How Does ProtonVPN Work?

ProtonVPN works on all operating systems such as Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, Ios, and others. You might hear about a VPN, which is a software that protects your online privacy. VPN is a virtual private network, prevents your online activities, hide your IP address, and hackers could not track your sensitive details. ProtonVPN is a VPN service provider to get online security for VPN, you need to choose the best VPN service, provider. ProtonVPN is known as the best VPN provider that was founded in 2014 by a scientist team. Throughout this article, you will an information that how does ProtonVPN work. It becomes important for every user who wants to get a VPN or ProtonVPN in their operating system. Let us know about ProtonVPN before know how it works.

About ProtonVPN

About ProtonVPN

You have known that it is a VPN service provider, headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded in the year 2014 by a scientist team that met at the CERN. ProtonVPN includes many features and benefits that you should know before downloading. It has 898 servers that sited in 50 countries with 1,051 Gbps capacity. The developer is Proton Technology AG who held two projects one is ProtonMail & the other is ProtonVPN. The first project was ProtonMail then ProtonVPN has introduced in 2014. ProtonVPN now becomes the best choice for the users because it has won the trust of over 20 million users.

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Benefits of ProtonVPN

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Strict no-log policy.
  • High-speed connection with up to 10 Gbit.
  • Based in Switzerland’s strict privacy laws.
  • All apps are open source and audited.

Features of ProtonVPN

Features of ProtonVPN

There are many features of ProtonVPN that make it strong to provide online privacy. Advance features do not let the hackers track your sensitive information. You will get these all features and benefits in your ProtonVPN. Be secure and browse anything even when you connected to the public wifi.

Secure Core

It defends against the attackers and keeps safe your private information from the cyber-attackers. A secure core can route your traffic through multiple servers. The data centers of secure core located in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden.

ProtonVPN Secure Core

Strong Encryptions

ProtonVPN uses the highest strength encryptions. That is AES-256, key exchange with 4096-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA384 uses for message authentication.

Forward Secrecy

Forward secrecy does not let your encrypted network traffic decrypted. Because it provides a new encryption key when you compromised, a key could not be used for more than 1 session.

Strong Protocols

ProtonVPN Strong Protocols

If protocols have been used in the VPN it means your connection is secure. so ProtonVPN also uses the strong protocols that are most reliable.

Swiss Based

All the applications of ProtonVPN are based on swiss’s strong privacy laws and legal protection.


ProtonVPN benefits with its VPN product of over 20 million users from the year 2014. You can trust this service because it does not its limitations also.

No logs policy

ProtonVPN does not ask for logs from any user even if you are a free VPN user. It does not save your logs when you connected to the VPN account of ProtonVPN.

DNS Leak Prevention & Tor over VPN

These are two different features of ProtonVPN. It keeps safe your DNS queries along with your browsing activities. So it does not leak your browsing activities by DNS leak prevention.

Kill Switch and Always-on VPN

This feature can automatically connect to the VPN server when you lose the connection to your existing server.

These are all the best features that we have discussed above, all work in your ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN works with having those best features, like secure core, strong protocols, and others. If you have a laptop, PC, android, iOS, or other operating devices it works in all systems. But you need to know exactly how does ProtonVPN works in your operating device. So let us come and know-how can you use and connect to ProtonVPN.

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What are the different plans of ProtonVPN & its pricing?

ProtonVPN Plan & Pricing

ProtonVPN offers three plans one is Free ProtonVPN that is completely free. Another plan is the ProtonVPN Plus plan at $8/month on buying of this plan you can save up to $24. Use ProtonVPN Coupon Code if you are going to purchase any plan of ProtonVPN to get online privacy. Another paid plan with advanced features that also work in watching Netflix, & other streaming is Visionary plan at $24/mo. You can on this ProtonVPN visionary plan up to $72. If you buy a 2-year plan you will get up to 34% off and on a 1-year plan up to 20% off.

How ProtonVPN works in your operating device?

You might have Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, or other operating devices. But it works the same in all kinds of platforms but the features can be different. Yes, features can be different because if you have free ProtonVPN so you will get the least features. But if you have a plus or visionary plan then you will get advanced features such as P2P, connection profiles, secure core, and more.

Trusted ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN works in your Windows

  • Go to ProtonVPN’s main website or google play/ apple store to download.
  • Create your ProtonVPN profile, click on download, then it will starting to download.
  • After downloading, open your downloading file and allow yes, then “Next”.
  • Install box will appear, click on “install” & then choose a folder to install in which.
  • It is now installed, click on “Run”, it is ready to in use.

This was the tutorial of how does ProtonVPN works in windows. If you want Android, Linux, and other operating devices, you need to do the same process. But it can ask for different files to allow or not it is your preference to allow them or not. After creating your profile you can edit and manage it in your way. ProtonVPN provides some best features to each plan, Free, Plus, and visionary. You can allow feature and select country server, change the setting, and more.