How to Use ProtonVPN Free?

ProtonVPN offers free ProtonVPN with an aim to provides online security to every user. ProtonVPN was founded in 2014 by a scientist team at the CERN. The developer is Proton Technology AG, and it held before the ProtonMail project. But in 2014 Proton developer was held ProtonVPN project to provide online privacy to all users. In this article, you will get to know that how to use ProtonVPN free. It is the best VPN service provider and provides benefits with its production of over 20 million users. VPN is most helpful to get privacy while you do the online activity. So before let us know what is VPN and why use a VPN.

What is a VPN?

What is VPN

VPN is a virtual private network, a software that is downloaded in your operating system. Many service providers provide VPN software. ProtonVPN is one of them.  ProtonVPN service provider provides its best VPN service even free so that every user can protect their online privacy. If you want to protect your personal information that can be your banking details, passwords, passport, etc. You should use ProtonVPN free or package plan to get advanced features.

Why ProtonVPN is Best For User?

Why use a VPN?

You should use  a VPN because of the following reasons:

  • You can browse the web securely when you connected to public wifi.
  • Watch streaming videos safely using the VPN.
  • Protect online privacy from the attackers.
  • VPN can automatically encrypt everything.
  • Enjoy a private and secure voice chat.
  • It keeps your sensitive information safe.

You have known what is VPN and why you should use a VPN. For using a VPN, you can use choose ProtonVPN service to get online privacy. ProtonVPN includes many features in their VPN software, it offers free ProtonVPN as well as paid ProtonVPN.

Protect your Online Privacy with a free ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN provides you online privacy if you use free ProtonVPN. It keeps safe your all kind of sensitive details that you never want to show others. ProtonVPN provides free VPN because it has set a mission to provides online security to every user.

Features of Free ProtonVPN

Features of Free ProtonVPN

  • It is secure, reliable, and easy to use VPN.
  • It has no data or speed limits.
  • No advertisements.
  • It does not log your online activity.
  • ProtonVPN applications are protected by Swiss privacy laws.
  • Connect only 1 device.
  • It has access to up to 3 countries.

If you want to access more and advance features you upgrade from Free ProtonVPN to paid plans. Two ProtonVPN plans are having the best-advanced features.

ProtonVPN Plus ($8/mo) save up to 34% on a 2-year plan

  • All countries are connected to the VPN server.
  • Connect up to 5 devices.
  • Speed is the highest.
  • P2P support.
  • Plus server.
  • Secure Core.
  • Top servers.
  • Secure streaming.

Is ProtonVPN is Trustworthy

ProtonVPN Visionary ($24/mo) Save up to 20% on 1-year annual plan & up to 34% on 2-year plan

  • All countries are connected to the VPN server.
  • Connect up to 10 devices.
  • Speed is the highest.
  • P2P support.
  • Plus server.
  • Secure Core.
  • Top servers.
  • Secure streaming.
  • ProtonMail Visionary Included.

ProtonVPN provides free VPN to its all users but if you want advanced features to get extra security features. So you can upgrade your free plan into ProtonVPN Plus or ProtonVPN Visionary Plan. If you want a VPN for streaming or a VPN for Netflix, to get the privacy you should have upgraded the ProtonVPN plan. ProtonVPN is also listed as the best VPN for mobile legends.

VPN for streaming/ VPN for Netflix

ProtonVPN for Netflix

You will VPN for streaming/Netflix only if you have an upgraded plan of ProtonVPN. Connecting to a server in which country depends on which streaming services you watching. Streaming services that a user watches can be accessed Disney+, access Amazon prime video, access Netflix, etc. ProtonVPN provides VPN for the Netflix users that is very popular among the young youth to watch videos. To watch Netflix securely connect with the ProtonVPN server and take a subscription on Netflix if you do not have it.

How can you save money on buying of ProtonVPN upgraded plans?

ProtonVPN Coupons

On your free VPN plan, you will this exactly free, it means at $0/mo. The price of paid ProtonVPN plans we have discussed above. But if you want to get a discount on the ProtonVPN plan so uses the ProtonVPN Promo Code to save your money. You will get a discount on a 2-year plan basis or if you choose a 1-year plan so a 1-year plan basis.

How to use ProtonVPN free in your operating device?

You can use free ProtonVPN in any operating system you use. Such as for window, android, mac, iOS, Linux, even for routers. Download free ProtonVPN from the google play, app store, or directly from the To get used in your operating device:-

  1. Create your free ProtonVPN account
  2. Go to the “download” & select your device like a window, Android, and others.
  3. Tap on Download, then it will starting to download.
  4. Click on “yes” to allow this app in your device.
  5. Click on “Next” on the setup wizard.
  6. Install” to get installing in your device.
  7. Select your “installation folder” then click on “Next”.
  8. Click on “Run” to complete your installation process.

Now, your free ProtonVPN has been downloaded in your device. You can edit your profiles, connect with countries to get a VPN server. Allow the features that you will get in your free ProtonVPN. You can change the setting of your ProtonVPN account, create & manage profiles, about your profile, update, report bug, etc. In the pricing, you will get three plans that one is your free plan. And if you want plus or visionary plan so upgrade from there. This is how you can use free ProtonVPN. But even then you have any problem occurring on downloading so you can contact to ProtonVPN team. You can send mail to him.