3 Apple Products that Revolutionized the World

Apple incorporation is not just a name but an inspiration, feeling and a symbol of hard work. In the start of the tech world, The company wants to produce some Apple products that revolutionized the world. Where other technology-related companies are aiming for only sales and earning, Apple has a large number of stubbornness that aims to bring a revolution. 

We can say that the attitude of creating a better future is in the blood of the company. Till that time none of the company hasn’t put in that much effort like Apple has done and who knows after so many years the condition will be similar.

Joining Steve Jobs as the co-founder of Apple Incorporation was one of the best decisions made by the company. Till the late Steve Jobs is counted as one of the most intelligent and creative co-founders that a company desired to have.

From the beginning, Apple has made so many useful products that opened the gate of future technology and here are the 3 best Apple products that revolutionized the world.

List of 3 Best Apple Products That Revolutionized the World

If I say that the uprising of mobile and company technology began with Apple then it won’t be wrong. From making the first unofficial visual OS (Operating System) to the first pocket iPod the one thing never changed was to create something unique and better. Actually, Apple is itself a hub of uprising technical products that are very unique and useful. Here the 3 best apple products that are the reason for the technology revolution:

Macintosh: The First-Ever Graphical Operating System

Macintosh was the first graphical operating system that was developed by Apple Incorporation. Before the birth of Macintosh, the Operating system was used by commands that are very hard to use and need a good command over it. Unix was the first-ever operating system but didn’t have a graphical interface.

If you are a Microsoft fan then let me tell you that Microsoft took or we can say stole the programs of Mac. After stealing the core functionalities of Mac’s graphics, interface, and some others they made their first Operating system. In short, we cannot say that it was the first introduction of the operating system to the people.


Removing Steve Jobs from the position of Cofounder was one of the biggest mistakes that Apple company has made in its entire journey. After that, the company faced a lot of downs and down in a few years and was on the edge of being nearly dead.

iPod was invented under the guidance of Steve Jobs when he returned to its position. The MP3 player was already discovered before iPod and the sony walker was the ruling company at that time in music technology.

In 2001, when the first iPod was made, it gave an easy to use visual interface that made the user experience better. Songs now can easily download from the apple store that solves the problem of physical storage. Portability, Easy to Use, Waterproof, Downloading the favorite songs are some of the best features IPod gives to people. This made it one of the best apple products that revolutionized the world. 


The birth of the iPhone in 2007, ended the era of simple mobile phones and begin the world of mobile computing. With this revolutionary technology, you can make calls, play your favorite songs and even send emails too. Till that day, there is none of the mobile phone company that has the feature of sending emails.

iPhone was one of the most selling Apple products that help to grow the company and brings changes to technology. People appreciate the efforts of Apple engineers and purchase iPhones into a huge quantity.

In the first quarter of 2010, the company Apple incorporation has sold nearly 8.7 million iPhones. This was a totally dominating performance that has done any other company.

The same revolution happened in the first quarter of 2018 in a more massive way. In that period Apple has sold more than 47 million iPhone to its customers, which is nearly 6 times more than in 2010.

“The reason why people loved the iPhone more, it is more secure, a totally new operating system and broke the monopoly of Android OS”.


Apple company always shocks the world by bringing something new technology to the world that doesn’t exist before. Their slogan “Think Different” was more than just a word and this is the reason why they have so many followers. Apple has some very cool products like OS X, Apple Store, iPad, Touch, Apple watches that are totally worth to use. But these 3 apple products that revolutionized the world have their special place in the people’s hearts. Now the Apple Incorporation is targeting some more cool apple products, which change the way of living.