Best Vlog Editing Software 2023 | 5 Best Software To Edit Vlogs

Nowadays, many people are interested in sharing their day-to-day activities through vlogs. Vlogging may look simple, however, there are lots of resources that you may require for making a perfect vlog for your YouTube channel or any other social media platform. Out of those resources, one of the most important things that you must require is a Best Vlog Editing software.

Having the best software to edit vlogs is really important for setting up a vlogging YouTube channel. In the market, you may find hundreds of vlog software including free vlog editing software. However, all of them are not completely secure and only a few are considered as the best software to edit vlogs. This article is going to be very beneficial for you as here we are going to mention some of the best video editing software for vlogging. We will also check what do vloggers use to edit videos. However, we will only be focusing on the paid vlog editing software only as there are many security threats related to the use of vlog editing software free that we have mentioned below.

Is There Any Vlog Editing Software Free Available?

There are many vlog editing software free programs available in the market that support both vlog editing. You can also easily download these best free vlog editing software programs just by visiting their official website.

However, in this list of best vlog editors for PC and other devices, we haven’t included any vlog editing software free. One of the foremost reasons for not including free vlog editing software is privacy concerns. In recent times, many scandals have been reported where free programs were found to be selling data of their users to third parties.

So, besides using a free vlog editor, it is recommended to use either a paid vlog editor or the inbuilt video editor of your device.

5 Best Vlog Editing Software | What Do Vloggers Use To Edit Videos?

Here, we have provided a list of the best vlogging editing software. In that list, we have compiled features, prices, pros, and cons of vlog editor for PC. So, now without wasting any time let’s move on to the list of best vlog video editing software for Windows and other devices.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Best apps for vlog editing

The very first vlog editing app featured in this list of the best software to edit blogs is the industry-best video editing software Adobe Premiere. It is very advanced software and is also considered as one of the topmost Filmora alternatives. This software comes with a suite of powerful editing tools which makes it one of the best vlog editors for PC. If you want to edit your videos professionally, then this is the most suitable software that you should opt for. It is also very easy to use this best vlog editing software. The key features of this software are:

  • 8K Editing: It is one of the best platforms for editing videos professionally. By using this software you can edit videos in various formats including 8K, HDR, Virtual Reality, etc.
  • Audio Adjustment: It also comes with some amazing audio editing effects. You can add background music to your clips, remove noise, etc. Additionally, it comes with some audio tracks that you can add to your videos.
  • Integration with Other Apps: Adobe Premiere supports integration with various apps including Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Stock, etc. You can enjoy the features of all these apps with Adobe Premiere.
  • Social Media Sharing: It also supports social media sharing. From Adobe Premiere, you can directly share all your work to various social media platforms. 

Price of Adobe Premiere Pro

Choosing Adobe Premiere Pro can be beneficial for editing your vlogs. However, this software is a bit expensive as compared to its rivals. The cost of this best vlog editing software for Windows is $20.99/month.  

Filmora 12

Filmora is a product of China-based tech giant Wondershare, which is popular for its data recovery software Dr.Fone. It is an easy-to-use vlog software that supports the editing of videos or vlog editing. It comes with some handy tools for vlog editing that make it one of the best video editing software for vloggers. This software is suitable for working at both intermediate or professional levels. You can use this vlog editing app on any PC having either Windows or macOS operating system. It is also considered as best vlog editor for PC. The key features of this software are:

  • Intuitive Interface: As stated earlier, it is very easy to start working with Filmora which makes it the easiest vlog editor app. It comes with an intuitive modern-looking interface, with all the major tools that the primary window. You can easily select any tools from there for using it.
  • Library of Effects: Filmora comes with some custom filters, transitions, graphics. You can these things in your vlogs for making them more attractive. These effects are also customizable and you set adjust them accordingly.
  • Supports Keyframing: It is one of the most demanded features of video editing software programs. Filmora fairs up to the expectations and provides the keyframing features. Through this feature, you can do editing between two frames by using custom Animations. Additionally, you can also set various attributes like the size of objects, opacity, etc.
  • Audio Editing Tools: With this vlog editor app, you can adjust the pitch or can remove noise from your video clips. It also provides a library of various sound effects that can be used in the background.
  • Advanced Coloring: It comes with some amazing tools like Auto Color Matching and Color Correction. Using these tools can ease the work of coloring for you.

Price of Wondershare Filmora

The price of Filmora is quite reasonable as compared to its rivals. For purchasing the annual plan of this best vlog app, you will have to spend $89.99. Whereas its perpetual license costs $79 only. Also, by using Filmora 12 coupon code, you can save lots of bucks on its subscription.

TechSmith Camtasia

TechSmith Camtasia best vlog video editing software

It might be surprising for you to see Camtasia in this list of best vlog editing software as it is a screen capturing software. Well, Camtasia is primarily known for recording screens, however, it also provides some amazing video editing tools. This makes it one of the best vlog editing software for Windows. Using these tools can literally help you in editing your vlogs amazingly. The key vlog editing features of TechSmith Camtasia are:

  • Preset Templates: Like other apps, it also comes with tons of preset templates, filters, and transitions. You can use them in your videos and can also customize them. This lets you easily edit vlogs.
  • Drag and Drop Editing: It is very easy to start work with this best vlog software. It comes with a straightforward interface. Additionally, you can apply any filter by just dragging it and dropping it into the workspace.
  • Audio Editing: With Camtasia, you either use any external audio or can record voice in real-time. This best vlog app also provides Audio FX that can be used for reducing noise, adjusting pitch, improving the audio quality, etc.
  • Green Screen Editing: TechSmith Camtasia also supports green screen editing. By using this feature you can remove or change the background of your videos. This feature makes it one of the highly recommended editing software for YouTube vloggers.
  • Table of Content: By using Camtasia you can add a table of content to your videos. This will help your viewers in easy navigation and will allow them to skip to any specific part of your videos.
  • Sharing Options: Camtasia also provides some amazing sharing options. You can either save the edited videos on your device or can directly upload them to various video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Moreover if you’re interested in image capture and editing for vlogs then Techsmith has Snagit for that. You can apply Snagit promo code to grab this software at minimum prices.

Price of TechSmtih Camtasia

Camtasia doesn’t provide any subscription-based plan. The only way for enjoying its services is to buy its lifetime license that costs around $249.99. So, before spending this huge amount it is suggested to use its 15 days free trial to use it as free vlog editing software. You can also use Camtasia Coupon Code at the time of purchasing this software for getting some price reduction.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

PowerDirector best video editor for PC

PowerDirector is the fourth vlog editing app that we have included in this list of the best software to edit vlogs. It is a very popular video editing software. This software is compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Many vloggers also consider this software as one of the best vlog editing apps for Android devices. The astounding features of this best video editor for blogs are:

  • Easy to use: It is very easy to start working with PowerDirector. It comes with various templates, filters, and effects that can help you quickly edit videos. Besides, you can enhance your clips in just one click.
  • Speed Effects: It comes with some custom speed effects. These effects can help you in adding fast or slow motion to your videos. Besides, you can also reverse or repeat your clips.
  • Audio Editing: With PowerDirector, you are supplied with a plethora of audio editing tools. Using them, you can remove the distorted background noise from your vlogs. It also provides some audio clips that you can use in your videos.
  • Preview and Export: PowerDirector allows you to export your project in multiple formats including MP4, GIFs, etc. Before exporting your videos, you can have a preview in Ultra HD 4K Mode.

Price of Cyberlink PowerDirector

This software also provides a free version that you can use as vlogging editing software free. PowerDirector is available as both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The price of its monthly subscription is $19.99 whereas its yearly subscription costs $51.99 only.

Pinnacle Studio 24

Pinnacle Studio best video editing software for beginners

The last software included in this list of best vlog editing software is Pinnacle Studio 24. This best vlog app is a product of Pinnacle that is a very popular brand and provides some amazing productivity software. For editing vlogs, you can choose its Pinnacle Studio 24 software. This is an easy-to-use program and boasts to provide some handy video editing tools. It is also considered as one of the best vlog editors for Windows. The main features of this software are:

  • Plethora of Resources: With Pinnacle Studio 24 you are provided with various templates, transitions, filters, etc. All these can be used by just dragging and dropping them into the workspace.
  • Easy to Use: It allows you to customize the workplace according to your needs. You can also create shortcuts for favorite or most used tools.
  • Edit Clips: By using this software you can trim, crop, split, or rotate your video clips. Additionally, you can apply various filters and graphics to them.
  • Audio Editing: It also provides some powerful audio editing tools. By using them, you can filters audio, fade in/out voice, reduce noise. Additionally, it comes with some audio files that you can use in your recordings.
  • Multiple Sharing Options: Pinnacle Studio 24 provides some amazing sharing options to its users. You can either export the final output in all commonly used video formats or can directly upload it to various sites including YouTube, Flickr, etc.

Price of Pinnacle Studio 24

Pinnacle Studio 24 is one of the best video editing software for YouTube vloggers. And for using the services of the Pinnacle Studio 24, you will have to spend only $49.95 for its annual subscription.

Conclusion: What is the Best Vlog Editing Software?

Here, we discussed various kinds of vlog editing apps. All these apps are trustworthy and come with some powerful video editing tools. So, you can choose any of these software programs that best fulfills your requirements without worrying.

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FAQs: Best Vlog Editing Software

Q. What editing software do vloggers use? | What do YouTubers use to edit their videos?

There are tons of video editing software available in the market that a YouTuber can use. However, out of them most of the YouTubers use the software featured in our list of best vlog editing software.

Q. Does Media Composer Good for Vblog Editing?

Yes, it has lots of advanced features that will help you while editing. If you want to get it at a cheap rate then use the Media Composer promo.

Q. What editing program does David Dobrik use?

David Dobrik is a famous YouTuber. He uses various kinds of editing apps and the major one out of them is iMovie. This is a nice software however, we didn’t include it in our list of best apps for vlog editing as it wasn’t up to our expectations.

Q. Does Vlogs make money?

Yes, by making vlogs, you can earn a good amount of money. Many social media sites pay vloggers for making vlogs.

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