GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review 2019 – Discounts Offer & Renewal Price

Now these days a very important factor website Security on online payment option with who has the SSL Certificate. Do you want to rank up your website higher on the Google? Google gives most important to those Sites who have SSL Certificate. It is better for your website it helps to secure your website and its data safely. Read more about on GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review for details.

GoDaddy is the well-known web hosting provider and also provide the great discount on SSL Certificate for the website with excellent support. Here I am sharing with you exclusive GoDaddy SSL Certificate Discount and you can save maximum money with it. The Godaddy is providing web hosting services since 1997. It is also known for one of the most popular SSL certificate providers around the web. It offers the three level of SSL Certificate: The Standard, Deluxe, and the Premium SSL Certificate.

What is SSL certificate?

Godaddy SSL Certificate Review

SSL stands for secure socket layer it helps to protect your website with all the information. It protects you from spammer while exchanging between you and your customer. There are many types of SSL Certificate each provider has a different product, price, and level of customers satisfaction. You can easily make a trust between your customer if you have GoDaddy SSL Free Certificate.

Why need to SSL certificate for your websites?

Why need SSL Certificate

All users need for their website to protect their online transaction with their customers. With GoDaddy SSL certificate Offer save your passing information, username, password, credit card information. SSL certificate helps to build up the trust of the customer on your website. that provide a strong belief of your customer before they decided to deal with something on your website.

The types of GoDaddy SSL Certificate

Godaddy types of ssl certificate


This certificate is used by that website which doesn’t have any sensitive documents or data but needs some level of security. Anyone can purchase it and can be able to load within a minutes.  It is only good for one domain but you can upgrade to a GoDaddy Standard SSL that can cover several domain names.


It is designed for the bigger business website that needs to secure their important data and personal information from hackers. The certificated has 256 encryption; it requires a small amount of verification through fax and phone. When you pass the verification it takes up to 2-4 hours and you can enjoy this service. There are also upgrade available in GoDaddy Deluxe SSL Certificate.


It is work for the highly recommended business site on the regular basis and easily secures your all data and important information with GoDaddy Premium SSL Certificate. Getting a Premium SSL certificate from GoDaddy is quite a process. You may need to verify the nature of the business by providing detailed documentation.

List of Godaddy SSL Certificate Price & all Plans

Godaddy SSL Certificate Price Plans

How to install SSL certificate in GoDaddy hosting?

How to Install Godaddy SSL Certificate

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click SSL Certificates.
  3. Click SSL Certificate Credit Set up
  4. Select the credit you want to use, and then click Set up
  5. Refresh the page; you should see a New Certificate.

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Certificate Signing Request. It contains the information like organization’s name,  domain name, and location, and is filled out and submitted to a certificate authority such as The information in a CSR is used to verify and create your SSL certificate.

How Does Work Godaddy SSL Certificate?

How does work SSL certificate

How to Generate CSR for SSL Certificate from Godaddy?

Log in to your Server terminal (SSH)

Enter the requested information:

  • Common name
  • Organization
  • Organization unit
  • City or locality
  • State or province
  • Country

Open the CSR file and copy all text

Paste the full CSR into the SSL certificate in web server

Why is Godaddy SSL Certificate good for SEO Ranking?

All users want their website at the high rank in the search engine. We all need high traffic and website with SSL (HTTPS) rank high. They provide the full security guarantee to their users. Here at our site webhostingonedollar, you will get the affordable GoDaddy SSL Certificate price according to your website need. So you can purchase your private SSL so your website loads with HHTPS instead of HHTP.

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GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review 2019

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Benefits of Godaddy SSL Certificate setup

  • You can easily protect your website from unwanted threats
  • Build trust between your website and users.
  • Make your website look authentic
  • Boost up your rank in search engine
  • Safely accept credit card on your website
  • Make your customer feel safe and secure

Unified Communication Certificate (UCC)

The entire SSL certificate provided by GoDaddy is Unified Communication Certificate. This means that one certificate can be used to secure up to 100 domain name with GoDaddy SSL Certificate Installation. The certificate also compatible with Microsoft Server 2007 and Microsoft Communication Server. If you want to know more about SSL Certificate then read this Article.

How to download Godaddy SSL Certificate for Installation?

  1. Visit GoDaddy SSL Page
  2. Buy the SSL Certificate
  3. Activate SSL Credit
  4. Create a certificate and singing up request
  5. Applying your certificate
  6. Click the download button
  7. Certification installation complete
  8. Now testing time

Frequently Asked GoDaddy SSL checker Questions

  1. How to verify SSL certificate info provided by GoDaddy?

To verify, just open SSL Checker Tool. Get the all the info about whether SSL installed on your server or not.

  1. Which SSL certificate does GoDaddy offer for an e-commerce website?

GoDaddy offers Extended Validate Certificate for an e-commerce solution. You can easily protect your e-commerce website.

  1. Why should buy SSL from GoDaddy?

GoDaddy SSL Certificate is relatively low-cost. You got the full protection from it. Get all the SSL service at the affordable price.

  1. What is Certificate Singing Request or CRS?

It is the public key that you generate on your server according to your server software instruction.

How to Godaddy SSL Certificate Renewal?

Godaddy SSL Certificate Renewal Price

GoDaddy overall reviews

With webhostingonedollar, you will get full GoDaddy 24/7 support service. If you have any question related to GoDaddy SSL certificate Offer then you can ask any time. The company offers a professional team who has the full knowledge about the GoDaddy SSL Price discounts, deals, and promo offer. By using this you can save a lot of money on your GoDaddy SSL certificate Cost.