USSD Codes To Check If Phone Is Tapped Or Hacked 2023

These days when everything is changing online and converted into digital mode, it become very difficult to protect yourself from cybercrimes. This provides a pathway for hackers to enter into someone’s personal data and use it. Most people notice some changes in their devices but they don’t have any idea that their device has been hacked already. If you want to survive in this digital era, you should be well aware of the most common USSD codes to check if phone is tapped or hacked.

How Will I Know If My Phone Is Hacked Or Tapped?- 5 Most Common Signs

Know If My Phone Is Hacked

Here we are mentioning some common signs which will help you to know how to check if the phone is tapped. Many users encounter these issues and they don’t have any idea that they have been hacked by someone. Let’s go through once by below-mentioned signs:- 

  • Start displaying unnecessary ads and pop-ups

Sometimes you start seeing popup ads on your device without any reason Even on the lock screen as well. This is happening on your device, maybe you open any unprotected link, or download any unprotected apps. Due to all of this, your device is maintained by any other person simply a hacker.

  • Battery draining issue

You start noticing that the battery is reducing without doing anything in your device. It happens due to many activities are performed by hackers on your device in the background without your permission. This means that The hacker is using your battery for their own interest.

  • Unknown call logs and SMS

Sometimes you encounter some unknown numbers in your call details. It is a rare case, but it can happen due to hacking and user have no idea that why it is happening to their device. Even you encounter international calls sometimes on your phone due to this malware activity.

  • Unknown apps in your device without downloading

If you see some different applications on your device, which you don’t download ever. This is also one of the major things which give you the answer of how will I know if my phone is hacked.

  • Fast Data Consumption

Without using the phone you will see, your data is exhausted or your device heats up immediately. This is also a major sign that your device is hacked or someone is having control of your device.

Some Important Ussd Codes Or Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped 

  1. *#61# – Displays if anyone catches unanswered calls 
  2. *#62# – This code makes sure that your information of phone voice, data, fax, and SMS have not been diverted without your knowledge.
  3. *#67# – Displays who catches data while rejecting the call. 
  4. *#004# – Displays conditional phone forwarding information.
  5. *#21# – With this USSD code you will be informed whether your calls have been diverted somewhere else or not. 
  6. ##002# -it will erase the data of your voice call or data or SMS call, in case it has been forwarded.

These are some important numbers to check if phone is tapped or hacked. It will definitely give you the solution by providing different USSD codes to check if phone is tapped or hacked.

What To Do Next If You Found Your Phone Is Hacked?

what next if phone is hacked

Once you listen to the word “hacking” Some users become panic. We are here for you, you can deal with this easily just by Encrypting your data and by changing some settings of your device. Along with this you can remove redirections and restore to factory defaults as well. Even you can also read detailed causes and solutions in the next para that how to protect your device from hackers.

Do’s And Don’ts To Protect Your Device From Hackers

Do’s And Don’ts To Protect Your Device
  • Don’t download APKs(Android application package) from unknown sources

For preventing yourself from different types of malware or hacking activities, the first thing is don’t visit any random website without knowing about that. 

Try to avoid suspicious messages, emails, and spam, since it is one of the main causes of generating hacking attacks.

Pro tip- Download apps from trusted sources like google play store. Most importantly “turn off install from unknown sources”, to avoid random apps being installed automatically. Even you get notified through your device if this kind of unknown downloading process would happen.

  • Encrypt your device 

Something in your phone the encryption setting is not enabled. Just go on the setting option and on this setting for preventing yourself from various malware.

The main advantage of using encryption is this, you can only decrypt your data just by formatting your phone 

Pro tip-You can use or enable  “find my device”, it is one of the most useful applications. It helps you in the situation also, when any kind of theft happens to your device.

  • Networking Issue

We are working people and more often we take the help of public wifi. In this case, hackers can easily access your data and attack your device. For preventing yourself from these kinds of malware start making use of the “farewell app”.

Pro tip-You can even use TOR or VPN when you are browsing through any unknown sources. 

Try to take always help with “two-factor authentication” for better protection.

  • Avoid the same passwords everywhere 

Most people do the same mistake that they set the same password everywhere. Sometimes it becomes the main cause of major loss through hacking.

One account hacked can lead to the compromisation of other accounts as well.

Pro tip- Try to take help of different passwords or a little bit complex password, especially data like your bank details.

  • Take  cautions while Selling your second-hand phone 

Sometimes in the happiness of selling your old phone and buying a new one, you forget to do a factory reset of your device. 

Factory rest is very helpful it deletes all your personal information but can be taken back again by using different tactics. It means that factory reset still leaves traces of data that can be recovered.

Pro tip- Do a factory reset of your device and take the help of any person who has knowledge of clearing all your details. For the safer side, You can also sell your phone to trustable person.

  USSD Codes To Check If Phone Is Hacked 

  • Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped Android ( Utility Netmonitor Code)

*#*#4636#*#*- This is one of the special codes to check if phone is tapped or hacked. In case if someone tracks your phone’s location by other means, you can check it through this utility net monitor code.

 *#*#197328640#*#*– In case if above one mentioned code is not working, you can try this one.

  • Some Extra Interesting Codes Which Enhance Your  Knowledge  

Above we mentioned some numbers to dial to see if your phone is tapped. Now here we are mentioning some extra USSD codes to check if phone is hacked or not.

  1. *#2222# – This code shows all necessary information about the phone.
  2. *#1111# -This code tells you about the version of software you are using.
  3. *#1234# -Check if you have the latest version of the update or not.
  4. *#*#4636#*#* –Shows battery and usage statistics.
  5. *#*#34971539#*#* -Say cheese to click the picture. 
  6. *#*#7262626#*#* – Global system for mobile communication.
  7. *#*#7780#*#* – This USSD code will return your phone back to the factory settings.
  8. *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#*-This code enables a file copy screen by which you can backup pictures, media, etc.

These are some codes to check if phone is tapped or hacked. Once you start making use of these USSD codes to check if phone is hacked or number to check if phone is tapped or not, you will get an idea of how to untap your phone easily 

  • Code To Check If Phone Is Hacked 2023 iPhone ( Utility Netmonitor Code) 

*3001#12345#* – This is one of the best codes to check or number to dial to see if your phone is tapped iPhone by someone. Once you use it, you get to know whether someone is tracking your phone or not.

  • How To Know If Your Phone Is Tapped Using Imei Code 

*#06# –  If you don’t know what is IMEI code is, in brief, it is an international mobile equipment identifier number. This number is a unique identifier for the device or a hardcoded identifier that is inbuilt in devices already.

This code is helpful to find your stolen device or file a police report. This is a very important number to dial to see if your phone is tapped or not.

The user should make sure while entering this code on the phone that you will have to keep the IMEI number safely.

Steps To Perform To Check If Phone Is Tapped

steps to perform if phone is hacked

Above we mentioned some useful USSD codes to check if phone is hacked or not. Here we are mentioning how to perform these USSD codes or number to check if phone is tapped or not.

Step 1 – Open the phone app on your device which is located on your home screen.

Step 2 – Dial the USSD code which starts with * and #, according to your preference in your dial-pad.

Step 3 – Dial # to make the phone call, it will take some time to process showing please wait or if the code is wrong it shows an error

These are very basic steps that tell you how to untap your phone with the help of USSD codes.

Important Codes For Android- A Complete Expert Guide 

code for android

Here we are mentioning some important USSD codes to check if phone is hacked for android. We are trying to explain to you the basic setting structure of android which help you to give the answer of how to untap your phone.

  • Displays full information about your phone 

*#*#4636#*#*- This code displays full information about your phones like phone information, battery history, and statistics.

  • For factory data resetting 

*#*#7780#*#* – This code is used to remove the google account setting stored in the phone, downloaded applications, and system and application data. This code will not remove current software bundled application and SD cards files such as photos music etc.

  • For formatting android phone 

 *2767*3855# – This is used for factory formatting as it clear or removes all files and settings as well as internal storage. While using this code there is no way to go back unless you remove the battery from the phone. However, this code will also reinstall the phone firmware.

  •  For updating phone camera

*#*#34971539#*#* – This code is used for getting information about the phone camera. It consists of updated camera firmware images and SD cards. Even you can get the camera firmware version and the option of updating the account.

Note – If you are using the option of updating camera firmware in the image, your phone camera will stop working and you have to approach the service center.

  1.  To change the  action of the End Call/Power button 

 *#*#7594#*#*- This code is used for changing the action of the end call or power button. If you hold the button for a quite long time, it will show you a screen that shows to select between silent mode, power off, and airplane mode.

This s a useful code, by using this, you can enable the button to direct power off without selecting any option.

Winding Up Now !!

These are some USSD codes or number to dial to see if your phone is tapped or hacked. Once you start taking the help of these USSD codes to check if phone is hacked, there is no going back. It is very useful from a user’s perspective as it provides a list of numbers to check if phone is tapped. If you follow the above-mentioned codes you can easily know how to untap your phone. Most important we mentioned above very useful codes to check if phone is tapped or hacked.

If you faced any issues, after reading this article or have any queries, you can comment below we are always here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does *# 21 Mean Your Phone Is Tapped?

dialing *#21 USSD code in your device does not mean your phone is tapped. As it will be informed you that your calls have been diverted somewhere else or not. 

What Is ##002?

 ##002# is a USSD code that is used for switching off all types of redirections away from your device. It is best to use it before using the roaming facility. Money won’t be taken for calls through your account that are redirected by default to your message or voice calls in this case.

How Will I Know If My Phone Is Hacked?

You get to know if your phone is hacked by seeing various changes. You will see the battery starts draining even in your call history you will see calls that are not made by you. There are various factors, as we mentioned above already, which give you an idea that how to check if phone is tapped.

Is There Any App To See If Your Phone Has Been Hacked?

You can use google play protect is a virus and malware or spyware scanner that is inbuilt in devices such as android for scanning apps whenever they are installed onto a tablet or phone.