Difference Between .Com And .Net – Which Domain Extension Is One Step Ahead In SEO?

Choosing a domain name for your website is quite difficult. Which keyword you choose as per your niche is important. The more confusing part is to decide on the domain extension whether .com or .net or any other extensions. 

Many beginners do not know the difference between .com and .net domain extensions. Therefore, this guide will help you in making a wise decision for choosing a domain extension.

Before heading towards the main difference between .com vs .net domain let us discuss important things.

There are main myths created by many stereotype ones regarding the .net and .com domain for marking purpose such as:

Myth 1: The .com domain extension is more preferable to the .net domain extension.

Myth 2: Many people say .net worth only 10% of the .com domain extension.

Myth 3: According to many people .com extension performs better than the .net extension.

Myth 4: Only the .com/.com website can prove that they can be branded into the marketable property.

Myth 5: If .com is used for SEO purposes, it works wonderfully compared to .net domain extensions.

These are the myths that most people have created in their minds. Which are entirely wrong and are not acceptable because that is not true. For proving these myths wrong it is important to know the difference between .com and .net domain extensions. 

Also, check how does .net and .com domain extension affect the SEO industry.

What Is The Main Difference Between .Com And .Net Extensions?

compare net vs com

The main difference between .com or .net is that both domain extension works over different industries. 

  1. The “.com” domain extension is used for commercial purposes. Websites included in this niche are mainly eCommerce, Advertising, Business, Portfolios, Blogs, and other money-making sites.
  2. The “.net” domain extension is mainly used for networking purposes. Websites included in this niche are internet providers, emails, infrastructure, and other technology-related industries.

This is the difference that we consider while comparing .net and .com domain extensions. But this is not enough. Let us compare further in different segments like how .net is better than .com?

Compare .Com Vs .Net Extension 

It is important to know that over which niche you will going to start working. Generally, you stick in that situation where you will not find a .com extension on your desired keyword. Alternately, the domain registrar will provide .net or any other suitable domain extension over that domain.

We have mentioned some myths at the beginning of this article. They are basically wrong beliefs that are created by many people.

There is no doubt that the “.com” domain extension is always the king but it is wrong to consider “.net” unworthy. 

While making the difference between .com and .net extension you should keep your mind open and do well research before choosing the one. 

Since, the .net domain extension holds 10-25% of .com domains value. And the most important fact is that the .net extension proves that it can brand into the marketable property without the .com’s help.

.Com Vs .Net: Difference In Pricing 

If you compare the pricing structure of both domain extensions then you may find that .net is expensive than .com domain extensions. For example, when you are choosing a domain name the cost of “.net” is around $10-$15 whereas the cost for the “.com” domain is around $8-$16 per year.

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.Com Vs .Net: Which Is Easily Available?

Talking about name availability, then mostly half of the domain is registered with the “.com” extension. Sometimes it can become a challenge to find the exact domain over the desired keyword. Therefore, approx. 4% of the websites are using the .net domain, so it might not be too hard to get your desired one.

Which Domain Extension .Com Or .Net Is Better For SEO?

which is better seo friendly

See, this depends on the type of industry you are working on. There is nothing like one domain perform better than the other. 

In general, most companies and individuals are looking for having .com as their website’s extension. It is easy to remember because many of us will search any website with a .com extension by default. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between .com and .net while choosing anyone.

Many people say that website with a “.net” domain extension is difficult to rank in google. If your concern is to make online money using a website then go with the “.com” whereas if you are establishing some professional networks then there is no harm in using the “.net” domain extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Difference.Com Vs .Net Domain Extensions

Q1: Is .Com Or .Net Better?

Ans: For money-making websites, the “.com” domain is always the king. On the other hand for professional networking websites, the “.net” domain extension is much better than the “.com”.

Q2: Do .Net Domains Rank Well?

Ans: I guess that does not matter. Both domains “.com” and “.net” perform well in terms of SEO performance.

Q3: Why Is .Com So Popular?

Ans:  It is popular because “.com” is the most frequently used TLDs. Many individual prefer this domain extension because they are highly in demand and good for online money-making websites.

Q4: What Is .Net Good For?

Ans: Many of the individuals are using the “.net” domain extension to enhance their professional networks with many international clients.

Final Verdict For Difference Between .Com And .Net Domain Extension

This is a complete guide comparing .com vs .net domain extension. It is better to be sure before choosing your domain name for your website. This is the most important step so be careful while selecting desired keyword and domain extension.