Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Running a website becomes a very huge challenge for the site owner in this competitive market. Somehow if you getting enough traffic on your page then it may be so disappointing. Are you also among them who are planning to launch their very own website? If “yes” then this article is the one thing that you really need for the growth of your website worldwide. Choosing the best Web hosting for WordPress can directly transfer the traffic to your website which leads to maximizing sales. Today’s in this article we are going to serve you with some of the “Best Web Hosting brands for WordPress” that can take your website to the next level!!!!

These web hosting service provider companies for WordPress are totally verified and trustworthy. These WordPress hosting companies are leading with millions of customers all over the world. But before jumping to those brands you must know what WordPress hosting actually is? And is it reliable? 

What Is WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress web hosting is unique from regular hosting under which your provider will host the WordPress on the various servers which are generally used by you. It is specially designed for the ones who need some support in terms of resources, products, tools, and other things to create and manage their WordPress website. 

WordPress makes it simpler to optimize performance and maintain security with some very advanced techniques. It also offers one-click WordPress installation to make you more comfortable with WordPress. You can take plenty of advantages from WordPress web hosting and some of the major benefits of it are mentioned below.

Benefits Of Best WordPress Hosting

  • Boost the loading speed of your website.
  • Advance site security. 
  • Backups facility availability.
  • Daily update with the latest version.
  • Brilliant customer support services.

WordPress web hosting is being widely used by a massive number of individuals. But still, most people get confused about the selection of the Best web hosting for WordPress. After analyzing hundreds of Cheap WordPress hosting companies you also might be stuck with the wrong one which may lead to negative results.

But, when we are here then you don’t need to worry at all. Below we will let you know the Top 5 reliable Hosting brands.

Top 5 Web Hosting Brands For WordPress

All these 5 web hosting service provider companies are best in their respective fields like- Speed, Privacy, Affordability, and Reliability. Users can select any brands which match perfectly with your site requirement. There are various WordPress free hosting available in the market with fewer features. Therefore, we would recommend you get paid WordPress hosting with great security and privacy features.

  • Bluehost – Best Managed WordPress Hosting
  • GoDaddy – Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • Hostinger – Affordable WordPress Hosting
  • DreamHost – Best WordPress Hosting
  • InMotion – Reliable WordPress Hosting

Bluehost – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost comes under the most reputed and reliable web hosting brand and its 14 million customers have proven this statement for many years. While testing Bluehost our team found that it is the Best managed WordPress hosting brand. It will serve you only the best in various aspects and the massive number of its servers will never let you down in terms of speed. WordPress org officially recommended “Bluehost” as the best hosting Solution. 

Bluehost is hosting around 2 million+ sites all over the world, So we can easily consider that Bluehost is the only hosting brand that stands at the No. 1 position in our list.

 Features of Bluehost

  • 99.98% guarantee uptime.
  • 30 days money-back period.
  • Databases & PHP support.
  • Best in terms of customer support.
  • Backups with no additional cost.
  • Free domain and SSL certification.
  • Recommended by WordPress.

GoDaddy – Fastest WordPress Hosting

Another next hosting company after Bluehost on our list is GoDaddy. It is the fastest WordPress hosting brand which has plenty of points to be a part of our article. GoDaddy is one of the oldest and largest Web hosting Companies in the realm of hosting. It is leading with more than 44 million domains all over the Globe and it is the largest domain registrar. GoDaddy offers various hosting services like- VPS, WordPress, shared, clouds, and dedicated servers. 

Features of GoDaddy

  • 100 GB of website storage
  • Average uptime (99.91%)
  • Uptime guarantee 99.90%
  • cPanel and website builder access
  • Great page load time.

Hostinger – Affordable WordPress Hosting

If you are searching for an affordable hosting brand that secures your data all the time. If yes then, Hostinger can be a good choice for you and the best web hosting for WordPress. Our research and tests regarding Hostinger show us that it should be on the number 3rd position in our list. It powers millions of domains all over the world which is so amazing.

Hostinger offers numerous features and tools that make Hostinger a more useful, popular, and genuine hosting company. These features will also make you think of it for a while. Some major features are- WordPress Acceleration, Unlimited subdomains, Unlimited bandwidth, VPS Hosting, Email Hosting, 30-day money-back guarantee, and many more amazing features.

Features of Hostinger

  • Better uptime guarantee and fast servers.
  • Pocket friendly
  • Free SSL certification.
  • The domain name at no cost
  • Storage space of 20GB is absolutely free.
  • The average loading time is (382 ms)
  • 24/7 customer support in the way of live chatting.

DreamHost – Best WordPress Hosting

When you find yourself as a fresher or beginner in this world of hosting then honestly finding the best WordPress hosting is quite difficult for you.

So, let me just tell you that DreamHost is the perfect choice for every beginner because its working and functionality are much simpler than any other. 

Overall we can consider DreamHost as a decent choice for beginners and it can be the best web hosting for WordPress. Apart from the simple working system it is very cost-efficient and never hurts your pocket. Dreamhost is powering around 1.5 million+ websites worldwide. Somehow if you are still confused with DreamHost then its features will clear all your confusion.

Features of DreamHost

  • Offers no limit on bandwidth 
  • Best uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered storage
  • Highly affordable

InMotion Hosting – Reliable WordPress Hosting

The final and last WordPress hosting under the best Web hosting for WordPress is InMotion. It can be a very fine choice for you if you are living in the United States or the United Kingdom because its performance in the USA is much better than in any other country. The customer support is also very nice and they are always ready to help you.

Feature of InMotion Hosting

  • Load time: 2.27s
  • Low Pricing & affordable
  • Decent uptime

Every Web Hosting brand which is mentioned above is highly reliable and genuine. These multinational brands are well established and have millions of users. The brand which suits your website working is the right choice for your site growth.

How Can I Detect A Perfect WordPress Hosting Brand?

If you don’t know the proper way to select a Hosting company then, the points mentioned below can help you. You need to know all these points to grab the best hosting company. Below we mentioned all those points.

  1. Well aware of the working and demand of your site.
  2. Update policy of servers.
  3. Match the hosting brand functions and demands of your site.
  4. Signup with an account and renewal price.
  5. Availability of refund policy/free trial
  6. Reliability/uptime scores.
  7. Backup policy for the site.
  8. Kind and quality of customer support.
  9. Speed tests.


In the hosting world, there are Numerous Hosting providing companies. All of them are claiming that they are the best and that no one can beat

them. But overall we can consider that in the race of Best web hosting for WordPress Bluehost is the winner. You can appoint Bluehost as a companion to your website.

We hope that this article might be useful to you. We are also hoping that you will also be a visitor to our next site.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress Beginners?

The best hosting brand for WordPress beginners is DreamHost because of its simpler working features that offer a lot of convenience to users.

Which Is The Cheapest WordPress Hosting?

There are multiple Hosting brands that are much cheaper than you think but we recommend you to use DreamHost as your website partner.

Do I Need Web Hosting For WordPress?

The simple and short answer is “yes” you must need the best web hosting for WordPress if you really want more SEO traffic on your page.