Hostinger Pros And Cons 2022 – Benefits & Drawbacks Of Hostinger

Hostinger is the one famous web hosting provider available in the market. It is known for providing high-quality web hosting at the least prices. But at the same time, you might find some areas where Hostinger needs to make improvements. So let’s find out the major Hostinger Pros and Cons before sticking to this web hosting service.

What Is Hostinger Good For?

With Hostinger you will get a free domain name with only one Hosting plan Hostinger. It is one of the cons of Hostinger because you cannot get the free domain service with its shared hosting plan. But Hostinger has more advantages as compared to its disadvantages. 

With Hostinger, you can get free SSL, free daily and weekly backup service, unlimited SSD, and much more. So it would be no lie to say that in search of Hostinger pros and cons 2022 you will get more advantages.

Major Hostinger Pros And Cons

Major Hostinger Pros And Cons

Today millions of website owners are connected with Hostinger services due to different reasons. Hostinger can be your one-stop solution when it comes to getting web hosting at a cheap price. But before choosing its services let’s discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of Hostinger.

Hostinger Pros

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There are lots of benefits linked to the use of the Hostinger. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Fast Speed Servers: Speed is one of the foremost things that matters the most for a web page. Hostinger makes your site so fast to load content for your visitors. It is capable of loading your site within a couple of seconds on both PC and smartphones.
  • Easy To Use Interface: Hostinger provides an easy-to-understand control panel with an intuitive interface. With this control panel, you can manage your hosting easily.
  • One-Click WordPress Installation: With Hostinger you can install WordPress on your site with just one click. Besides, it also provides WordPress hosting plans through which it can help you in managing your website.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: It operates with a money-back guarantee of 30-days. If you didn’t like the services of Hostinger then you can ask for a refund within 30 days.
  • 99.9% Uptime: You will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee with Hostinger. This means that your site will never go down and will always be accessible.
  • Integrated Website Builder: Hostinger avails you of an integrated website builder called Zyro. It is very easy to use this builder and with it, you can create a website by just dragging and dropping elements. This website builder is specially designed for newbies and or creators who aren’t able to manage WordPress.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Company provides Bitninja with its every plan to prevent the risk of malware and viruses. Besides this, Hostinger also provides protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Customer Support: Hostinger offers 24/7 chat support to its users. This can help you in solving both your general and technical queries. Besides, it also provides ticket-based support that can assist you if you are facing any major issues with your hosting.
  • Affordable Pricing: Compared to other web-hosting providers, the pricing of Hostinger is very low. You can buy hosting for your site for just $1.39 where you will also get free SSL.


Hostinger Cons

In the former section, we discussed the major advantages linked to the use of the Hostinger. Now, understand the major areas where Hostinger lacks:

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  • No Daily Backup For All Plans: Hostinger provides a daily backup service with only Hostinger business shared hosting. So you cannot take daily backup of your site if you buy to own the entry-level plan.
  • Refund Exceptions: The 30-days money-back guarantee does not mean you will get all your money back. The domain renewals and redemption fees are not refundable.
  • No Free Site Migration: If really difficult to migrate your website to Hostinger as it provides very little assistance. For migrating websites with peace of mind, you need to spend some bucks.
  • Lacks Industry Standard cPanel: As stated, Hostinger offers its self-made control panel for all of its plans. For using the industry’s best cPanel, you need to purchase its cPanel Hosting plans.


These are the major Hostinger Pros and Cons 2022 that a user might experience by sticking to this web hosting service provider. Overall it provides some amazing features to its users, though still there are some areas where it needs to make improvements.

Why Is Hostinger Bad?

Most people believe that Hostinger is a bad hosting service due to its pricing and free domain policy. You might know that you cannot get a free domain from Hostinger with its cheapest plan. For users, it is a big disappointment and a reason to believe that the Hostinger web hosting service is bad.

Is Hostinger Safe and Legit?

There is no doubt that Hostinger is a well-known hosting provider company that has so many users. But still, new customers want to check if Hostinger is really safe for them or not. So if you still have any doubt after reading the above-mentioned Hostinger pros and cons then you should read some Hostinger reviews for sure.

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Is the Hostinger server slow?

It can depend on the plan type that you have to buy to use Hostinger services. The single-site plan of Hostinger can provide you a bit slower speed than its business and premium plan. So if you are having any of the plans other than shared one then your site will perform smoother and faster.

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