optimizing tools to their users. These tools will scan the hard disks and various disk paths of your device. Once the scan is completed, it will defrag the various segments of the hard disks and will also remove the clutterings.

Registry Optimization

Between IObit Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities, choosing Glary Utilities is worth it. Glary Utilities through scans the various segments of the registry of the device in order to find the file cluttering or files with a broken path. Once the scan is complete, it thoroughly optimizes the registry.

Glary Utilities vs IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare also comes with a registry optimizer. However, its registry optimizer is not that efficient as the Glary Utilities, and using it may also lead to some serious problems.

Device Performance

It is obvious using third-party software will definitely impact the performance of your device. However, using Glary Utilities impacts your device only a bit and also improves device boot time and app startup.

Using IObit Advanced SystemCare also not impacts the performance of your device a lot. However, IObit also doesn’t improve the boot time or app startup time a lot.

Privacy Protection

In terms of privacy, Advanced SystemCare offers much better tools than Glary Utilities. Advanced SystemCare provides privacy tools and blocks untrusted websites for you. Apart from this, it also cleans your online traces so that no one can track your browsing history.

Glary Utilities also provides some privacy-oriented tools to its users. However, its tools are not as powerful as the tools of the Glary Utilities.


Glary Utilities also provides an auto-maintenance tool to its users. This tool automatically keeps a check on the health of your device. Apart from this it also automatically updates the apps to their available version. It also informs you if it finds any major issue in your device.

With IObit Advanced SystemCare, you are not provided with any such kind of tool.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities: User Support

IObit provides great support to its users and guides its users to the desired results. It has well-written blogs and FAQs that you can read for solving minor issues. However, for getting technical assistance, you can contact its support team either through ticket-based support mail.

Glary Utilities also provides the same kind of support and you can get resolutions through its knowledge base, email, and ticket-based support.

Price Comparison Of Glary Utilities Vs IObit Advanced SystemCare

The pricing of both Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities is quite similar. IObit Advanced SystemCare provides two paid plans that are:

Plan 1Plan 2
1 PC3 PC
Tuneup ToolsTuneup Tools
Privacy Tools
$16.77 per year$19.99 per year


On the other hand, Glary Utilities only offers one paid plan to its users. The pricing of this plan is $19.97 for each year. With this plan, you can secure up to 3 devices.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities: Conclusion

Through this detailed Glary Utilities vs IObit Advanced SystemCare comparison, we analyzed the various aspects of these two software programs. In most of the areas, Glary Utilities performed better. It also optimized the heath of PC better than Advanced SystemCare. So, going with Glary Utilities can be a great choice as it provides the best value for money.

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