The Best Answers Given by Top-Notch Influencers to Get Followers on Instagram

Every promoter or businessperson desires to gain followers on Instagram. However, they do not know the plan to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Some people even buy real Instagram followers to enhance their social media reach; however, an organic range is always preferable. As Instagram is in a boom nowadays so, most brands prefer promoting their products through Instagram only. So, if you have a huge fan following on Instagram, then you can surely crack many good deals. Are you also willing to get good deals and worried about how to improve the followers’ count of your Instagram account?

If yes, then stop worrying now. Because reading this write up will make your task easy. No doubt various Instagram influencers provide different information to increase the reach of your account, but below are the best answers given by top-notch influencers to get followers on Instagram. However, before you start implementing these tips, make sure you buy RAM of adequate size for better speed and performance of your system. In case, if you operate your Instagram handle on your mobile, then purchase a smartphone possessing enough size of RAM. Now let us start with the questionnaire:

  • Talia Koren

Talia Koren is an Instagram Growth Specialist and the mastermind of the great Work Week Lunch which has an astounding count of 144k followers. Check out her stand on the best way to get Instagram followers below:

  1. What helped you grow your Instagram followers to a six-figure number?

I post content that my audience demands. It shows I invest in my audience, and in return, my followers give me their time and attention. Also, I show up every day with valuable content in posts and stories that help my followers. Instead of talking about myself, I take care of their requirements. Also, I pay close attention to the changes to the platform, and the use of new features such as story highlights. Moreover, understanding the changes to the algorithm of Instagram helped me grow.

  1. Have you used any tools to increase the number of followers on Instagram?

I do not use any tools except the analytics within Instagram because analytics helps you figure out what is working the best and what is not working. That is why having a close look at the analytics is essential.

  1. What should someone follow to get followers on Instagram?

When you start from number zero, do not pay attention to the number of followers much because the count keeps on fluctuating. Also, it increases slowly. You should focus on the ways you can connect with your audience. Also, help others to get them to talk about you. 

  1. What is the one thing that separates your Instagram account from others?

I do not think my account is that much different; however, the only thing that makes a difference is rather than posting pictures of myself, I talk about my audience more. I also use stories as a vlogging channel which my followers love and appreciate.

  • Gracie Parish

Gracie Parish is an Instagram influencer who has an impressive count of 43.5k followers. Also, she is a lifestyle blogger who blogs at ‘SnappedbyGracie’. Check out what tips she gave to get followers on Instagram:

  1. What steps did you follow to get over an audience of 43K on Instagram?

I take much time to engage with my followers through Instagram, emails, Facebook, and Pinterest. Every week I take out time to respond to the followers as much I can. Also, I make sure to engage with my followers on their posts as well. Through collaborations, I was able to cross-promote with many bloggers and brands that felt fit my brand and helped me grow my following.

  1. What had the most significant impact on increasing your Instagram followers?

I work hard on building authenticity on my blog to create a more authentic relationship with my followers. To do this, I only promoted brands and products in which I truly believed. Through five years of blogging, I have learned how to pick the brands which fit my blog and style the best, and the selection of appropriate brands helped me grow my network.

  1. What advice would you share to increase followers on Instagram?

The best advice to increase the number of followers is to be yourself and do not lose confidence in you. Building a blog takes many years of hard work. So, if you can maintain a brand and stay true to yourself, then your followers will take notice of it. Also, I would suggest you not to get discouraged in the beginning, because it takes a lot of time and practice. Always remember no influencer was an overnight success.

  1. What is the one thing your Instagram does differently than other Instagram accounts?

One thing which my Instagram does differently than other accounts is I give followers insight into my real life. Generally, I post a lot of sponsored content; however, I try to posts quality posts as well to help my followers to know me better. Also, it is essential to maintain authenticity and to stay real with your followers.

  • Juanika Dildy

Juanika Dildy is a business strategist and the creator of popular website ‘The Ladypreneur’. She is famous as a content marketing queen among her audience. She has 16.2k followers on Instagram which is quite high. To gain such followers on Instagram, check out her advice given below:   

  1. What is your secret to getting over 16k followers on Instagram?

Engagement makes the difference. So, it is essential to appreciate followers as much they do you. That is why to increase involvement, search the hashtags used to attract followers, find users that stand out, like pictures, and comment on the post of other people. In this manner, you will gain the curiosity of the people whom you have engaged, they will follow your page, and tag their friends on your posts.

  1. Which applications did you use to increase Instagram followers?

Initially, Instagress was a useful tool for engagement.  However, with the ability to target followers and sponsor content, you need not use applications to increase reach in the future.

  1. What would you suggest to people who ask you how to get followers on Instagram?

I would suggest you post consistently. Because if you post consistently, then more people will see your content. Also, they will become more familiar with your brand, causing them to like, follow, and promote your brand.

  1. Mention one thing you do differently than anyone else on Instagram?

My account encourages, inspires, and informs people. It influences the influencers with a brand voice which relates and educates them as well.

The above is the questionnaire answered by leading influencers which will not only help you get followers on Instagram but also will help you to grow. So, read all the answers carefully to get the best results. Also, apart from the organic reach, you can buy real Instagram followers as well.

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