5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes You’re Making (and How to Easily Fix Them)

5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes You’re Making (and How to Easily Fix Them)

Search engine optimization rules are continually changing, which means your rankings are on the move, too. Not tweaking your website to accommodate these constant changes could be the difference between maintaining a strong online presence or losing your Page One visibility. Best solution of 5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes and How to Easily Fix Them.

Are you guilty of these five common SEO mistakes? If so, learn what you can do to make it right:

Mistake #1 – You’re Only Focusing on Keywords

You should know by now that keyword stuffing is a major no-no, but that hasn’t stopped many businesses from pouring all their resources into keyword research.

Yes, keywords do still have relevance in today’s search engine optimization, but keep in mind they’re only a small part of optimizing your website for better rankings.

Things like mobile responsiveness, rich data, URL text, metadata, and website authority also have a lot to do with where you appear on the SERP.

Mistake #2 – You Don’t Have an SEO Expert on Speed Dial

Okay, so maybe speed dial is even more outdated than keyword stuffing, but you get the idea. It’s 2022, and there’s no excuse not to have some relationship with someone who’s skilled in all things SEO. Partnering with an SEO expert to build or tweak your website, write your blog, or even consult with can have a resounding impact on your ongoing rankings.

If you’re not skilled in the ways of SEO, it’s in your best interest to find someone who is.

Mistake #3 – Not Including Internal Links

Backlinks are like textual gold when it comes to search engine optimization. The good news is you don’t have to rely on other websites to build your backlink army – you can do it yourself on your own web pages.

Giving yourself links to your own content helps you keep viewers on your website, deliver more relevant content, and send good vibes to search algorithms.

Place links to your best-performing pages within your own content. Just remember to make sure the links make sense to your content. Having links for the sake of linking won’t do you any favors – in fact, it could have a negative impact.

Mistake #4 – Not Getting Quality Links

While we’re on the topic of backlinks, many businesses make the mistake of accepting any backlink they get (because let’s face it, it’s tough to get them). But some backlinks are better than others, and you should have a strategy in place to turn away the ones that can harm your website.

When it comes to backlinks, quality is way better than quantity. The better quality the website linking to you, the better you look to search engines. If you find a poor quality website has linked to you, you are allowed to disavow the link so it won’t affect your own website’s quality.

Mistake #5 – Not Choosing the Right Anchor Text

It’s not enough to simply have backlinks. The anchor text used to create the link can have a lot to do with your search ranking success.

Anchor text tells the readers and search engine bots what the link is about. You want it to be descriptive and concise. Using anchor text like ‘click here’ or ‘read more’ seems like an obvious choice, but they don’t do much to boost your SEO.

However, you don’t want to continually use the same anchor text that links to the same page, as this can send off spammy signals to search bots. Opt for a variety of anchor texts so it seems natural.

Wrap Up

When it comes to SEO, the only that remains the same is the inevitability of change. It’s in your website’s best interest to remain on top of the industry, or else partner with someone who’s paying attention.

Author: Alli Hill is a content writer for NoStop Blog Writing Service with experience in SEO, marketing, and social media. A longtime daydreamer, wordsmith, and creative, Alli thrives on good books, Pinterest, fresh stationary, and plenty of caffeine. Originally from South Carolina, she now resides in Georgia with her husband, two children, and golden retriever.