How To Get Unbanned From Tinder 2024?- A Complete Solution To Lead The Way!

When we think about any dating app, Tinder is one of the most popular for getting a perfect match. Millions of users are using this app for finding their special one but what if your tinder account banned for no reason.

Tinder ban appeal is quite different as compared to other dating apps. Now, you might hunt for how to get unbanned from tinder 2024 with a proper guide. That is why you came here to read this article.

Anyone can be banned from tinder but we need to find is how to get back on tinder once banned? Also, know why did tinder account get banned and bump into the main cause.

Getting an error 40303 while signing into your account, which means you are banned from Tinder without any warning. After this, you need to contact Tinder support for help because this error shows a permanent ban. For Tinder banned account recovery follow our guide to unbanned from tinder Reddit.

Reasons Why Tinder Account Get Banned- Which One Is Ours?

Tinder Account Get Banned

There are several reasons by which your tinder account deleted itself. Here are the points listed below that are the possible reasons responsible for your tinder account banned without warning. Try not to break these protocols while using this app.

  • Promoting Business: Tinder does not allow anyone to use this app for marketing purposes. You can not promote your business, blogs, any campaign, and other similar activities.  
  • Your Age: According to the privacy policy of the Tinder app, only adults i.e. above 18 years old can access this application.
  • Abusive Language: No such apps will allow to you use any offensive language. Therefore, many users think that their Tinder account is banned for no reason. 
  • Fake Profile: If you are hunting for how to get unbanned from tinder for a fake account then you are wasting your time. Creating a fake account is completely against their privacy policy. 
  • Catfishing: Yes. Catfishing is one of the reasons that your account is banned on tinder. You are strictly not allowed to pretend to someone that you are not. Making money on behave of love is prohibited by the Tinder protocols.
  • Image Violation: You are immediately banned from tinder if you shared some violating, harassment, unwanted pictures with others. 
  • Being Homophobic: It is highly recommended to respect someone’s sexual preference. Be careful, while creating your account and filling all interest and identity.
  • Violating the terms and conditions of the tinder community can lead to banning your tinder account permanently.

While finding the solution for how to get unbanned from tinder 2024, you are now aware of what are the reasons responsible for it.

One may also think Can a deleted tinder account be recovered or how long does it take for a tinder account to be banned?

To answer all the above questions let’s discuss the possible solutions that can be helpful for deleted tinder account recovery.

How To Get Unbanned From Tinder- 6 Simple Solutions

How To Unbanned From Tinder

Now you are familiar with the possible reasons why your tinder account deleted itself. To solve this puzzle how to unbanned from tinder let’s follow this step-by-step procedure. This will help you in deleted tinder account recovery as well as making a tinder ban appeal 2024.

Solution 1: Try To Do Tinder Ban Appeal

This is the very first step that one can do to unbanned from tinder. You can directly appeal to Tinder’s Customer support services. While appealing to the expert team try to be more polite with the staff. They will let you know the exact reason why your tinder account banned without warning.

Note: This solution will not always work. The tendency for deleted tinder account recovery is quite low for free members.

Solution 2: Create A Fresh Tinder Account

The above solution may take much time to recover your account. Therefore, you can also create a new Tinder account with a fresh Facebook account. 

Just uninstall the previous app and install it again on your phone for a new account.

Please note, this time create your profile by following all the Tinder community protocols and privacy carefully. This will help you in finding how to unban tinder account 2024.

Solution 3: Switch To New Phone Number

This but obvious, if you are trying for a quick fix on how to be unbanned from tinder then buy a new number. While signing up for a new tinder account it is necessary to register a fresh mobile number. If you use the previous number then it is less chance the tinder community again allow you to create a new account.

Solution 4: Add Blooming Profile Pictures

This is a good chance to use some better pictures of yours in the new account. The latest photos will matter while having a right or left swipe on your profile. If you are experienced in using a Tinder account before then you may be familiar that which photo will get more likes.

Remember, with the advanced AI technology Tinder can recognize if you use the same pictures again. Try to use some image editing apps for polishing your profile pictures with some good effects.

Solution 5: Sign Up New Apple ID Or Google Account

Many of the users didn’t know about this solution regarding the tinder ban workaround 2024. Your google account and apple store id also store the important data that you cant easily erase from your account.

That is why is highly recommended to use a fresh account for unbanned from tinder Reddit. Before downloading the tinder app on your device, try to log in with a new google account. It is mandatory for both free as well as paid members.

Solution 6: Avoid Linking Social Accounts

This is might be the last solution for can a deleted tinder account to be recovered. So follow this carefully and keep this in your mind while creating a new tinder account.

When you sign up for a new profile, you will get options to connect your social accounts with your profile. These accounts include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Try to skip this step instead of connecting all accounts with your profile.

If you use old accounts then there will be a high chance to get blocked again from tinder or unban tinder 2024. This time you won’t be able to unbanned from tinder. Not only tinder banned your account other social apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on also suspend your account. You can also check the pros and cons of Twitter to find the valid reason why your account gets suspended?

The Joy Of Tinder Dating App Keeps Going, And Going, And Going…

In the past time, many users are switching to tinder dating apps for finding their perfect one. The trend of finding a perfect match online was started in the US and to date, it is increasing. 

In the following section, you will get some research stats about this world’s famous online dating app. Also know, what is the average age of a tinder user?

average age of tinder user

These graphs show how rapidly the use of this app increases in the past year. If you compare with other dating apps like bumble,, eHarmony, and so on Tinder is one of the best choices among all these.

Let’s have a look into the ratio of men and women which are actively using these dating apps.

tinder us gender penetration

Further to know what is the average age of a tinder user we did research and then collect this data for our user.

This app not only helps people to find their perfect soul mate but also increase the revenue stats country vise, as shown below:

tinder revenue by country in usd

If you see how many users are subscribing to tinder quarterly then analyze this graph. By knowing these stats, if you get banned,  you may think once about how to get unbanned from tinder because of millions of users. Therefore, this comprehensive guide will help you for finding a perfect solution.

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How To Make A New Tinder Account After Being Banned?

create New Tinder Account

As we mentioned top six solutions for how to get unbanned from tinder easily. Here, we are discussing what measures you should take while creating a new tinder account.

Please note again you are unable to use your previous Facebook account or phone number. This is what we told you earlier in the above sections.

How To Make A Second Tinder Account On Android?

Follow these steps to create a new Tinder account on your android device:

  1. Clear All Junk Data And Cache From Your Storage Section. Go To Settings>Storage>Clear Cache.
  2. Uninstall Tinder App From Your Phone. 
  3. Now, Create A New FB Account For Further Process.
  4. As A New Technology, Tinder Can Recognize Your IP Address. For Avoiding This, Try To Use A VPN Service On Your Phone. 
  5. Move Towards Google Play Store And Reinstall The Tinder Dating App. 
  6. Log In With Your Fresh Facebook Account That You Recently Created.

How To Create New Tinder Account On iOS?

It is also very simple just as creating in Android device:

  1. The First Step Is To Delete The Tinder App From Your Phone. 
  2. For A New Tinder Account, Sign-Up For A Fresh Facebook Account.
  3. Secure Your Ipad Or Iphone IP Address From Detection By The Tinder Community, Install A Secure VPN On Your Apple Device.
  4. Using VPN, Try To Install The Tinder Dating App.
  5. Sign Up With Your FB Profile That You’re Created Recently For Your Tinder Account.

These are the possible steps that will help you in creating a new profile. Now, this is the complete solution that we provide on how to get unbanned from tinder 2024 easily.

Let us discuss some tips and tricks on how can you avoid getting banned from Tinder app.

How To Not Get Banned On Tinder- The Secret Of Tinder Dating App

How avoid getting banned on tinder

First of all, try to be unbanned on the Tinder dating app. Avoid breaking the major protocols or rules created by the Tinder community. Try not to hunt for the solution on how to unbanned from tinder in the future.

Rule 1: Do Not Create Tinder Account If You Are Under 18 Years Of Age. This Is Against The Law Of Tinder Community.

Rule 2: Don’t Make A Fake Profile. This Can Make Your Tinder Account Banned Without Warning.

Rule 3: Respect Other Person’s Sexual Preference. Do Not Judge Them.

Rule 4: Stay Away From Posting Offensive, Adult, Or Naked Pictures On Your Profile. Don’t Try To Share With Others Too.

Rule 5: Don’t Use The Tinder Platform For Marketing Purposes. Don’t Advertise Your Blogs, Business, Campaigns On This Dating App.

Rule 6: Try To Avoid Sharing Your Financial Information With Others Via This App.

Rule 7: Kindly Read All The Privacy Policies Carefully Before Creating Your Profile On The Tinder Dating App.

How To Be Unbanned From Tinder- Final Verdict

We put every possible thing that one user may need while struggling for getting such solutions. Just like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder too has some strict policies, agreements, and security concerns. If anyone tries to break these policies the Tinder community takes strict action against them. This can be done by banning your tinder account. So it is recommended to all tinder users, follow the rules carefully and also check how they can prevent themselves from banning. We hope this guide will help in solving your trouble with this tinder dating app that smiles back.


How Do I Reactivate My Banned Tinder Account?

You can apply the tinder ban appeal for help. Their customer support team will help in figuring out why your account gets banned and how to get unbanned from tinder.

Does Tinder Ban Your Device?

Yes. There is a high possibility that Tinder will ban your device. With advanced AI technology, these apps can detect the IP address of your device. That is why is recommended to use VPN services for creating a new account.

Are Tinder Bans Permanent?

This depends on what rule you break against the Tinder agreement. In the above guide, we have mentions the possible reasons why the tinder account banned without warning.

Can You Appeal A Tinder Ban?

Yes. If you find that your tinder account deletes itself can immediately make a tinder ban appeal. By doing so, the Tinder customer support will help you but the paid users will get priority to recover their accounts.

How Do I Get Unbanned From Tinder 2024?

This is the complete guide that providing you with a sorted solution for getting an unbanned tinder 2022.