How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO & How to Choose the Right One

The new technology has seen most consumers taking online to find information about a product or service before they can buy or subscribe to it. Mostly, they rely on the information they get online to make their final decision. As a business person who is awake to this purchasing behavior trend among consumers, operating a website for your business is inevitable.

Businesses, both large and small, understand the importance of having a website. For a website to be termed as an excellent one, there are many features that it needs to meet. These again boils down to the web host company they choose for the site. Ideally, an excellent website needs to be functional, easy to use, have relevant content, has to be modern, and also should be optimized. In line with that, this website needs to be responsive, have a fast loading speed, which is not more than 2 seconds to load; it should be reliable, scalable, and secure.

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is the practice of allowing individuals and organizations to post a webpage or website on the internet. A hosting provider, also known as a web host provides their clients with the technologies as well as services for the webpage or site to be viewed online. The provider stores the websites on special servers. Each time a client wants to access the site, they only need to key in the web address, also known as the domain in their browsers.

A good web hosting company will ensure optimal uptime for your site; thus, your customers will find you whenever they need your services. They will also offer you any extra services that are vital for your company in the future. These services comprise of tools for web analysis, VPS hosting, VPS windows, domain names, and content management. All these affect your page ranking.

How Web Hosting Affect SEO

Before we delve into the impact of a web hosting service on SEO, it’s vital first to understand what the abbreviation SEO stands for. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process by which your site is optimized to get un-paid or organic traffic from the search engine result pages. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others scan and crawl various websites to understand what those sites are about. Sites with the best SEO will rank on the first result pages of search engines.

Three Ways How Web Hosting Affects SEO

1. Lows Ranking – Data Loss

Sites are always vulnerable to frequent disasters such as hacks, data loss that is unintended, and much more. Having some form of a system back up is inevitable if you are to protect your site ranking due to data loss. Only a reliable host has this in place and will help you recover from the instances mentioned above.

2. Page Loading Time

When your site loads faster, the better it will rank on search engines. If your host is slow loading, your users will have poor experience as they will be sitting behind their blank screen waiting for it to load. This won’t happen for long before they click on your competitor site to get what they want. In return, your SEO rankings will be harmed.

3. Shared hosting with spammers

Although this case is rare, it is a possible factor that can hurt your sites ranking on search engines. It happens especially when you are using a shared hosting service. Check who you are sharing the same server with by entering your site’s URL on various domain Checkers.

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Service

a) Features

Before settling on any web hosting provider, first, find out what feature they are offering. What tools are on offer? Do they offer VPS hosting? What about VPS windows? Ask whether the provider uses cPanel for one-click selected software or installations. Find out how much storage h storage space and bandwidth is o offer. Also, know how many domains they can host you on one account.

b) Security

Any business needs to have higher security standards, but some businesses demand more than others. So ensure that the hosting company of choice meets these standards and that they have in place a system backup to prevent data loss and thus rank loss. Your hosting company should be able to protect your website as well as your server.

There are many more factors to consider when choosing the right web hosting service besides these, such as their area of specialization, whether they have a content management system or thy utilize an SEO agency, their server locations, packages on offer and much more. Well, all these factors have a direct or indirect relationship to your sites SEO. Choose wisely, and you will realize improved page ranking.