Hostinger Vs Hostgator – Which One Is Better?

The competition of the Web Hosting Industry is increasing rapidly. And due to this growing competition, it becomes tough for the users to find the best one. So, while keeping this point in mind here we conduct information about the best web hosting companies Hostgator and Hostinger. Through the Hostinger Vs Hostgator Comparison, you can easily find the best one that fulfills your needs.

Why are we comparing Hostgator and Hostinger?

Today, every business owner is driving their marketing through websites or webpage to raise their market value and design healthy competition among the other competitors in the same industry. As we all know that there are three major elements required by any individual or company willing to design and live their websites or webpage for displaying their products and services. These major elements for making the website live include Web hosting, domain name, and impressive content. Searching for a good and high-quality web hosting and domain name is not that easy as there are various points that any individual needs to remember before buying such services.

Now, if we talk about web hosting then, there are numerous providers of web hosting in the digital world that are providing their best at effective prices. Some of the popular web hosting providers include Bluehost, Hostgator, and Godaddy. So, in this article, we are detailing the reviews associated with the two major web hosting service providers i.e. Hostinger and Hostgator.

Difference between Hostinger and Hostgator:

Hosting and HostGator both are independent hosts and considered among two of the best web hosting providers. So, let’s have a brief about these two web host providers in detail:

  1. Pricing and plans:

The plans offered by the Hostinger is more cost-effective and pocket-friendly than the plans being offered by the Hostgator as it offers three low-priced plans and the list of monthly plans are as follows:

  1. Single plan for hosting one website
  2. Premium hosting plans have additional features
  3. Business hosting plans have additional features and functionality


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The Business plan by Hostinger has various additional features like 200 GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth allowance, and databases. The users will get a free domain, free SSL, and free daily backups. This plan by Hostinger is a perfect balance of pricing and features.

Even, the Hostgator is also cost-effective but the pricing of the plans is quite expensive in comparison with that of hosting. The three hosting plans by Hostgator are as follows:

  1. Hatchling plan
  2. Baby plan
  3. Business plan

Hostgator offers SSL and backups features for free to its customers making its prices of web hosting worth it. The major difference that can be noticed by the users between the pricing and plans of both the providers of web hosting is the availability of storage and unmetered bandwidth.

But, the mega event to purchase the hosting services at pocket prices is the Black Friday event. You can explore Hostgator Black Friday Sale or Hostinger Black Friday to save maximum bucks.

  1. Features:

Hostinger offers a specialized control panel i.e. proprietary control panel to its users for technical assistance. Preferably, if the user is new to the hosting world then, both the web hosting are suitable for fulfilling the needs of the user.

But, the biggest difference is that the HostGator utilizes cPanel while Hostinger doesn’t and this factor might matter if the users are looking for something new and highly advanced from the web hosting.

cPanel refers to the web hosting control panel that allows the users to look after the technical concepts associated with their purchased hosting. Utilizing the cPanel, the users are assisted for every programming language and features on practical aspects.

Similar to cPanel, the Hostinger has ‘hPanel’, a custom panel that is easier to use. This panel allows the users to use the web hosting by Hostinger the most instead of others.

  1. Performance:

Hostinger utilizes cloud-based technology and “3x optimized WordPress”. Although this sounds soothing when heard but it is quite difficult to judge regarding the protection whether it will protect the user against the problems associates with the performance.

Hostgator uses up to 2x speed to load a page and thanks to its features i.e. premium hardware and caching.

The users prefer to use plug-ins on their website for enhanced functionality, and these impact the performance of the website more dramatically than the server of the web hosting.

The server being allotted by Hostinger utilizes the SSD storage and solid-state drives to ensure effective data retrieval. Hostinger offers its feature of getting the uptime stats to report i.e. uptime stats for the last week and summarized report for the last 30 days along with the downtime too.

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  1. Security:

Both the providers of the web hosting services are effective in blocking threats and keep on updating their software once they found them outdated. The customer support team of Hostgator is available all round the clock to offer its assistance to the users in creating the email mailboxes. Even, they also offer their protecting methods against DDoS, firewall, and secured data centers.

Hostinger keeps on updating the blogs and articles on Google for its users to get proper support in security concerns or incidents like data stealing. Even these blogs rank in the second position. In addition to malware protection, lost data recovery, and such features, Hostinger has recently created its new security features for the web hosting plans.

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Hostinger Vs Hostgator – Final Verdict

The web hosting services provided by the Hostgator are also good and effective but in terms of shared web hosting, there is no competition of Hostinger in the whole digital service or the web hosting service provider in the market.

Hostinger offers its shared web hosting services along with the best performance and the plans are extremely cost-effective.


Hostinger and Hostgator, both are web hosting service providers that offer their shared web hosting services to the users for creating their website as life. Although both these web hosting service providers rank as the top providers, these differ in certain aspects. So, to get the knowledge regarding the difference between these goes through the information detailed in the aforementioned article.